Nokia Maps updated to version 2.0

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Nokia has released an update for the Maps app found on Lumia Windows Phones. The app, which was previously updated to version 1.3 back in March, is now much more socially integrated with the backend of Nokia Maps, using Nokia accounts. Users can add photos, reviews and descriptions of locations, which will subsequently be available to other users on devices or at maps.nokia.com

Everyone has a favourite place in mind so Nokia has added synchronisation for user favourites across the service. Any locations listed as a favourite on Windows Phone will be present on the web, as well as the mobile version available on competitor handsets. Locations, categories and destinations can also be pinned to the home screen on a Lumia Windows Phone for more convenient access.

You can download Nokia Maps from the Nokia Collection on a Lumia Windows Phone or if you're reading this article from your Lumia Windows Phone, just tap on this link to go to the Marketplace listing.

Source: Nokia; Thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Nokia Maps updated to version 2.0


Link says app's not found. No link to the app through the WPCentral app, either.
Derp, read it as Drive. Still, my Maps was already version 2.0.

From a Lumia Windows Phone, the link works when the article is viewed in IE.

From the WPCentral App, just open the article and move over to the MORE page and you'll see the Download App button.

You are correct that the link will produce the "App Not Found" message if opened from a desktop computer.

Getting "not available for your phone."  I'm not on a Nokia device (Sprint Arrive) but I thought Maps was available for everyone and Drive was exclusive.

Bing Maps is available to all but not Nokia Maps. Just installed it on my Lumia 800. Finally able to sync my favorite locations saved when I was using the Nokia N8, yay!

Hi, Pino from Nokia here.
Do your favorite places appear now? You have to tap on the star icon at the bottom of Nokia Maps.
I do not understand, however, where we are not respecting the Metro style.

Mhhj, strange, i have downloaded 2.0 on my lumia 800 almost a month ago. From the official Nokia part in the marketplace. Me no comprendo :-)

I wish Microsoft to introduce Nokia Maps on all windows phone. Bing Maps are just bullshit. It just shows your current location which is not really useful when you want to explore new places.