Nokia unleashes the ground troops with the official Nokia Army app for Windows Phone

Nokia Army

It looks like Nokia is taking the competition seriously as they have evidently formed their own military, aptly called the Nokia Army.

And what good is a military force if it doesn't have its own app, amirite? So it shouldn't be too surprising to find the official Nokia Army app sitting proudly in the Nokia Collection, awaiting your orders.

Now some caveats: civilians are not welcomed for this app. You need to have proper ID to get in and that includes having a nokia.com, team-nokia.com, team-nokia.net, navteq.com or marketsource.com email address. Should you possess one of these, head to www.nokiaarmy.com and get yourself registered and enlisted.

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So what's the app for? Details are murky ("fog of war" stuff) but we can say that it's a "Nokia Tool for Nokia Army Team members to use when visiting and supporting retail in North America.". There should be little doubt folks, this is for Nokia's troops on the ground during Operation Rolling Thunder.

Download Nokia Army, should you qualify, here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Over and out. Thanks, Jose, for the tip!

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Nokia unleashes the ground troops with the official Nokia Army app for Windows Phone


Must Destroy Android? Classy.
Still, it's interesting how Elop's army terms is getting Nokia militarized. At this rate will we find Nuclear reactors like we did with Kodak?

What are you talking about? Neither this article, any of the comments, nor the Nokia Army website say anything about destroying Android.

Nah, he's referring to the little joke I did in the 2nd image.

Didn't know my humor had to be "classy" though in regard to teasing the about the whole "army" thing.

As much as that seems to suck, there are more carriers with Lumia devices in Canada than in U.S. Doesn't sound like Nokia is worrying about the North.

Well if Apple threatens with thermo-nuclear war, the others need to react. Unfortunately as far as i know, nukes are banned in Finland. Maybe this is an assymetrical warfare app - with which Elop can remotecontrol his Nokia-cells around the globe.

Maybe there is a plan to invade Apple and rescue Siri from the evil clutches of Sacha Baron Cohen ( The Dictator ).

Am I the only one whom has Gary Glitters song in his head while reading this ? "if U wanna be in my gang my gang,my gang, if U wanna be in my gang..., oh yeagh" :-P