Nokia EOS Lens Cap Metal

Nokia EOS 41MP metal lens caps show up in black and white versions too

At the rate we’re getting leaks about the forthcoming Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone, set to be revealed next month here in New York, we’ll know just about everything there is about the camera-centric device.

Last night, a machined body of the EOS was displayed on the microblogging site Sina Weibo by @C Technology. The lens cap revealed that indeed it was for a 41MP device but what was not clear is why it was metal—was it a machined prototype or a second, metal version for non-AT&T carriers? (The one for AT&T is expected to the same polycarbonate as the Lumia 920.)

While we still don’t have those answers, we can now see that at least the metal version will come in two flavors: white and black, matching that of the Lumia 925 color offerings (actually, the Lumia 925 comes in black, white or grey).

Nokia EOS Lens Cap Pureview
Nokia EOS Metal Lens cap (L) and polycarbonate (R)

In new images posted by the same source, we can see the color variations of what looks to be the same metal as the previous chromed out version. Questions still remain though as to what stage in development are these pieces being shown? If we had to guess, these are some early prototype builds of the device. Having said that, we don’t doubt that a metal version of the EOS could be in the works, as clearly Nokia is using different materials where they see fit for their Lumia line.

Oh and to those who astutely noted that the first metal lens cap says 'ZEISS' instead of 'Carl Zeiss' ergo the image has to be fake, we will know show you the official Carl Zeiss AG logo below to settle that issue. What we're looking at are probably variations in naming that Nokia are experimenting with, because that what prototypes are for, after all.

Luckily we’ll know the answers to these questions in less than 30 days.

Source: CTech; via; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!

Nokia EOS 41MP cameraphone


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Nokia EOS 41MP metal lens caps show up in black and white versions too


Err....who me? Nah. Really. I had nothing to do with it Caeser. Honest dude. Knife? What knife? Oh, that knife! Errr...funny thing about that knife Caesar...ummm.

But why is the metal version first called PureView ZEISS (the older leaked image) and now PureView CarlZeiss, like in the pictures with the whole phone? First might be a fake image

Tom Warren said the same thing, but here's the deal: the Carl Zeiss AG logo is actually just 'ZEISS'. See here and here.

There are just waaay to many details for that image to be fake, imo. Unless someone is such a hobbyist that they professionally machined a fake lens cap...

My guess is either its an early prototype or they are considering a logo change on devices to reflect the Zeiss branding i.e. to match their logo.

Yeah, I've always wondered why Nokia uses "Carl Zeiss" branding when it appears (based on their logo) the firm is now just calling themselves "Zeiss".

Zeiss have offices (not sure if they manufacture or if its just offices, never looked it up) here in Cambridge, UK and the branding on the building has just been Zeiss since I've lived in Cambridge (so almost 10 years now.

I can't stand it. The back looks so ugly! Come on Nokia! You can't make it look like the L920! Your long awaited phone and this is the design? No no no!

Just to be clear: We don't know what stage of development of the device are in these pics, so don't jump to conclusions. We go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME a new device image leaks. Every. Time.

Remember, you all hated the Lumia 925 prototype pics we posted too...and the 920 and the 820 and the HTC 8X...and...

I like the 925, 928, 920, and 8x (didnt appreciate the price to value ratio) design. The 820 was iffy but the 810 for tmo was a disaster! I truly hope that these are early stage leaks.

To me, if its thickness is similar to that of the L920 is fine but the weight though should be less. My main gripe is that it looks too similar to the L920 with a cutout pothole where you can screw in a camera module. What happened to the aluminum design strategy or one piece design. I don't mind the hump but not like this. Let this be early prototype/stage leaks only.

Go workout if the 920 is too heavy for you.. The weight is perfect, nobody wants it to be light like the S4, it makes it feel cheap.

