Nokia announcing something "big" tomorrow

Nokia Event Orange

Nokia has teased on its official blog an announcement that will be made tomorrow. Unfortunately no details have been published, except for the image above. All that has been publicly revealed is that something "big" is arriving and the event will kick off at 9am UK time (BST / GMT+1). Luckily we'll be heading along tomorrow to cover said event so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for the morning.

What do you think Nokia will be announcing tomorrow?

Update: Here's a link to get synchronised with your time zone.


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Nokia announcing something "big" tomorrow



in no way is that a tablet. But as MS hasn't supported 5" 1080p screens for WP i don't think it's a big phone either. Maybe some accessoires

Hopefully a bay trail tablet, that would be really nice.
Nah, it's not a tablet. They would have a big event if that were the case.

Unlikely, too risky for a company in their position, when you consider Windows tablets aren't exactly flying off the shelf. And its reveal would probably be announced well in advance unlike the short notice for this event. Most likely its the 625 for the UK/Europe.

Neither are Windows Phone but Nokia is all in with those. Besides Windows 8 already has more marketshare on the tablet market then Windows Phone has on the smartphone market. the disappointing thing about Windows 8 is that it didn't immediatly capture 33% marketshare. But they're gaining ground very quickly, it shows in the app support as well. Nokia would be wise to join in before that market is saturated.
Lets also not forget that Nokia wil hardly have any competition within the Windows tablet market. Unlike other smartphone builders most PC/tablet builders have failed to build up a strong brand and loyal customers. People often switch from Dell to Acer and from Acer to HP. Nokia would be the only company with loyal customers and a strong brand. Of course there is also Samsung but Samsung fans prefer the Android alternatives.

That's the thing about the surface. I think both Microsoft and wall street had unrealistic expectations for the device. If they would have had lowered the production, they would not have had to have taken such a serious right off. I think that the stock market over reacted. Which, is why I added Microsoft back into my automatic investment schedule.

The fact that the surface didn't sell well does not surprise me. It is a tough segment with low margins. And Microsoft really blew it by selling it directly through their own stores that have a pathetic retail presence. They also priced them too high for a brand new device. They should have would it at a loss from the start. Hopefully, since they now took the writeoff, the prices will drop.

All true. I'm not sure what numbers they were expecting to sell when you're only releasing it in a couple of markets and only as special retailers. Only recently has the Surface become available at mainstream retailers in my country. Too late as by toaday's standard its specs are just above average. And only now with the new discount is it back at an competitive price. So it was totally unrealistic to expect good sales until this very week (at least for my country).
Nevertheless I got one myself a few months back. It's a great device even at its higher price if you use it regulary. Although I hope Microsoft will quickly release a smaller and cheaper version. Right now only Acer has a small Windows 8 tablet and its not the best showcase model. They need a small and cheap Surface to show both OEMs and consumers what kind of experience Windows 8 for touch devices can offer.

@theefman that could be a good think for Nokia though. For example Windows Phone was not selling to well before Nokia started pushing the Lumia devices. If nokia start to push tabletes the same way they push the Lumia devices then it could work out well for them.

Anyone noticed the "dual-shot" on the Nokia logo?
As I know the 625 has a 4.8" screen so, in fact, it is bigger than any other Lumia.
I'm sure they will announce the 625 tomorrow.

@theefman..Agree.  It just doesn't make sense for Nokia to reveal a groundbreaking device less than 2 weeks ago, and then 'trump' that announcement with a 'phablet' announcement.  I too, think it will be the either the rumored  Lumia 625, or  another Asha device, for release in the UK. 

They're working on tablets... Not farfetched if you ask me. Plus they already have a strong windows phone fan base.
Tablet... 41mp?

I don't think its a tablet announcement but an update on current phones

the reason they werent flying off shevelves was the same reason the winphone 7 devices didnt, they sucked, the new tablets will be on par in everyway to the ipads, even exceling like the lumias do, so just what nokia did for windows phone they will also do it now for windows 8 make it cool, and relivant and better than the rest, before with the rt it was lacking in just about every way like win phone 7 did, but the new one will out perform apples and androids so well see the exact same thing as before tablet will be nokia crown as well, 1 year or two from now it will be as far as tablet go it will be ipad, sammy and nokia, and then the rest. Qualcomm is gonna be king as well, i know some of us are gonna opt for the pro version but the qualcomm ones are gonna even in some area out perform the intels just like they do as far as phone apps go, example the intel of the past 3rd gen struggles with 1080 gaming and 1080p screen resolutions in a tablet,  even the new haswells will do 1080p rsolutions and 1080p gaming but at lower fram rates, the amd out perfroms in gaming the 3gen, and their new ones are gonna even be better, *but the qualcomm snapdragon 800 handles anything you can throw at it, its goes 1080p resolutions, upto 2560x2048 displays,  4k incoding and decoding, it has 3g/4g , gps 3 of them, 21mp dual image processing, with support for simultaneous video and camera capture, blue tooth 4.0, usb 3.0, true 1080p gaming, with simulcast gaming on two screens. Its gonna blow the market way, right now were like a want a pro cause the rt cant do what the pro can soon well be like I want an rt case the rt will do stuff my pro cant.

