Nokia Lumia 920 rumors continue, wireless charging and 32GB of storage in the mix [Update]

Nokia Lumia 920 rendering

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Update: An image of the wireless charging stand has now leaked as well. Image after the break.

With the Nokia Windows Phone 8 event only two days away, we're seeing a few more rumors surface on the Lumia 920. We've already seen renderings of the rumored device along with speculation that the new Nokia Windows Phone will have Pureview camera technology.

The latest rumors have the 920 fitted with 32GB of storage and have wireless charging capability. Neither are too much of a stretch with many wishing existing Lumia Windows Phones had the 32GBs of storage.

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The wireless charging pad for the new Lumias

The wireless conductive charging will be accomplished by placing a magnetic strip down the back of the phone. The 920 will reportedly support the Q1 wireless power standard and be compatible with chargers such as the Duracell Powermat. Similar technology existed with the Palm TouchStone charger and was even hacked onto a Lumia 800 back in April.

Both the 32GBs of storage and wireless conductive charging would be welcomed features to the Lumia 920. We'll be at the Nokia event in New York on Wednesday when all the speculation and rumors should come into better focus.

Source: Evleaks 1, 2; via: The Verge. 2

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Nokia Lumia 920 rumors continue, wireless charging and 32GB of storage in the mix [Update]


Lol!  Well, many people take the day after Labor day off as a vacation day (at least I do), so Tuesday is the day to take care of things like sleeping in, traveling back home, etc.  So perhaps Nokia and Microsoft considered such practices and decided to hold the event on the day that is more of a 'back to business as usual' day (Wednesday).  
Anyway, while we are getting leaks on this device, I think the biggest reveal will be the full demonstration of WP8 (yes, I'm trying to start a rumor).
George, where's the rum 'o' meter?

Tuesdays are actually big days for entertainment. Video games are always released on Tuesdays and I'm pretty sure new music and movies come out as well.
I love Tuesdays!

Wireless charging would be a huge plus for me.
32gb storage is a must unless MicroSD is also allowed.
Unfortunately, the lack of removable battery (if I'm correct on that) may be enough to keep me away from Nokia.

Yea, the removable battery thing is something that might bother me too. I just love the look of the lumia 900 and the "920" should not disapoint.
Wireless charing, didn't think about it but cool. 32gb, should be at least the entry standard these days for a mid to high end phone. Where are the 64gb or 128gb models ??? Yea, SD card sure but, there is nothing like fast internal memory.

Wireless charging reduces the need for swapping batteries. Instead of buying an extra battery, buy an extra wireless charging puck instead. Keep one at home, one at the office. It's so unbelievably convenient to just plunk it down on the dock and keep it topped off all the time. Lots of Prē owners had 2, and sometimes a third mounted in the car. If Nokia's puck has strong enough magnets in it, I would definitely think about putting one of these in my car.

Dang! I did so not think about that. Active cradles with wireless charging must be as hazzle free as they come. I like it! Now if only WP8 could allow for sleeping screen toasts ala N8/N9... that yellow phone is taunting me...

32gb is doable.  Hence I said it "is a must UNLESS MicrosSD is also allowed.
Ideally, I'd like to have 64gb or more +MicroSD, but 32gb is workable.

If PureView 21Mb comes with the Lumia 920, then 32Gb is not that much storage; considering app, games, videos, etc. plus all the great photos to be taken...

Out of curiosity - do you experience battery deterioration fairly consistently? The reason I ask is I've never experienced decreased battery life to the extent that I needed to buy a new battery before my phone is up for an upgrade.

Removable battery helps on high usage days....I can swap it out with out having to "wait" the 2-4 hours for it to charge again.
On a little use, checking email and maybe 10-20 min of games a day, it should last about 10-12 hours before beeping battery low but, on a day where I play a game for a while, do a lot of browsing or using GPS, it could last as little as 3 hours. This is where a swappable battery is HUGE. If I am on the road, I dont have to deal with it, swap and go.
I also have 4 batteries for my HTC Trophy (3 OEM and a 1800mah battery)

I guess,  you are a lazy person, who doesn't want to move a bit to charge his phone. ;)
or you live in a place where you don't find power source easily. 
I have used Nokias with removable batteries until my most recent iphone. 
So far, it seems that the only time, I would really need a removable battery is when either the battery goes bad or if I am selling the phone after 2-3 years when probably battery life is worse, then replacing with a new battery may improve the selling price of the phone. 
Else, you are generally always close to a charger either in office, at home or in car. 

On a brand new smartphone, no. However i generally get a new phone on a yearly basis. But some power users need a removable battrry to last all day. So it's not just because the battery could die on you (but ll batteries die at some point). But looking at the iPhone, you don't hear many complaints that the iPhone sucks because they had to replace it due to the batery failing.