I'm getting old and I'm sick - at the moment, I don't work out, I'm out of work and out of steam, depressed - just lying on my bed, caughing...
I now try lift a E 90 (210 g /7.41 oz) > Lumia 920 (185 g/6.53 oz)
Funny...I could do it just with my pinky...actually I HAVE BEEN DOING HEAVY LIFTING
I'm driving a 250kg Hayabusa and I've been pushing it around and even lifting it in upright position a few times (don't ask) I too weak for everyday use of a Lumia 920?
To answer that question I begin to use a Nokia E90 from the 1st of June 2013
I can already see my muscles to bulge more than Henry Cavill's - at least I eat more
I have went from six pack to the superior ONE PACK
I tried to send a picture of that, but this Forums system refused...there seems to be some soft of limit of picture size
Anyway I used a Nokia 808 to take that picture because it had the needed 38 Megapixels
My friend says that I cous have taken the picture with a Nikoa...erh...Nikon D800 (36Mpix) without the Xenon Flash
but duh! I could stii fit it in my pocket together with a Galaxy S4 (mini) zoom, but can it modify my excel sheets and it's not HERE

I would love if I could actually buy a damn ergonomically designed flagship. The old curved screen Nokia rendering I still want. Lighter than 920 would be nice, every time I drop it on my hardwood floor, it dents the crap out of the wood.

this phone looks so ugly... well ugly on the back, on the front its similar like other lumia so no problem there.
but that back... ugh, even if it has 41mp i wouldnt get it because i dont need it. but its 41mp so that will be a selling point for other people and then its good for Windows Phone/microsoft and nokia.

I don't understand why the commenters on here can't realize that putting a sensor that big on a phone is going to force compromise. It's pretty simple, really...everyone demands the camera tech from the 808 on a Windows Phone; When that happens, all I see is people complaining about the camera hump or how ugly it is. If you don't want that huge camera hump then don't buy the damn 41MP phone. If you want the 41MP phone then buy the EOS and don't complain about the damn hump. Also keep in mind that these are prototypes as far as we know, which can change. So stop complaining about this.

Are you talking about the Samsung Galaxy Zoom? If you're that is one ugly phone, it looks like someone chop half of a regular Samsung digital camera and glued it back to back onto a cell phone.

This EOS Lumia looks a lot better than the 808 Pureview and Certainly/definitely/absolutely 920% better than the Gamaxy Camera or Zoom 

If you can't handle the hump, get out of the kitchen! Actually I think it looks ugly too. But I agree with compromises that need to be made. Maybe in a few years the technology will allow for a 41mp sensor with smaller junk in the trunk.

Yeah I've got ideas. My first idea is to leave the L920 design alone. Second, no pothole. 3rd, Nokia can do better. Hey if you like the pothole, that's fine. For me I'll stick with my L920 until the next iteration of the eos comes. Wait, maybe the rumored Phablet.

2nd idea flawed!? Please! Its not the caveman era. Tools are available to make things happen. You move along.

Please then, tell me Mr. Nokia engineer, how would you solve the pothole with a sensor this size?  I wanna know so I can tell the Nokia folks they are doing it wrong.  -Don't say something like the 808 as the hump on the 808 is bigger and people complained about that more than I am seeing complaints about the pothole on the EOS.

You know, if you think the only design they can come up with is that pothole. Then be it. But I have taste and I know Nokia can do better. I'll pass on the pothole and stick with my beautiful L920. I will surely not pass on the Phablet though.

I'm not sure if you folks are understanding my dilemma. I under stand why the hump. I just don't appreciate the body used to cover the hump. One, its stupid to recycle the L920 design, and two, would be nice to have a one piece backs design like L925.

