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Nokia Lumia Icon now available at Verizon and Microsoft Stores

The Nokia Lumia Icon is Verizon's latest flagship Windows Phone, which is being aggressively pushed by all three parties involved. Not only is the Nokia Windows Phone now available through Verizon stores, but also Microsoft too.

Starting today, you'll be able to pick up your own unit and enjoy 4G LTE speeds in an attractive and compact package. Prices for the Lumia Icon itself start from $199 with on contract.

The Windows Phone has been met with mixed reactions from consumers, but this is indeed Verizon's first Windows Phone 'phablet.' The Icon features the same specifications as the Lumia 1520, but is smaller and easier to handle.

While it might not be the most thrilling device of 2014, we're sure Verizon customers will dig new hardware on the network. Check out our in-depth review of the Nokia Lumia Icon for more details. Will you be picking one up?

Source: Verizon, Microsoft Store; thanks, iWantMyWP7, for the heads up!


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Nokia Lumia Icon now available at Verizon and Microsoft Stores


I'm wishing I could. Anyway, I don't feel bad for ppl jealous about Verizon having this phone exclusively. AT&T gets all the fly phones and the one time Verizon gets one, everybody upset. TOUGH *@#&!%, now you know how I feel everytime I see "AT&T exclusive." My turn to shine! - Verizon customer lol

My only gripe is I wish the darn phone came in more colors and a SD slot.

I agree 100% Jay! I have a 928 and have been drooling over the 1020 ever sense it came out and then when I heard the 1520 was only at&t.... Oh man I shit a brick! But I'm good with white and black. I would have stuck with white even if they had the crazy colors. But the no glance thing... Makes me almost hesitant. I love glance. Probably the only feature my ios or android friends comment about.

I hope you can, too! I laughed at the first sentence a lot, because I don't think Verizon could care one bit about this phone.

can it be unlocked and used on an indian gsm operator with 3.75g? if i ask my friend in US to pick it up on no contract $599 deal and get it unlocked... last time i checked 822 could be used in india sans the sms feature... 1520 is available here but its too big for me... Icon hits the spot when it comes to screen size and specs...

3.75G?! Is that HSPA+ you're referring to?

Verizon isn't a GSM operator, so won't work with a GSM carrier at anything less than LTE, and I believe India uses different LTE frequencies.

I think it if it was in colors other than black and white it would be more attractive. After all the 920 is one of the least attractive models but looks way better in cyan and red and yellow.

I gotta believe this will make an appearance in red if sales meet expectations. Though, I've become partial to yellow after stumbling upon my unlocked 1520.

We all expected that from the 928 as well, and even had an insider say it was supposed to happen. I'm still using a white one, though.... Even the red 822 was very short-lived.

Verizon, I'm looking at you...

It's not an ugly phone the 920 but my 1520 arguably looks better as it is nowhere as chubby.

The 925 is nokias best Lumia to date though.

Love the 920 design, so for UK make this in a 920 shell as 5" and you have another customer. Just awaiting as my contract has finished....oh in red, please.

Agreed about the 925 until 5 minutes ago. Just went to see the icon at Verizon. That is the king of Windows Phones.

At the time I thought the 920 was the best looking phone hands down. The size of the L900 but with the beautiful curved glass of the L800. Yeah its thick, but at the time i couldn't give a rats ass because we finally had a true flagship phone that could go toe to toe with any android super phone on specs and features, but still had the refreshingly different lumia design. Of coarse that was almost 1.5 years ago and now we are in serious need of WP8.1 and some L930 successor.

Well he usually just LOLs comments but we have yet to find out whether he actually laughs out loud while typing that...

No need. He's got that "I've got the best phone available on Verizon, and I know it" look. Verizon should have that photo on a window poster in every store they have.

I Tried to do store pickup, chose a store, got all the way to the end and now store pickup is unavailable. All the local stores are greyed out and I doubt they sold out at 5am. Just going to walk in when they open.

Talked to a sales rep last night at a pretty large Verizon corporate store here, and he said they were not getting the Icon in today.  I find that hard to believe.  This is why I don't see Windows Phones ever being more than a third alternative, which is highly frustrating.  It's a great platform, and getting better all the time, yet Verizon can't seem to train it's people to understand anything but Apple and Android.  That's just lazy and a disservice to customers.  Very disappointing.  Sadly, Microsoft is swimming against the tide here with it's platform.

I walked in with a 928 to send off for repair last month and nobody in the VZW store had ever seen one before.

Got mine ordered through the Verizon oniline store this morning. Had a chat window open at the same time and the rep gave me a code to use at checkout for $50 off the $199 contract price since I didn't qualify for Edge (short on the 6 month Verizon customer qualification). So it may be worth the chat if some are ordering through Verizon and are signing up for the 2yr contract.

So envious of you guys on Verizon. I really hope we get an internation variant of this because the 1520 is just too big for me...

And many of us on Verizon envy ATT and the rest of the world. A lot of us want something like the 1020.

Agreed...A 1020 with at least a 5 inch screen, micro SD card support, a quad core processor, Qi charging and 8.1 would be amazing!

You would definitely have thought that Verizon would have released a red variant.

Looking forward to getting my review unit soon to take for a spin. The 1520 was very snappy, and having pretty much the same device in a slightly smaller package sounds wonderful.

Man, if only I could use my SD card so my lossless audio collection doesn't take away from my installs... I'd happily blow that little $550 and accept the fact that it'd be 4G only on AT&T.

There is only one version. And since that version is a Verizon LTE phone, it cannot legally be locked to the carrier.
Bing "47 CFR 27.16" and read paragraph e.

