Official HSBC app launches in Australia, continuing a slow global rollout


Managing your money while on the move is something many of us are beginning to take for granted with more and more banks supporting mobile devices. While numerous international establishments have released apps for Windows Phone, HSBC is one such bank which has limited coverage.

The global rollout picked up the pace today as Australia joined Brazil with an official HSBC app now available for consumers to enjoy.

The app, while basic in its current form, is a major step forward for Windows Phone support at the bank. With the current version, users can view account balances and transaction history, as well as transferring money. It’s all secure and above board, as one would expect. 128-bit SSL encryption technology is deployed.


We can expect to see more countries supported as the year progresses. Development will also continue to add more features and bring the overall Windows Phone experience up to par with other solutions. Should you be a HSBC Australia customer, we recommend you check it out.

You can grab HSBC Australia from the Windows Phone Store for free – note that you'll need to be set up and configured with online banking before gaining access through the app.



Reader comments

Official HSBC app launches in Australia, continuing a slow global rollout


Tweeted HSBC UK this morning and they think there no app what's so ever. *Faceplam*  HSBC just useless plus that's just looks like a web app anyway.
An i know baby steps but this is just too slow.

Be interesting to know what it does i.e. view current account balance and latest transactions only, or include balance and transactions for credit card account as well?


Nice to see this app appearing on WP, now bring to the UK please.

I know, right!
I tweeted them abt a WP app a few days ago and got back a generic, "We have no plans at the moment but will pass on your request to development" response. I don't think HSBC really get social media.

Or customer service lol, i have heard horror stories from relatives where HSBC have actually closed down their accounts without consent because they feel there has been dodgy activity when they were on holiday.

I've said this before on the Brazil post, but there's also a HSBC Mexico app as well in case someone is interested

The design is pretty much similar to the iPad, don't know about iPhone or Android but I assume it will be similar as well.

Hopefully the UK version will be released soon for WP8, getting tired of using the securekey.

Could this be the same HSBC bank what was busted for huge money laundering for drug cartels and tax evaders?

Different markets, different regulations even if it's the same parent bank, so it could require a separate app each time round. However, it does give hope for us in the UK that something is on the way.