To me it looks like an UFO or like a Batmobile or like Deathstar, not like a pothole. But everybody sees different things :)

really.. just shutup idiot.
im not even complainig im saying WHAT I THINK about the F phone in the F pics. even if its prototype or not it doesnt change its UGLY TO ME. or what... they now WPcentral posts pictures and i cant give any opinion about them? I have to say "its pretty" when I think it doesnt look too good to ME just for retards like you?
why dont you go and get a F life please? if you dont even know the difference between complaining and saying an opinion. amd if you obviously dont even know how to read what people say in comments please quit internet right now.
didnt i say it would be 41mp a selling point for other people? how is that a complain, HOW IS THAT A F COMPLAIN, explain please. obviously i dont need a F 41mp phone (like i said in my comment), its OBVIOUS it wont have a small sensor so it might or not look like this pictures, BUT it will be ticker AND i WONT get a thicker phone, just for a sensor i DONT need (like i SAID in my F comment). but it might sell good because people would want the F 41mp, and nokia is giving them that and if people buy this phone it would be good for WP and Microsoft and Nokia. so again how is it a f complain if im saying its good for nokia and microsoft and windows phone? 
F retard.

Hey go take a look at Galaxy Zoom then come back here and say if EOS is thick or not! Galaxy Zoom has only 10x zoom while EOS has probably up to 12x zoom (like 808) and EOS is much more slimmer, Galaxy Zoom is like 2 bricks and a pipe glued together!

@_Emi_ " WPcentral posts pictures and i cant give any opinion about them? "

No, of course you can. Your comments are still there for all to read. And for all to respond to. If you post in a public forum, expect people to respond. Just because it's your 'opinion' doesn't mean it's not flawed or poorly thought out or that people can't disagree.

If you're so upset with people responding negatively to your comment...then don't comment.

honestly if you don't know how to comment and contribute to the discussion besides saying its ugly or something, dont comment. Also, if you do not know how to control your emotions and litter the comments section with "F this" "F that" then get off the internet, you've obviously yet to grow up you attention seeking child.

Thank you for saying that! Compromise people! U wanted 41mp so here u go. Looks much better then the 808 and definitely the ZOOM

me I dont care what it looks like if it 41 mega pixel , to me I see what nokia is attempting to do and unlike everyone else Im impressed that they got to that stage even, Im more concerned about the lack of memory than the looks (32-64-128gigs with expansion options), Im probally if rumors are ture gonna go for the pure view pro version phablet 5.0? screen. And also I think that the first version will be less than 41 mp, xx and pro version will be quadcore 41 mp but well know soon enough

She has every right to put her opinion about the hump than you do to complain about her post...Don't you think you are being a little hypocritical here? Ease off.

Not really sure how you could discern that from the be it looks like plastic that has that rough feel to it. Basically, I think it could go either way.

Mainly from the etching/engraving and protective qualities just like the strip around 920 would make sense to craft from alloy, my opinion only, true could go either way

Also these alloy covers must be for the polycarbonate model as they are too large for alloy eos, thoughts Daniel?

the sad truth about these leaks is that we now know the basic look of the phone..(which is kinda getting repetitive now, except for the camera bulge)
and main camera 41mps and OIS..
and rest everything is gonna be the same as existing phones..the same 1gb ram..same 32gb storage..same 1.5ghz snapdragon s4..
and the same old WP8..
there really is no room for surprises..
the 925, however awesome a device it might be, was more of a bad joke..
these leaks, rather than tickling your mind and making you want more, spoil the little bit of fun left for WP devices..
whereas when leaks about android flagships come out, there is always something new..some new (even if gimmicky) feature..some new software improvement..some better new specs..
although i agree many people are gonna scream "fragmentation!" and "windows phone is good to go on current specs!" have to accept, it's getting boring now..

The S4 Pro isn't capable of powering a 41 mp camera sensor, so they would need a coprocessor. And I would imagine even in that case they would bump the S4 processor to one of the later ones with a better GPU. So in all cases it's not the same as the 920.