No, it is more for high usage days when I am not near a charger.
That, and on the rare occasion my phone completely locks and the reset functions don't work, its a lot easier to pull out the battery to restart it than wait for it to run completely dead and not have a functioning phone during the time.

Its probably easy enough to get into the case Guys.  Theres a video on  replacing the screen  for the 900 out there and it shows how to get into the case  If you can get into the case you can get to the battery and replace it.  Chill out!

What ? No removable battery? Does it have a micro sd slot like the Samsung? If it has both and comes to tmobile I might consider it instead of the Samsung.

Wireless charging isn't that big of a deal for me, but 32g would be nice. Then again just having a removable micro sd would be nice - but I realize thats more of a software issue than a hardware issue

Looking at past WP devices, they all had the same hardware features. So ... I expect the same from these WP8 devices.

Actually that's not all together true... not all past WP devices have Front Facing Cameras. So don't be surprised that budget-sentric handsets don't come with SD card capability.
Strangely I kinda like the yellow one too. They all look good - these should be named 'Jelly Bean' coz they have all the cool colors.

Precisely. We know that the ATIV features a microSD slot supporting up to 64GB cards. We have not had a confirmation yet regarding the Nokia line yet.

I agree with you. The charging pad seems more like a gimmick. I had a touchstone with my pre and it didn't do anything life changing. Plus you can't really use the phone while its charging. Looks good in commercials though so good for Nokia.

They shoul have just had this on Tuesday to begin with.  That way we could have had it sooner and they could have had a longer week to work with following the event.  

You don't announce good news at the start or end of a week, and you don't announce bad news in the middle of a week. Given the holiday today, Wednesday was the obvious choice.

Very doubtful. The Touchstone uses four magnets in a specific arrangement with the Touchstone-compatible back cover on the Prē. If the Prē isn't in perfect alignment with the charging coil, there is no current transmitted. Nokia would have to have purposefully designed compatibility with the Touchstone into their devices. Maybe some hardware hack could enable it, though.

That Verge source link also states that the camera will be 8MP?? But with the "Pureview" moniker. That kinda sucks. I can still understand calling a 21MP camera Pureview, but 8MP?? Come on now.

I really don't expect 8mp. As said before, the code name Phi means 21. I would assume that it will be a 21 mp camera that takes 8mp pictures. 21 mp is the max that current snapdragon processors allow. Furthermore, if HTC can put a 16mp camera on the Titan II , without much hump, then I hope to God that NOKIA can pull off just 5 more MP. Come on NOKIA I have faith in you.

And judging my the camera enhancements we got with the Tango update on the 900, I'm really excited to see what they have been working on with pure view for Windows Phone.

My understanding of PureView is that it is a technology/process for making the quality of images better, it actually has nothing to do with the 41mp, just happens to be that is what they launched the first PureView device with.  With that in mind, an 8mp camera can be using PureView technology to make the image quality better than a normal 8mp camer can produce.

But the technology requires a higher pixel count in order to be effective, so it's a bit of both, although 41MP was relatively arbitrary.

If Nokia really can squeeze all of this awesomeness in a package no larger than the current 900, I may just have to early upgrade.

Removable Storage is a must, I love my 900 but the capabilties removable storage gives makes the device far superior to all others in it's class.
Switching out memory changes everything.  Like having a work phone during the day, with all the MS docs needed to run business.  After hours having as much music or gaming apps needed.  What good is pureview technology without the ability to make storage for all the creative pictures/video taken.  Developers can even benifit from not having to carry seperate devices.

32GB is the minimum storage I would like to have available... I have a LOT of music and pics that I don't currently sync simply because I would run out of space. If the Lumia is 32GB that would cover me, but I'd still prefer having an SD card to expand that.

Once you use one, you will see the benefit. Its nice to be able to just plop your phone down and have it start charging.

I don't see the difference between plopping your phone down or plopping your phone down and plugging in a cable. How lazy does on have to be? I have a charger in my home office, main floor and my car. Doesn't rake much to plug it in anywhere.

Make it a standard and after a while once the tech moves forward, we can literally be walking down the street and our phone will automatically be charging.

Just because it's different, you shouldn't just throw it out the window.(Ha ha, did not mean the pun, but it works)

Considering how webos might as well be 6 feet under I think the next standard Microsoft should require is wireless charging and syncing via NFC. USB port is a perfect back up, but let's get ahead of android and iPhones with something actually useful!

Agreed. The S3 and Nexus are the only devices that really promote NFC, so this is an opportunity for Microsoft to take an early lead with the technology. If they announced wireless charging on Wednesday and Pureview technology, that gives WP a distinct advantage... even better if they license Pureview to Samsung and HTC going forward as a WP technology. I will be honest, I do expect Apple to announce NFC capability in the iPhone 5... and people will ooh and aah over it in spite of the fact that Google and Microsoft are beating them to the punch.

