Nokia Lumia 920 taken for a spin on a roller coster, records the frantic action

We've been sent a link to a video captured by Windows Phone Central reader Daniel Smith, which shows an exciting ride on a roller coaster - the Cheetah at Busch Gardens theme park, Virginia. As one can see from the above footage, the Lumia 920 did a superb job at capturing the excitement as the carts travelled along the winding track.

We've previously looked at the Windows Phone recording live events and concerts, but it's good to see the handset being taken out for the day. Note that we don't recommend anyone attempt this, unless you're comfortable with strapping the device with rolls of tape and potentially losing the flagship Nokia Windows Phone.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Daniel, for the heads up!


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Nokia Lumia 920 taken for a spin on a roller coster, records the frantic action


Seriously? The red, and yellow, L920's are the coolest looking phones every made in history! And, this is not my opinion, rather fact!

That Microsoft blue or cyan or whatever the color of this WPCentral page is would have been a great chose. I think Verizon may wait to see how the phone sells before it's offered in Red. Maybe

Couldn't agree more. Only thing I'm jealous over about iPhone is the lifeproof cases. I want something like that so bad...

There is a GoPro Case for the Lumia 920 so that you can use all the GoPro mountings, search here on wpc and you will find it.

Believe it... Used to live there as of last year, had season pass's... Beautiful park, and awesome rides.

Yeah it was Busch Gardens Tamba cause I drive by the Busch gardens in VA and never seen a tall red ride ir ever heard of the cheetah hunt. That ride wouldn't fit in with the Europe theme that Busch gardens va has.

Your right, it wouldn't fit there with the Europe theme... Last I was there they had a couple rides being built, so I assumed this was one of them, but your comment makes sense, this is not the VA park.

You probably saw the construction of the drop tower and Verbolten, both located in Germany. They're both just down the way from Oktoberfest, right next to each other. Verbolten is where Big Bad Wolf used to be and the drop tower is right next to that (They relocated the ride that was formerly there to France).

This is Busch Gardens Tampa. I go to University right down the street from here and can see these coasters from my campus. You can clearly see Shikra( another coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa) in the back ground as well as soon after spoting that I can see on the horizon the water tower on the campus of my univeristy.

Because it wasn't. That would be the new Cheetah themed ride at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida. However, Verbolten in Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia, is pretty sweet too. ;)
Source: Platinum passes to Busch Parks and having been to all of them countless times.

I took a vid when I was on the Goliath at Fiesta Six Flags Texas. Now I gotta try out my 928.

Wish Nokia would invent some wind noise cancelling tech like covering the mike with soft felt like they use in boom microphones.

So do I.  I have a bluetooth earpiece (Plantronic) and it's supposed to have 'Wind Cancelling' technology.  I suppose it works decently - whenever I'd use it outside, I'd always ask the person I was speaking with if they could hear the wind blowing, and they would say 'no'; but I was thinking as I was looking at this vid, and another one to on the forums, that it would be great if Nokia could build in some 'wind cancelling' technology into the mics on their devices.

Hell of a ride.  I was expecting the right to start off nice and easy to build up. I didn't expect to get "launched" out the gate.  lol. Awesome video and nicely done Nokia Lumia 920.

Well what did I expect Buzz Killington?  All I expected was to be entertained by this video and I was.  :)
What you're talking about is kind of a different subject.  Its not like this is a review of the Cheetah at Busch Gardens but a video taking with the Lumia 920 on the Cheetah at Busch Gardens theme park as stated right there in the topic. But should I get to Virginia and find myself at Busch Gardens, I'll keep that in mind. JK, don't be mad at me. lol.

It's a miracle that the force of that ride didn't cause the phone to fall to its death. I used to work at a theme park and it was unbelievable how many broken cell phones I would see beneath rides,

Even then it can still slip out and fall. The ride however did look like it was moderate thrill so the force probably would not have been strong enough anyway.

Wow, the iphone was much better than i expected. It gets womped, mercilessly womped. The 920 has better colour, light, stability and is actually a "good" video.

But the iphone one isn't terrible, so that's much better than i though.

Indeed a clear comparison of EOS! But am I the only one who noticed that the iPhone 4 was able to capture "crisp" sound whereas the Lumia just did a "terrible" try.

As much epic a 41MP OIS PureView would be, as much outta the world it'd be... so does the video file size! But anyway, who should i kill for getting a EOS?

Good thing that the EOS is bringing that lanyard starp because the entire video I was worried he was going to drop his phone.

I strapped mine to my BMX and rode the vert and spine ramp, ois did a good job. Nokia has the most amazing camera tech.... July 11th anyone

Was going to say, but others have covered it - Tampa, not Virginia.  Live nearby Tampa, so have been often to BGT.  Great coaster.  Can't want to see how the Lumia record the coming drop tower, Falcon's Fury.

Roller coster????? How about Roller Coaster????
I know us rebels spell a little differently from you Brits......