I don't understand it when android users say "OMG, WP is soooooo boring...Id get bored so quick if I had a WP device"...those people sound like they get board far too easily...
How is the 925 a bad joke?
How is the Lumia design not different? Colors? Materials? Etc. can't please everyone I guess....
Some get phones seemingly on the way it looks only, some on the supposed amount of useful apps the platform boasts about, some on the simplicity of the OS, some on the complexity of the OS, some on just specs or functionality alone. Etc....etc........etc

Anyways....thats my rant....time to get off the soap box..... can't please's true.. and when i said the 925 was a bad was because after 6 long months, all they could come up with was a 920 with no built-in wireless charging, an extra lens, half the storage (normal models), and an aluminium rim (this and the extra lens was the only improvement).. i agree it's about giving people choice, but it's time to move faster.. and i guess you got me wrong..i'm not complaining about nokia..i'm complaining about MS..they need to progress faster.. wp8 still lacks bluetooth 4.0 and power saving profiles..even a notification led light isn't these are just a few things..
on paper it supports 64 cores but in reality it runs an old dual-core cpu..not that it's bad..but you need future proof a day like today 1.5ghz dual cores n 1gb ram is not future proof.. if they again come up with a new OS, there are chances the current phones will be abandoned again for hardware reasons..if some day developers finally think of supporting the OS intensively, many HD games may not never know.. so my main point was devices should progress in all terms.. but due to restrictions OEMs can only do so much..

I understand what you're saying.. With every new device we need something more than just a upgraded camera. Consumers are really looking for different designs, and a real bump in specifications.. But, on the flip side WP get's way more in terms of newness, and differentiation than any iPhone ever has, and people never complain about getting bored with that.. Nevertheless, I agree. Its time for WP devices to move forward, especially if they are going to be unveiling new devices more often.. But, the guy above does have a good point.. Our current hardware supposedly can't support a 41mp sensor, so what exactly are the specs going to be? We'll just have to wait to find out I guess.. Hopefully there's gonna be more than we are expecting...
And, for the record, im tired of high end Nokia phones not having expandable storage. My old Samsung BlackJack had it years ago.. I'm still waiting for that truly modern high end WP device that hits high end on every level,, not just the camera.

Yeah, that's what it is, and that's fine.. Nokia is doing a great job. I think where the frustration comes from is that Nokia is the only one providing devices, and WP fans want to see more differentiation, but Nokia can only do so much engineering in a year.. The fact is that we need more GOOD devices coming from other brands, so that we won't have that "same old thing" feeling that's beginning to settle in with some WP fans.. I can already see where Nokia being the WP leader now could potentially hurt them in the future. I think the only way they would hold onto users interest would be to have three or four high end brands, basically doing the work of four companies, and that's just not going to happen.. WP is just going to have to have more dedicated vendors, like Nokia, or we're always going to have this problem.

I don't like this source of leaks...too many inconsistencies with the photos. 

From what I can see the first photo with the two lens caps looks to be real -however they still have the XX prototype placeholders. 

The second photo with the aluminum lens cap also looks to be real, however it has the newer "Zeiss" branding now...instead of the old "Carl Zeiss" branding...In addition, it has the actual MP numbers (which proves to those people who are still determined that the actual MP number is 20 are wrong) -god I'm kind of getting tired of saying that the XX's are placeholders to hide the actual MP number from competitors. 

But anywho, maybe N̶O̶K̶I̶A̶ Vizileaks will post more amazing pics of the EOS later...

If they could make the camera "protrusion" flush and aluminum I would be so happy:D Whatever, I buying either way!

This will be 1 sick phone with that kinda camera in it no other phone will touch it not even the stupid iPhone.

I actually like the camera hump. When people see me taking pictures they will ask what phone I have and I can proudly say that this is the lumia XXX. A windowsphone with a 41 MP camera.

Agree, that lens cap is its identity. When taking pics, that'll stand out, and can easily be recognizeable as 41mp mammoth(means serious snapper). Though, i'm not into showing off, but i do want the models know i'm serious on taking pics even on cameraphone so they know the end result of pics i taken will be good. Yes i know, a good photographer is not because their rigs, but you still need a good tool, this one. Hope it will come in colors.