You know the iFan anything coming out from "Apple" even if is an old technology is new to them. If Apple increased the screen resolution of iPhone by one pixel, and call it iPhone 7 it is still new to iFan. ;-)

I'll buy the flagship Nokia, but honestly im not very impressed by what's been leaked so far. Still need to do better to compare to the iphones and gs III's of the world.

I don't see how the Galaxy S3 is better. We don't know what the iPhone 6 will be (the 4S was "5" ...), but this phone seems to be on par woth the GS3. Great design, dual core, 32gb storage, 1GB ram, 720p display ... Wireless charging. What else could you possibly want?

Its most likely a fake render especially with skydrive in different colours when it can only be blue and the logo is the old version which should have been replaced if the nphone will be launching on wednesday.

Would be a bombshell if Nokia can make this one come in at say $549 unlocked and around $99 on 2yr contract.

Im trying to gas my girlfriend to ditch her iPhone for the new wp8 devices, but she's adamant that iPhone is the one! Ill quote her, "the new iPhone 5 will have a projector, I cant wait" paaaaahahaha.

OMG. I bet she watched one of those iPhone 5 concept videos from last year on YouTube and was gullible enough to believe it. She's going to be in a world of disappoint. Lol.

get rid of her man. If you can, see if your carrier will release you from contract. my girl is also a Mac lover. unfortuntely, im still in contract. knew i should have picked her up oughtright. so expensive these days though right? im gonna try eBay.

Check it out. Wireless charging, NFC, Bluetooth sharing and streaming? One kick ass dock, just put phone in no wire or even connectors, charge, stream ,sync,share, etc. Better than iPhone

I love this video floating around on youtube where a guy shows an iPhone [whatever] prototype and goes 'I do not have the new cable, so it won't start because it can't connect to iTunes..'
I mean seriously..

The worse part is since Apple makes the product people justify and accept the clear lack of freedom and standard usage features.

I wonder why this article mentions the rumored 32Gb and the inductive charging but blinded the fact that the other rumor is about the 8MP camera. Is this a part of the advertising deal?

Probably because that part doesn't gel with the majority of other rumors. I am sure the advertising deal has nothing to so with it.

Both other aren't confirmed as well, you can't be sure of anything. And considering the slim device on the images, I can't think other than what was leaked in the specifications. The hug lens doesn't fit there. There is also a reason why other companies still pack 8MP cams in current phones, unless you want a bump behind.

Why wouldn't it be a separate fee? Palm didn't include a Touchstone with the Prē. The Touchstone cost $75 extra, and it was worth every penny. Nokia can't really afford to give stuff away. Accessories are an extra source of revenue.

With the wireless charging...What is the range ? Can you wireless sync with it ? Is charging time as good as a power cord ?
If this is true, I might think of mouting wireless adapters under a table or build it into my nightstand. That would be sweet with out having to look for a charger when going to bed at night.
(do they have the range where it could go under a 1/2" of wood and still work good ?)

Just google inductive charging. Its not new tech it just doesn't have widespread adoption for the reasons you mentioned. Long recharge times and limited range. It is convenient though and ads a certain cool factor. If the rumor is true im surprised you have to add any kind of transmitter to the phone at all. The palm pre had it built in years ago, not sure why that wouldn't be the case here too.

It's technically wireless conductive charging. So there is no "range". it needs to make contact with the base station to get the power.

Nothing needs to be added to the phone as it is built in. Regarding charge times, not sure but yeah, presumably it's not as powerful as a straight up USB-AC charge.

Wireless in its application to charging seems misleading for a lot of people. Its wireless with respect to connecting to a power source. Range is very small because you wouldn't want crazy magnetic fields everywhere (never mind power requirement of the charging station). The wireless charging (inductive) would be separate than wireless sync via WiFi or NFC or BT. Though the station could have them Im integrated, too, I guess.

ok good glad to hear its built in. i wasnt sure reading the article if it was an add on attachment like the aftermarket kits or if it was integrated directly into the phone.
and dont get hung up on details like that ray. bottom line is once you plug in the base to a power source, youll never need to fiddle with a cable again. just drop and charge. easy peasy for consumers.

Like others have said, there is no range. It needs to be touching. But as for charge times, I never noticed any difference while charging my Pre on the touchstone vs regular charger.(anyone who used a Pre knows I was charging a LOT) So whatever difference there is will hopefully be negligible.

Defo getting a lumia920. There's nothing up with my lumia 800, but I can't help myself. Can I run 2 phones with same live account?