Well then, no buy for me.  I use my phone as my alarm clock and glance works really well for that functionality.  

Will have to wait until next round or switch carriers.


Nokia said that they are having issues with the screen not working with glance, sounds like they are still working on it though. Heard this on Windows Weekly yesterday from Mary Jo Foley.

Re: zignon,
I heard a "rumor" on a podcast that Nokia is working on a solution and may have glance for the icon eventually. Something to do with its screen type and being 1080p. If true, this is a third waiting option for you.

You mean amoled and 1080p being an issue? I highly doubt it. I walked into the Microsoft store yesterday and say a pretty glance screen on the 1520.

Cool. Can't wait to hear more from everyone here about how they like the phone! I hope the Verizon reps actually know it now and have good things to say! :)

I don't understand why there's always some little thing missing from every phone on Verizon. The 928 didn't have fm radio after the update and now this doesn't have glance. I think they take out minor features on purpose sometimes just so people don't buy the phone and they can declare it a failure. Lol. I just want a good phone that hasn't been butchered by the companies demands and has all the features of the OS. Is that too much to ask for?? Okay, rant over.

I've always figured it was to give incentive to upgrade later. If they gave us "the perfect phone" with all the extras and features we wanted then there would be fewer people wanting to upgrade unless the next version also had every feature, but better! Just my opinion on most products with an upgrade path.

I stopped into my local Verizon store yesterday and asked if I should get there when they open to insure that I get one. The store manager said "ehh just stop after work, we have way more in the back than we will ever sell. I don't know much about it, but its windows, so they won't be flying off shelves." So, I don't think Verizon us pushing the phone as hard as Nokia and Microsoft want to believe.

And this is the #1 reason why Windows Phone doesn't have more market share, at least in the US. Carriers and their stores are doing next to zilch on advertising any WP phone.

Yea we know the icon show up last night just like that without any introduction no pre order at Verizon Webb page if this would of been a Samsung V it would of been 3 weeks before arrival that is why there are two carries that I will never never never ever will do business with them that's Verizon & sprint.

I am hoping to get one today but I need someone to check my logic here. The phone is $23 a month for Edge pricing with nothing down. If I use Edge, my bill goes down by $10 a month making the difference only $13 a month. 13 x 12 is $156 a year (less than the $199 contract price) at which point I can trade it in for a new phone. In addition, I can get a $100 gift card for my OG Droid so basically for $56, I can get an Icon for the next year and then trade up. Am I missing something?

I bought on contract with the stipulation that if I hate it, I can send it back within 14 days and void the contract. I am off contract month to month now but don't mind contract if I like the phone.

She told me the code was good no matter what I chose because I was thinking of just full pricing it.

This appears to be unavailable everywhere. Not showing at Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Costco. I was hoping to do some low price comparisons as I've done with the 822 and 928, but no luck so far.

The Verizon store that I went to only had two in stock. She didn't even know the phone was to be sold today. No demo unit either.


Just went through the order process on Microsoft Online and at the last step they tell you it's out of stock and TBD when they will be back in. According to the sales rep it could be 24 hours, it could be a week. No specific date.

Just thought I'd let everyone know, I cancelled my order so now I have a pending charge of $210 on my card.

Just picked up my Lumia Icon. Love it! I'm surpirsed how much faster it is than my 928, and I thought the 928 was fast. Although the people at my local Verizon store were very nice and helpful, it is a disgrace what they are doing to Windows phone. They didn't have any out on display today. The salesperson didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked for one. Then after digging in the back for 20 minutes she finally found them. She said she felt extremely embarrassed because these phones were not even discussed in the morning sales meeting today. Let's see Verizon, you launch a new premium "Icon" phone and you don't even tell your salespeople about it? It's no wonder Windows phone struggles to sell. I had a candid conversation with the sales rep and she blatantly told me they push Androids and iphones over Windows phone. I doubt this would happen on iphone launch day. I stood there and watched several people be directed to iphones and androids while I waited. None of these people had any idea what phone they wanted. They just wanted a new phone. The real root of the problem for Windows phone is not hardware or even lack of apps. Windows just needs to better incentivize the salespeople that are actually selling phones. 

This is soo true. Very similar situation to when I got my 928. We got my wife's Icon online today. At least its prominently displayed on their website!

Just picked up mine in the store this morning. No demo unit and the Store Manager was chewing out store operations because they never got the sign-off to put the Lumia Icon on display and people were coming in to inquire about the device.

Essentially, if I did not know that this phone existed then I would not have even seen it within the store.

Needless to say, this phone is a great peice of kit and feels thinner and more solid than my previous 928. I could care less about the Verizon logo in the corner.

I just had the most frustrating experience. 2 hours, walked out with no phone after spending $170 to finish payment of my 928. Pissed.

Mine arrived about an hour ago via FedEx.

It feels warm as hell while it pulls down all of my apps.

You would think it would only take a few minutes to download apps considering most reviews tell us that Windows Phone only has a few apps. Hahaha. jk

I can't wait for it to get done so I can really start to mess around with it.

I'm glad I got it on a Friday so  have the entire weekend to mess around with it, and my new Cadillac. Sweetness!


Didn't realize the Icon was considered a "phablet".  Picked up one last night.  Not sure how many they got shipped to the store, but I picked up the last one they had.  They did have two demo units on display (one white and one black) but the rep that helped me still didn't know what the Icon was SMH.

There used to be a big WP banner at the stand that holds the WP phones, but now there is a Moto X banner, WTF?

Still, Verizon stupidity aside, I absolutely love this phone!