Just like the 808.. you can't really confuse that phone with anything else on the market. It will be the same with the WP version.

If it's metal, I hope Nokia won't make the same mistake as the scratches of the iPhone 5. Paint on metal chips off easily... That would be a huge let down..

Agree, that lens cap is its identity. When taking pics, that'll stand out, and can easily be recognizeable as 41mp mammoth(means serious snapper). Though, i'm not into showing off, but i do want the models know i'm serious on taking pics even on cameraphone so they know the end result of pics i taken will be good. Yes i know, a good photographer is not because their rigs, but you still need a good tool, this one. Hope it will come in colors.

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I keep noticing that the lens has an XX and yet most articles keep referring to it as a 41MP. Do we know that for sure or is that speculation?

808 prototype had XX...and they probably would've used the same sensor in the 808 for the eos within this time frame. Plus other sources have confirmed that it's a 41 mp sensor.

Its about who wants a 41mpx phone. Its about bulk, simplicity, and connectivity. If you wanna take great photos, with quick uploading and sharing without having to a bunch of devices, this is it! No more hauling your camcorder, digital camera, or what not.

I use my L920 camera daily so I guess I'm the guy that wants thus phone.
Went to my local ATT to discuss buying out my contract for this phone and I could tell he knew about the phone but couldn't comment. He just told me to come in when released and he'd take care of it for me,STOKED

So is the EOS the new flagship for this year or is there another one coming? To me this is more a phone for photofreaks. Hope there is something completely new in the pipeline too.

the problem is Microsoft, quad-cores and phablets, and more is coming but not until Microsoft says its okay to do so, which is XXX stupid

You don't realize how fast MS is actually moving. They came to game REALLY REALLY RRREEEAAALLLYYY late. So late that they are spending billions to reach 6% market share. That said, they have advanced significantly on the hardware side. They have outdone Apple by supporting multiple phones of different specs and they've outdone Samsung by supporting multiple phones without lag. They are now about to blow the doors off of smartphone camera abilities. Apps are still lacking in some specific areas, but that's only due to resistant developers who fear or despise MS -google, instagram. The MS ecosystem is their biggest weakness. They have the highest level of ability but the worst level of functionality/usability. If they REALLY beef up music with GR2, they will be hard to beat.

Well, at least a camera with a huge sensor that allows lossless digital zoom and oversampling is a new feature. Doubling the number of cores of the CPU or increasing screen resolution to 1080p is not.

I have the white 920 now. Hope this is in white so can buy it, sell the 920 and the wife will never notice I got a new phone.

I wouldn't be too suprised if there were several different lense caps (materials and colors) in the final products. I think it's pretty much a given that there will be phones with both matte and glossy finish so it's more than likely that only one type of cap would not look good in all of them. Just saying. 

The lens cover must be metal, otherwise the EOS Nokia will have a cheap feel to it. The body could still be polycarbonate. I hope Nokia has guts and also releases the first Nokia EOS camera, with no Sim but microSD and Windows Photo 8 (WP8 but no need for carrier), WiFi only and Navigation.

I would use carbon steel, casted, Mim or stamped, nitrate it then PVD coated in Black or Silver. Costs nothing and is available cheaply from Swiss car parts manufacturers in the Rhine Valley. Used a lot in german cars.

Just had a doubt will the global version of 925 be 16GB or 32GB?
I am planning to buy this phone and storage space matters to me.

will some one tell the leakster to put the metal one next to a ruler or next to a 920 so we can see if its a phablet or not

I'll wait for bigger and better screen, snapdragon 800, wouldn't mind if its pureview camera is 20+ mp and optional detachable lens, at least 64gb internal storage.

