Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 receiving the Lumia Black update, India and Italy among first countries

Lumia Black Lumia 920

Last we Nokia shared that the Lumia Black update had begun the process of rolling out to various handsets around the globe. The Nokia Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 were the first devices to receive it, with other devices getting the update in the coming weeks. A support page was set up where you could check the status of the rollout against your country and carrier. We’re not receiving tips that various unlocked (and locked) Lumia 820’s and 920’s are now getting Lumia Black.

Lumia Black, as you should know by now, is a firmware update for Nokia handsets. It brings new features to the mix like Nokia Glance Screen 2.0 and support for Bluetooth LE. It’s also required to run some new and updated Nokia apps like Refocus, Beamer, Storyteller and Camera.

The tips we’re receiving suggest that Lumia 920’s that are unlocked in India are among the places getting the update. In Italy, users are also reportedly receiving the Lumia Black firmware update on their Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 devices. If you go to the Nokia Support page you’ll see that some of these regions are still listed as “coming soon”, which means that page is probably a little behind the curve. If you see your carrier and region listed as coming soon, you might be getting that update today.

Abby just checked his Lumia 920 and does indeed have the Lumia Black update available to him in India, his Lumia 920 is unlocked.

Have a Lumia 820 or Lumia 920? You might want to go into your phone settings and scroll down to the “phone update” section and check if you have an update waiting. If you find Lumia Black, be sure to list your phone, carrier, and country below in the comments. Don’t forget to check out Nokia’s software update page to check the status on your situation.

Good luck and welcome to Lumia Black.

Thanks for the tips everyone!


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Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 receiving the Lumia Black update, India and Italy among first countries



Estonia? Are you sure? I'm asking because we normally don't have carrier branding over here, all phones are the unlocked regional models. What sort of branding exactly does your 925 have?

Is the region I put that would the phone take to check if there is an updated or the real country that you are in ???????? Please if any body knows answer me.

Is it for sure confirmed the 810 won't get the update? I talked to both Nokia and T-mobile and neither could confirm or deny it...

The Nokia update page for the 810 simply says, "Not Available." I wonder if that simply means that it's not getting it at all. 

Considering every other phone listed (including other T-Mobile phones) is "Waiting for Approval" or "Available", then it certainly looks that way.

I have a 920, but I hope for all you guys that do have 810's that this is wrong and that you do get the update. 

I feel your pain. I had the same problem when T-Mobile wouldn't upgrade my HTC HD7 to 7.8. I hope I don't get screwed with my Lumia 521.

I also had an HD7 (the kids get to use it for games, since it doesn't have a SIM), but at least there was a workaround for getting 7.8 installed on it.

I couldn't figure out how to do that. Made a mess all over my desktop trying to get it. Did that automatic app (dont remember the name) finally get updated to automatically download the files and force the update? Last I checked (months ago) it said coming soon

Ik koop mijn toestellen altijd op amazon.de, Duitse toestellen krijgen meestal eerder de updates dan de BeNeLux. (Sorry for my Dutch folks)

I got this error code too when updating my Lumia 920. I've contacted microsoft and was told that they passed on the problem to their 'esculation team' and would contact me within at least 72 hours. I don't know what it is but thier looking into it now so it should be fixed soon. Hopefully.

Looks like the problem has been found. People with the Update 3 Developer Preview already installed are fine. If you haven't already got that, the Black Update fails. This looks as though it's because the update that is coming down is Black on it's own, no Update 3, so the update fails. Seems as if Update 3 is required for Black to even install.

Sigh... I want the updated Glance Screen... So when I wake up n look at the time, I can automatically know if I have a reason to unlock it (email, text etc) otherwise go back to sleep lol

Got mine on Turkey, Turkcell-920 but getting an error 80188309 which says Update downloaded but couldnt start.

Funnily enough, you can get over this by installing GDR3 developer version and updating that one to Black :)

Not everyone has GDR3. Not on AT&T unless you went the developer preview route.

And don't expect Black on AT&T anytime soon either.

Dev Preview?? Do it... I did and it worked perfectly. Not sure why alot of people haven't tried it... Skip the carrier drama

I also have the 920 German Country Variant .... Bought on amazon.de, my device had no problems with the update.

I'm using AIO, so it's throttled, but it works great.  I haven't had any issues with this ROM and I'm glad I did it.  Getting updates when Nokia/Microsoft releases them is great.  And I can use Data Sense.

I'm going to try to flash that rom and see what happens. As long as I don't get dropped calls and junk and LTE works I'm sold.

Since I installed the black update, my Internet Sharing didn't work anymore. It say's "There's no cellular data connection to share..." on my Nokia 920. I already installed the app to enable tetering, apn are goods etc... WTF with this update???

I have an ATT 920 with the French ROM as well and just checked for updates. There were 4 updates available and when finished installing it actually looks like it installed the Black Update and GDR3!

Did anybody else have this as well?? I can now close applications in the app switcher menu.

Nothing on my 920 which is on EE UK... but that doesn't surprise me. They're always slow out of the blocks.

