Official Bank of America app is now live in the Marketplace

We saw this way back in January and then we had an exclusive sneak peek a few weeks ago, but now the official Bank of America app is ready for your daily use. The app is quite smooth, fast loading and even has a svelte design, adhering to the Metro paradigm pretty well i.e. this isn't just a port. Here's the full description:


  • Pay bills and transfer funds
  • Review account balances
  • Find ATM and banking center locations using GPS, with no address input required
  • Feel secure with our industry-leading mobile security and our Online Banking Security Guarantee


  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have the same level of security as Online Banking.
  • Your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to help prevent unauthorized access.
  • We are committed to protecting the privacy of your financial information. See the Privacy Policy for Consumers at www.bankofamerica.com.
  • As part of our Online Banking Security Guarantee, you’re not responsible for fraudulent charges made by others.
  • We use the same SiteKey® technology to verify your identity as we do for Online Banking, providing an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.
  • We never transmit account number information.

Anyways, give the app a spin here in the Marketplace and we'll see about doing a more in depth review later. Thanks, Steve K, for the heads up!


Reader comments

Official Bank of America app is now live in the Marketplace


Ugh. My safe pass is stuck on an old phone, need to call BoA to disable--not looking forward to that talk, lol.btw, I don't know why P A S S hits the filter, will look into that.

I remember a loooooong time ago, when BofA announced that they were going to let people use their cameras to scan and deposit checks, but it never came to fruition. That would be such an awesome feature.

I thought the iPhone app does that? I know "a" bank (forgot which) DID demonstrate that very function for WP7 at MIX11--it wasn't BoA though.

Great! Now they STILL need to bring mobile banking to Washington state. We've been waiting for years now!

The check options are coming with Mango, aren't they? Anyway, this app isn't that much better than bofa.mobi to be honest lol, I was hoping it would let me save my pass -.- it just makes the site prettier

Aside from a nicer UI, this is pretty much the same as using the mobile site (bofa.mobi). I'll actually be using the site for most of the time because it allows you to keep two separate Bank of America accounts on file and switch between them, which the app doesn't do. Still, realistically most people will be using the app versus the site and this does provide a smooth and solid experience. It feels as smooth as the OS, which very few third party apps manage to do. Great job by the dev team.