I don't think i have ever be so excited about a phone before. The 920 will be mine the minute i can get my hands on it lol. 

The leaked picture of the wireless charger shows both an 820 and a 920 in it.  Perhaps both these Lumias will support wireless charging.

Unless, they're doing as Samsung does and putting the flagship phone on ALL carriers, I don't think Tmo is getting the 920. The 820 maybe. But, we can hold out hope, eh?

Anyhow Nokia should release at least one high end phone. It should not be like a phone featuring 41 MP camera without supporting NFC or low battery life.

Anybody else notice the little hole in the end opposite from the USB cable? Sure looks a lot like a microphone hole to me. Seems like an odd little detail to throw into a fake render, which makes me think this is real. Maybe it adds speakerphone capability while charging?

I did in my Focus 1st Gen battery. It lost charge capacity and even became swelled up. New battery= fresh performance, just as new.

Well.. I would like to hear from msft about the SURFACE...
All the Nokia news is making me DROOL... I love my Nokia lumia 900 but men oh men the Samsung ativ and this 920 are amazing already.. Men HTC is really keeping the drapes on the their line up...
I just hope this time msft/nokia/carriers ADVERTISED THE hell out of this new phones and I hope release them early..well IPHONE people will always be IPHONE people you can't change that...
Here we go

I love wireless charging (used to have a Pixi), but also really want a removeable battery and notification light.

I really disliked the notification light on my HTC Trophy. But if Nokia could incorporate the notification bar on my Pre and Pixi, that would be sweet. Even if the capacitive buttons glowed when there was a notification.

920 is kinda fat comparing to 820. Fingers crossed that its because of PureView. Also, what are those 2 black spots on the bottom of 920? And is that a curved screen on 920?
Wireless charging? About freaking time.

Hmmm... I'm confused now. I thought the yellow one (slightly fatter) was the 820. I thought this because the bottom bezel looks kinda big signaling a smaller screen...
That being said, if the yellow one is indeed the 920, then that's an excellent observation as it indeed looks slightly fatter, giving us hope for at the very least a 16MP Pureview.  :-)

That's a bluetooth headset if I'm not mistaken. Nokia has been usig this design for a while now.

Which one has the speaker grills on the bottom? Is it the 820 or the 920? The speakers on the lumia 900 are great and loud. I hope if it goes on the back that it packs the same punch. It does look like a curved glass display also.

I was not that excited... But 32 gigs make me giddy. Wireless charging would be ridiculous. I'll be waiting till Black Friday to get my windows 8 phone. Good ole Amazon 1 cent sale.

I better be able to use that 920 on tmobile.  I don't care if I have to buy it unlocked for $650, I just don't want to be stuck on an overpriced 2  year contract at ATT. AHHH.

yea im wondering about the cyan to that yellow is looking better to me, make it like bumble bee and put two black stripes on it

I seem to be the only one who does NOT find those two models particularly attractive, but rather dull and cheap looking.

Have to admit, The Verge have been on a beastly roll with all their exclusive WP8 news lately. From the Ativ S to Nokia's latest, I've been quite impressed.

But yes, I was also expecting the news of swappable phone covers to make this site as well...

According to dreester' link to theverge.com above the 820 lumina only sport 8gig storage don't make any sense.

Something doesn't sit right re: the colors shown for the 820 on theverge at http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/3/3288547/nokia-lumia-820-specs-wireless-charging-microsd-exchangeable-covers . Nokia's facebook page shows the colors here http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151012498727397&set=a.338008237396.161268.36922302396&type=1&relevant_count=1 no gray .. no purple. This could be white and magenta .... but I get this weird feeling that we are being thrown off the trail here and these 'leaks' may not be genuine. I guess we only have to wait until Wednesday.

Cant wait for wednesday. I wonder when htc will officially reveal what they have in store? I also heard the verge say these phone will only have a 8mp camera but we will know in 2 days

With the pictures of phone in this article, i think Nokia should sale NFL,NBA,MLB themed Lumias. Could you image the Washington Reskins logo painted on the rear of the red one and potentially the Steelers on the yellow one? No need for a skin/ cover. People are visual and I think it would be a means of getting more exposure for WP and would look sweeeet!

Great idea! I would defo get a Chicago Bulls one, would look great on red or black.
Glad my upgrades in Oct, Omnia 7 you served me well but time for WP8!

I agree, but to reach the younger audience, colors work. Wouldn't hurt to have NFL,NBA, and MLB themed phones either

I know its a photoshop image but does that yellow 920 on the charger look a little fat?  Anyone got a flux capisitor i can borrow? I would like to skip ahead past Tuesday. 

So, why is the SkyDrive app yellow on the yellow phone and blue on the red phone? Shouldnt it be red on the red phone??