It appears most Country Variants are getting this and the ones that were listed as 'Coming soon' on Nokia's update page.

That's interesting, as the update page lists 3 UK as just 'Waiting for approval'. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully EE will follow soon, but I don't have have a lot of confidence in them anymore. Enjoy the update :)

I've a Lumia 1020 and still don't available in Costa Rica -.-u
It's very annoying!!! Why always latam at last!!?? :'(

Update in Bosnia and Herzegovina on BH Telecom variant but still not availability of downloading Storyteller and Beamer software, just check UK and USA Store, no help, any advice folks.

Hey, I'm also on BH Telecom. Did you manage to successfully update the phone or did ypu get error: couldn't open the update (80188309)?

Installed half hour ago, maybe you do not have enough free space. Do not know how big is download and how much space is needed for extraction bit I assume some 2.5 Gb.

Did you have Developer GDR3 update?
It seems that is made it some confusion, know is polemic on forums does this update also contain GDR3 or not or maybe is just an issue with overloaded download server.
Who knows, be patient, it is important that thing moving.

Then, what to tell you, be patient and keep trying, turn off/on, then try again, who knows what could be wrong. Sorry men.

The issue seems to be that nokia's black firmware is available but the gdr3 part of the update isn't so it fails unless you have already installed gdr3 using the developer preview program reported on here a few months ago.
You can either install the preview (search this site) and update or keep trying until Microsoft fixes the issue which should be fairly soon

I don't think it is because of not having the gdr3 preview because my brother's 820 got updated without gdr3.

Nothing on Att unlocked device. And maybe i need to wait for several months. Thank you, ATT.

My 820 updated this evening but can't get Nokia Camera and Refocus. App store says not available for my device!

Nokia camera is still only for pureview devices but you can get the Nokia camera beta already. Refocus and storyteller and beamer seem to not be working at the moment though

I'm downloading the update as we speak. I'm using Lumia 920 Amber (which is carrier-locked) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the carrier is BH Telecom.

Not for my Unlocked L920 :(

BTW, extras+info on my L920 shows Manufacturer name: RM-821_eu_poland_324. Should I follow Hungary or Poland status on Nokia's Software update page?

That's because:

Lumia 920
Waiting for approval

And afaik GDR3 isn't officially released here yet, so you can only install Black, if you were in the Developer Preview program.

Actually, AT&T is the second best carrier in the entire known universe.  All the other carriers are tied for first...


Updating my unlocked (L920) country variant from Germany, i live in Belgium trough but i don't think it has anything to do with where i live ... The update is taking veeeeeeery long trough, it already toke more than an hour and at the moment of writing it's still updating. Probably because i have 16GB of files on the device. Good luck everyone!

How about asking T-Mobile why they're not clearing Nokia Black for the 810 - which was EOL's less than a year ago? Thousands of customers left out in the cold for no apparent reason. 

I tried asking them, the customer service rep says he will "report it to Management"......Riiight...I remember my Galaxy S2 taking over 1.5 years for a Jellybean update....

Update available for 920 unlocked UK. Downloaded but then get an error message saying "The update was downloaded but could not be installed. Error code: 80188309" Does anyone know why this isn't working?



Any idea what the firmware / OS versions should be after this has installed?

(What shows that its actually BLACK?)

Mine is the same.  Go to Settings>extras+info it should say in big bold letters Lumia Black.

In settings>about it should be firmware version 3051.40000.1349.0010 which matches the Nokia update webpage.

You're "not" receiving tips that locked and unlocked 920/820s are getting Lumia Black?
?? Or is that a typo??

I know. I've attempted to get an answer out of several people at T-Mobile but its a no go. If they don't update my L925 like they didn't update my HTC HD7 to WP7.8...then I'm unlocking my phone and going elsewhere.

Updated 920 in Norway on Telenor, but still not possible to download Storyteller and Beamer apps (not available for my device! )

Updated. But like the last time, NOKIA's update information page still says that it hasn't been releasd here yet. So a lot of good that page does then.

I just downloaded the update on my unlocked L920 HU, now it says that "The update was downloaded, but couldn't be opened. (80188309)" 

Nothing on Deutsche Telekom for the L920 (the L1020 received it on the announcement day though, and since Black is way more relevant for the L1020 than for the L920, I'm fine with it)

We'll probably have other phones by then, i have a sneeking feeling that at&t doesnthis to their customers to frustrate the crap out of them and make them make a rash decision and just up upgrade to newer phones and plans

I've also noticed that the message tones and ringtones are alot clearer now, plus the custom ones i have on it too, anyone else notice??

Also on 920 in Denmark from Telenor (I had Update 3 installed). Now migrating data. It took like 20 minutes to do the update.

Same here.Danish device L920 (Carrier Greece) the device downloads the update without probles but whe the "preparing to install" Reaches 100% i receive the following message "the update was downloaded but couldn't be opened"
WTF?!?! MS and Nokia can't even provide an OS/Firmware properly!

Umm..am I missing something here? Does "Black" mean that your screen will literally stay black like forever? My L920 started to install, turned off and hasn't shown any life signs for like 30 mins now?