Nokia's Cardboard Challenge offers a creative chance at a Lumia 900 Windows Phone

Nokia's Cardboard Challenge

We ran across a rather interesting contest from Nokia that tests your creative skills with cardboard for a chance to win either a Lumia 900 Windows Phone or 808 Pureview phone. Partnering with the Global Cardboard Challenge, Nokia is challenging you to create your own Nokia mobile phone from cardboard or make a photograph from cardboard.

Cardboard photographs can be recreations from photos you've taken or would like to take using cardboard cutouts.

Once you've created your cardboard masterpiece and snap a photograph of your creation. The contest's rules state no Photoshop or other image-enhancing software is permitted.

Cardboard photograph

You can submit your entries through the comments on this Conversations Nokia post or via Twitter using the #NokiaCardboardChallenge hashtag. Entries will be accepted through midnight GMT on Friday, October 12, 2012.

Winners will be determined by the Conversations Nokia team and entrants must be aged 16 years or over. You can find all the rules of the contest here.  So get your scissors and exacto knives ready and good luck in building your cardboard creation.

Source: Conversations Nokia


Reader comments

Nokia's Cardboard Challenge offers a creative chance at a Lumia 900 Windows Phone


If it was for a 920 I would break out the x-acto knife and have a go but with the falling price of the 900 and a kid I can't justify the time it would take me to do it.

The only reason I'm thinking about doing it is because I have a kid.  I would love to give my 6 year old an indestructible phone to play games and watch movies on long trips.
I may just take a crack at it.

If mine was older I'd make a family project out of it but she's still a baby so being a mommy has to come first. I do look forward to educating her about WP when she's older. :)

LOL Cardboard -- how ironic.  This is the only way 2/3 of the user base will be able to get their hands on a 920.

Art is awesome and i would probably do it because i was bored but i got my Lumia 900 for free with the rebate they offered when it came out...

I don't think anyone can beat the example picture that goes along with the article. That is a pretty sweet cardboard lumia 900. Just give the contest to whoever made that one!

I bet they have at least five phones to give away, and I don't think they should give them all to one contestant.

if you already have a lumia 900 or 808 PV, please don't enter the challenge.
give me a chance to win one of those devices :D lol