Nokia: WhatsApp for Windows Phone update to arrive within 48 hours


Nokia Netherlands has confirmed with WhatsAppen, a dedicated WhatsApp website, that an update for the Windows Phone app is well on its way. This is to follow the mysterious disappearance of WhatsApp, which is now set to private and is unavailable to those who do not have it installed.

It was only a few days ago when we first covered the disappearance of WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Marketplace, and were later contacted by the WhatsApp team who denied reports suggesting this pull was due to security issues. Unfortunately, they were unable to inform us exactly why the app was set to private, but it shouldn't matter in the next 48 hours as that's when Nokia has stated the app will return with the update.

We'll fire up a quick announcement when the app is once again available on the Marketplace.

via: WhatsAppen; thanks, Dennis, for the tip!


Reader comments

Nokia: WhatsApp for Windows Phone update to arrive within 48 hours


I'm pretty sure the changes will be 100% unnoticeable. I find that the best way to deal with WhatsApp on Windows Phone is to have really shitty expectations; most of the time these are met.

Hasn't it been proven that it's inherently insecure because it communicates in clear text and there was an android app that allowed you to hack messages? And people still want to use it?

I was thinking the same. They know this app is key for the lumia success. Hope they fix it and make it faster. Everyone I know use this app, at least in spain and europe.

I fear the only change will be the fix of the vulnerability which sent messages and data unencrypted and could be sniffed via WiFi.
On a side note, I'm hoping it will scroll smooth and allow us to change settings like font size and be overall faster than it is. Talk about wishful thinking, but we could be surprised.

I want a faster app and the ability to send multiple images in one go or send to multiple contacts at same time.