I have been planning on getting a new nexus 7 to replace my kindle... If they're announcing a bay trail or Temash tablet with full windows 8 at a good price, and it will be available soon, I might get that instead.

Considering how late bay trail is supposed to be shipping though, I doubt it will be soon, even if that's what it is. Kind of crazy that we have heard nothing about it though!

why?? does the lumia 720 have some design flaws?? i just convinced three of my colleagues to go for the lumia 720 last week!! are they gonna hate me ???? 

You might think I'm crazy, but I developed this idea, Nokia isn't enforcing quality assurance procedures on their production lines to cut cost, on the other hand they are willing to take the risk of sending out a small percentage of defected devices and assume people will return them. Which will be cheap in comparison with the former, though it might effect the company's image a little bit. At least one some models, like the 720. Its just an idea.

As much as I wish for...it seems unlikely its gonna be a tablet. Nokia launching itself in the tablet market would have a big event (with more than one day's notice). So, it seems like its going to be a phablet.... :(

Its Lumia 625 which leaked last week.
It has the same dual color design for its back cover like Lumia 620 which makes it shine.
This might be coming in red color though 620 never released in red.

Big in terms of the screen, the biggest screen on a Lumia ever, and on a Nokia (excluding their laptop) ever. I.e. BIG announcement

HTC Titan has the same size and resolution. It will be OK for most people who are not tech enthusiasts. They want big screen phones.
Galaxy grand has same resolution and its 5 inch phone. Its a very big seller in India because of big screen and price.
If Nokia prices it in between Lumia 620 and Lumia 720 it will be a very big seller after Lumia 520.

That's funny. What's the resolution on one of those old rear projector, standard def TVs? This will look just fine. The typical person that lacks 20:20 vision and doesn't recognize subtleties isn't going to care nor notice.

Agree with you there. Probably the rumored and leaked Lumia 625 with 4.7" screen.
Would love to be wrong, but thats what it seems most likely to be.

Looks like a cheap Asha device. 
the large mid range Lumia ( hence "something BIG")
PS. WIll be nice if you add sources to your post?

Lol "would be nice..."
The source is Nokia... What other information do you need? NOKIA is having a big announcement tomorrow?

The post says 9 AM UK Time, we're currently on daylight saving, so shouldn't it be 9 AM BST (GMT+1)? So 8AM GMT/UTC?

No it's not. 'cause daylight saving applies to all GMT's. Portugal and Ireland also run on GMT and are also on daylight saving.
So please, put the GMT back.


This makes no sense. The original article says the announcement will take place at 9am UK time. Since the UK doesn't observe GMT during summer (switches to BST -British Summer Time), why complicate the article by saying 8am GMT when the original article talks about UK time...? Also, not all time zones which fall under GMT for at least some of the year change their time zone to DST.

No country who follows GMT observes it during Summer. Therefore the BST is nothing but nationalistic egotistic bullcrap. As much as I love Britain, that's the fact.
During Summer all countries add +1 to their clocks. The other European countries (meaning every country except Portugal, UK and Ireland) don't use GMT. they use CET and CEST.
So GMT still applies to all countries who use it. You can call it GMST or GMT+1 or GMT DLS. Simple. Saying BST makes it sound as if Britain had a special time-zone of their own which isn't true. And since WPCentral is not aimed only at Britain, the standard should be used for everyone to better be informed.

Thing is, doesn't matter if we have BST or GMT, you'll still be able to work out exactly what time it is in a respective region (if not, Google can supply numerous converters). But I have an idea... I'll add both BST / GMT+1 - I know, I should really go into negotiations.

You do know there's literally no difference between BST and GMT +1, appart from the fact you appear to have a strange dislike for the former? For you to call an official time zone "nationalistic egotistic bullcrap" is just strange.

Official time zone...in Britain, old chap.
Outside Britain no one uses BST as a name for the summer time. It's just GMT summer time or GMT+1.
The fact that someone came up with "BRITISH summer time" to define something that isn't restricted to Britain is what leads me to adjectivate it as such.

(By the way...I'm not British. So...why should it be strange that I don't like the use of BST?)

What I hate - and you've missed, incredibly - is GMT's hideous, metropolistic rubbish. As much as I love Greenwich, that's just what it is. It makes it sound as though Greenwich has its own timezone, and it's a specific colour! What, blue doesn't get a say in your fancy ass timezone, Greenwich?
GMT. What a loserfest.

What's wrong with calling it BST? Its a timezone set by the UK government. All countries decide on what time zones to run and when to alter their times for summer. That's not nationalism, that's a simple fact.

GMT is defined by the meridian that crosses the globe over Greenwich. All time-zones are defined by the meridians, not by national governments. It wasn't the UK government who defined time-zones. BST, however, is the name the UK government came up to use instead of GMT+1/summer time as it's used in other countries that use GMT.

