Nokia Lumia 525 starts selling in Vietnam

Nokia Lumia 525

Following Singapore’s availability, the Nokia Lumia 525 goes on sale today in Vietnam. It’s the successor to the Lumia 520, Nokia’s most affordable and best-selling Windows Phone 8 device. The device costs 3,499,000 VND, which is approximately $164 USD. At that price, the Lumia 525 in Vietnam also comes with insurance worth 7,000,000 VND (approximately $329 USD).

The insurance includes repair or replacement for damage caused by falls or water. It’s valid within 12 months of purchase. The fine print states it won’t cover several things such as losses as a result of war, invasion, nuclear risks, or state of emergency. You can read more about it here.

The Nokia Lumia 525 features a 4-inch IPS LCD display (800 x 480), dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 5-megapixel camera, and expandable storage with microSD slot. More importantly, the Lumia 525 includes 1GB of RAM, which is twice more than its predecessor. This means more compatible games and apps.

Nokia Lumia 525 Vietnam

The Nokia Lumia 525 runs Windows Phone 8 with the Lumia Black update. This includes new camera software algorithms that improve picture quality and other useful features such as screen rotation lock and the ability to close apps in the multitasking view. Driving mode is also included to politely reject messages and calls while driving.

At this low price, Lumia 525 owners can also take advantage of apps from Nokia such as Smart Camera, HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit. Want to listen to free music? Nokia’s MixRadio is also available. Of course, there are many other apps to discover at the Windows Phone Store.

The Nokia Lumia 525 comes in glossy orange, white, and yellow. The covers are exchangeable, so you can change them depending on your mood.

Are you buying a Nokia Lumia 525 today in Vietnam? Let us know in the comments!

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Nokia Lumia 525 starts selling in Vietnam


It would be great to know at what price 520 is selling there now.
That will give a clear idea whether 525 priced well or not

Did you already get the update 3? If not, I would suggest you to get it without waiting for the black.

Type in 'update 3 developers preview' on the WPC app. Instructions will tell you hoe to get update 3 there. With Lumia black, you will have to wait. Unless you got the testing email from Nokia of course!

I wish i could travel by flying and not just walking.......which i assume takes up around 512gb of brain ram

I was in Singapore in May. When I got in the subway, I was the only with the Nokia Lumia 520. LOL. The copycat Samsung is everywhere.

So the only difference with Lumia 520 is the 1 GB ram. How can you install lots of compatible games if the phone storage is limited to less than 8 GB?

He meant you can install and use apps that require 1GB RAM minimum.

About phone storage, there is a very good chance that in the future WP will allow users to run apps from external storage.So don't worry about it.