Nokia: Lumia 920 heading to Vodafone and O2 in Ireland this coming Friday

Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 is on its way to Ireland, according to a tweet published by Nokia. The Windows Phone 8 device is set to be available later this week on both Vodafone and O2. Vodafone previously published a Lumia 920 support page, which led us to assume the handset would be picked up by the network.

On a rather humorous note, O2 Ireland has the Lumia 820 listed as coming soon with an image of the Lumia 920 as a placeholder. Whether the mobile operator is also expecting to stock the Lumia 820 as well as the 920, we're not quite sure at this point in time.

Vodafone doesn't have the flagship Nokia Windows Phone listed on its website yet. Be sure to keep an eye out at your local stores and the website on Friday.

Source: Twitter (Nokia); thanks, Dave, for the heads up!


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Nokia: Lumia 920 heading to Vodafone and O2 in Ireland this coming Friday


No love for eMobile I take it! I want to stay with them as I've had no problems and Vodafone & O2's plans are quite frankly extortionate!
And I so, so want the 920.....

Just checked both Vodafone & O2. Any plans including data are ridiculously expensive considering the paltry amount you get. With eMobile I get 100 mins / 100 texts / 3 Gb (bumped up from 1 Gb at the end of my contract) all for less than €30. The closest equivalent on the other two carriers is €50 upwards (& that's with only 350 - 500Mb of data).
My poor Omnia 7 is beginning to show its age & I had my heart set on a 920.

I'm no Vodafone lover as I can prove in many rants against them, however, Im personally on €36 a month for the following and find it fine as I have Wifi in most places.
My Way Plus -
Free Vodafone to Vodafone calls & text
500MB of data
Unlimited Texts to any network
Cost €36.00

It's the lack of data centric plans thats really the killer. I'm used to having plenty of data at my fingertips and the thoughts of having to pay more for less is a bit galling!
I'll call into both Vodafone & O2 over the weekend and see if anyone can offer me a good deal (not keeping my hopes up though.

I'll just grab the phone off of the internet and go PAYGO on 3 for €20/mo with unlimited internet.. Don't call that much anyway.
920 goes for about € 585 in The Netherlands.. I'll get my brother to send me a nice yellow one.. ;)

Spoke to Three an they also releasing the 920 on Friday. They didn't confirm what colours they are supplying. Its on their UK Coming Soon page

Stiletto72 ; 3 have confirmed to me on Boards & on twitter that they wont be stocking the 820 or the 920 . . Shocking move who ever decided it, Nokia ignoring an entire network

If that is true then it is shocking.
They have been stone walling me for a while now and the last time I asked about it in a store I was told that loads of people were asking about it.
I'm not paying €500 plus for a sim free one so if I do decide a 920 is what I want then I will be moving the family to a rival network.

What about O2 UK? I guess all those on-line chats I had with CustServs saying it was definitely coming were a pack of lies. I'm so gullible!!!

I wouldn't say they were a pack of lies. O2 is Windows Phone's premium partner in the UK. Sporting the Lumia 820 and 620, as well as HTC and Samsung hardware, I bet the 920 will be hitting up shops soon enough.

Cheers Rich. I hope you're right. I had another online chat with their Renewals Team on 11 Jan and they said... "It's confirmed but it'll take more 2-3 months time." I played back the same message to O2 UK on Twitter and they said... "we have no news on the phone so you may have received the incorrect details,sorry about that."
Now I'm confused and dont know who to believe :-(

Customer service at all the carriers are mushrooms. Kept in the dark, and sprinkled on occasionally. They know diddly squat about any new product launches.
(Yes, I find that ridiculous as well. Imagine walking into your local butcher and say "got any beef?" and they look at you and say "no". You ask (quite rightly) "When will you get some beef?", they answer "no idea")
The butcher would be out of business as you tell him to stick his meat up his jacksie. And off you would go to a Supermarket. How the carriers get away with this juvenile behviour is beyong me.

Unfortunatly O2s support for WP has always been bad with few phones available or not at all. I switched to EE and not looked back.
I casually roam when on holiday, this was also a nightmare with O2, never understood why the neber knew how much data you used abroad until it was too late. EE gives you an instant update on ypur roiaming data.
O2 are dead and behind the times.

No 4g for a while from Three but you can get unlimited data unlike Vodafones 2gb max. You can also get some decent speeds on Three. I'm tempted to switch as my wife done so a couple months ago an her speeds on her phone is ripping mine to shreds

Rumour has it as Friday on Vodafone UK as well. I got my PAC code from them last week an they hinted that the 920 is releasing very and of course I should stay with them.

I guess....they seem to have all the other WP in their collection. Just down to price plans now. Think I'm heading to three an the One Plan next month for the 920 unless Nokia announce something awesome at MWC

Can you imagine Apple releasing a new iPhone, and a week later it still hasn't been seen?
Can't see that ever happening.