The point is that GMT never changes. Britain is currently in British Summer Time (BST), which is defined as GMT+1. Most of Europe is in CET, which during the winter is GMT+1, and during summer is GMT+2. GMT can never change because so many other timezones are set based on GMT.
This all means that if something starts at 9AM in the UK/Portugal/Ireland, it starts at 8AM GMT (which means 10AM in most of Europe, 2 hours ahead of GMT, 1 hour ahead of the UK).

I'd just go with the exact text of the announcement. Then any crabbing is all on Nokia instead of you. ;)

Well...since Rudy Huyn has started working on it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Instagram lol :P
(Nokia has an official Instagram app with them for months now)

I highly doubt on a Tablet. They would be coming too late to the game. It would make more sense to wait for the next generation devices to launch along with the W8.1.
Not to mention if they were to launch a Tablet, they would put on a big conference and not a simple blog announcement ;)


Nokia wouldn't make a "big announcement" about an unofficial app...especially one on the fringes of illegality. I want an official Instagram app a lot..but I doubt it's this either.

Read it again and pay attention.
I said Nokia has an official Instagram App ready. Obviously if they announce something, it's the official one they've had for months.

The first sentence was a joke. If you haven't been paying attention, the day Rudy Huyn launched its Vine client - 6Sec - Nokia and Twitter announced the arrival of the official Vine app (it was during the launch of L1020). That's why I said that now that Rudy is working on an Instagram app I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia announced the official one ;P

And here I was, about to write that the first person to mention Instagram would be force fed to the firing squad. ;-)

5inch phablet, with a 41mp censor and 64gb storage with wp8.1 (or latest 8)

can it get bigger than this? :-/

edit: including 64gb expandable storage.

x_x expecting a bit more from nokia ;P

Nokia's last one year has made me dream such...!! I know it's highly impossible for the wp8.1 thing, but rest all can be it. Agreed that such a big announcement won't have such a short blogpost though.

It will come, it is just going to be a while.
This fall we will see 'next gen' GDR3 and 8.1 compatible phones released. The initial launch will be the true generational successor to the L920 and 820. After that we will see the lower end phones trickle out, followed by carrier phones that are similar to the flagship (next gen 925 and 928) most likely with the release of WP8.1.
Next summer I hope to see 2 phones succeed the 1020. One would have a similar size but updated internals, while I am hoping the other will be some sort of 1080p phablet.

My bet for this release is that it will be the low end big screen device that was leaked last week. If I remember correctly it is a 4.7" screen... but only 720p, 512MB of ram, and limited storage. It will be 'big' in size, and should be the cheapest device of it's size by far, so it will probably sell well... but it is not likely going to be the enthusiast device we are hoping for.

I hope is related to AT&T subsidizing the 1020 a bit more therefore making the on contract price ~ $199.00 and available for purchase tomorrow right after the announcement.

Highly unlikely as it states 9am UK time, and unless Nokia have lost it why would they announce something US based (AT&T) in UK time? 
Sorry bud! 

I think it'll be an app of some kind...
Or maybe another provider in the Us for the 1020 or something...
It doesn't make sense for a tablet; I'd expect a full release event for that and not just an announcement..

If that were it, they wouldn't announce it in the UK.

What's with all the short sighted Americans thinking this HAS to be about them...?

It says that the announcement will go up there at 9am UK time.  Doesn't say anything about an announcement being "in the UK."

Actually you may have something there...I *do* need a new pair of glasses; my Rx is probably 14 years out of date. Thnx for the reminder...

Not America hate at all. Have a look down and see just how many people have guessed this announcement has something to do with the states. Some people just assume big announcement? Well....must be for America then! If you consider me showing frustration at this is a sign of "America hate", then you really should get out more. If your American, then preferably outside your own country ;-)

This has been discussed to death, devices will be able to upgrade to whatever the next OS is, the only thing that would hold up an upgrad3e is probably the carriers. 
I think it is pretty safe to say 920/1020 will get updated, verizons 928 probably, not so sure about the 925.  I woudl assume yes for tmobile, but it is tmobile. 

Nokia/MS will probably say sth like: to upgrade to WinPhone 9 a device should have a 42mpx camera and since no present Lumia has such a camera you will need to buy a new device to enjoy the benefits of WinPhone 9... MS doesn't seem to understand that trying to milk their customers (see how they did with Surfaces original ridiculously high price and turning away from service packs to new versions of an OS) doesn't help to gain their trust and long-term support.

I would guess the recently leaked phablet. With a slight possibility of tablet. Or a microscopically tiny possibility of Instagram. Hah.

I hope for Instagram but will be the Lumia 625 with the biggest screen ever. I don't think is a good stuff.... a medium-low range phone with a screen bigger than high-end series....

Instagram? Who knows. GDR2 however wouldn't be a big announcement...and also wouldn't be Nokia's announcement to make (especially since its already been announced and has started being distributed)!

I wouldn't mind instagram (not expecting it though) i hope its some new update or something that comes with custom text tones....wishful thinking though

Is it just a blog announcement? If that is the case i would think an app. Perhaps even instagram. I think if it was a hardware announcement they would have a press conference and not just a blog entry.

I feel like it'll be a large screened Asha. The lack of pomp and circumstance makes me doubt that it'd be anything a Lumia owner would care about.