Also what if since the optional wireless chager ports only has two dots on the eos, what if thats not for the wireless charger but for some advanced camera options for the eos only??? like optical zoom lenses or memory, expansion.

Has it occurred to anyone that if you put a case on this phone, the hump might actually be relatively flush with the back of the case?

Sure, it probably wont have wireless charging integrated. So you would need a wireless charging backer like the 925. This would make it flush with the top of the camera bump.

Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump.
All right!
Stop watchya doin'
'cause I'm about to ruin
the style that ya used to.

What is the fixation with the camera? Obviously, if the phone has moderate specs and a great camera it will not go over well with potential buyers,(see theL920) who want a full featured, high end device.

I could imagine that if Nokia decided to make the phone shell flush with the camera lens to "hide" the hump, people would complain that the phone is too thick.

Yeah! The back of this EOS isn't horrible enough, lets put a metal case on the lens just to emphasize it!

Honestly, I get the sensors etc...but if the sensor is the problem that causes the need for that monstrous zip on the back, they should have just redesigned the phone altogether. I understand they may want to keep a certain look to these variations of the L920 but these solutions of zips in the back isn't working. What I didn't liked in the L925 is just made 10x worse in this EOS...
And don't tell me Nokia doesn't have designers smart enough to find a better solution.

Do you want a camera phone or not!? Because if you do this is the slikkest you'll get it! Otherwise just get a mainstream flagship and stop whining!

Instead they recycle the L920 design and drilled a pothole on the back. That is just plain lame and desperate. Yeah, we understand the hump but come on. This a highly awaited phone for goodness sake's.

"we can now see that at least the metal version will come in two flavors: white and black"
I don't get it. Where's the white? All i see is black and what looks like aluminum

I think people fail to understand this is a camera/phone, for a specific niche market, it's obviously not a mainstream device.

The reason for the cap to be metal on the 808 and the N8 is that they act as FM transmitter antennas.. so this gives me a little hope that one day, they might be able to add that to WP.

LOL it's ok we're not as stupid as you think we are---- "sigh" -I'm so tired of explaining this...

OBVIOUSLY you haven't been around here for awhile...let me just catch you up with the XX thing.

See, when most manufacturers want to hide specs from competitors on their prototypes they will usually have placeholders on the hardware.  

Nokia is known to use XX as placeholders to keep the MP specs hidden from the competitors...the did it with the 808, they even did it with the N8. 

It has already been confirmed (BY MULTIPLE SOURCES)  that they are using the same 808 41MP sensor here for the EOS. 

Anyway, I hope that helps.  This news you received today will help you to not go into shock or coma when they announce the phone next month.  I saved a life today!  GO ME!

These guys who leak this information must not use Nokia camera's because their pictures always look like shit. I don't even have to try, to take better pictures than these.. Maybe they distort them a little so its less obvious where they came from.
Notice I said "Nokias camera's"... Really, Nokia should eventually start making dedicated point and shoots.. Maybe they can compete with Samsung's Galaxy camera.. That would be cool!

Ah you mean, hand cameras?  I really can't see that happening as just like the phone market, there are a lot of competitors on the market -which also saturate the market with hundreds of devices...It would take them forever just to gain relevance in the camera market. 

It wouldn't be to difficult for Nokia in the DSLRs game cause everyone knows about the Lumia 920 for its camera they just don't want it cause its no android.

The market is going towards smartphone cameras, not compact stand alone ones.. in that sense, Nokia are actually on the edge of the wave, why would they take a step backwards ?
They elimninated the need for a compact, at least in my case, back in 2010 with the N8, ane even more so with the 808 in 2012..

Yeah, but its funny because besides my opinion, and yours, which I believe you're right, Nokia is actually doing what I said if you think about it.. They already have entered the camera market in a real sense, not just good smartphone cameras, which is what the others are doing.. So, I guess my comment really is irrelevant because Nokia's already doing this. Ya feel me?