Titanfall Companion apps

Official Titanfall Companion app from EA lands on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

EA and Microsoft have launched a batch of official apps for Titanfall, the popular next-gen first person shooter (FPS) game. The companion app – available on Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows Phone – keeps players up-to-date with everything Titanfall when not at the gamepad and enjoying the destructive power of their titan.

Content included in the Titanfall app includes rich intel about the history of the Titanfall universe, along with characters, weapons, maps, modes and even controls. Basically, this app will prove to become the bible of everything to do with the game. Not only is it an interactive encyclopaedia, but EA have also made it so players can check their statistics, enabling them to boast about total kills, favorite weapons, time spent playing and more.

Don't think it's just for when you're away from the console, however. Titanfall fans will be able to take advantage of features available when connected to an Xbox One console, really amping up the companion app experience. There's a second-screen map, perfect for giving players an interactive edge over the action on the battlefield. This map also makes it easy to see and track teammates, zooming inn on key areas of the map.

Some really neat functionality is included in the companion app, which we're sure many of you Titanfall fans will appreciate.

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Thanks, meandu229 and Mohamed A, for the tips!

Update: For reasons unknown, the Windows 8 version of the TitanFall Companion is no longer available for download. We aren't sure as to the "why" and if we find out more information on the Windows version of the Companion app, well pass it on. The Windows Phone 8 version is still available for download.


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Official Titanfall Companion app from EA lands on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1


Saw it on some biased new sites a few minutes ago and read only for Android and iOS.....no mention of WP. Made me sad but damn Glad it is here :)
Whaaaaatt? Was right about to downloaf on my phone and saw the size.....bigger than my b***s.

Good they didnt use Xbox Smartglass for that. Why would use microsoft provided Software when you can rewrite that stuff

You can't use smartglass companion apps unless connected and app is running on Xbox this allows you to access 24/7

I saw ryse and like I said if u have no internet connection doesn't work mine won't even open unless I have some sort of internet

It'a universal app that was obviously coded for iOS, Android, WP and Windows all at once to get it out there. They probably didn't have time. Not saying that's a valid excuse for your question, just suggesting the probable rationale that they'd give.

But how much can u really do inside smartglass with apps when not connected, this allows u to browse wether connected or not,

They should revise SmartGlass so that you can do those things. I'd much prefer having all of these companion apps exist inside SmartGlass rather than have to independently download and manage three dozen different companion apps for every game I buy.

So the idea is that MS makes a hub for such apps, integrates everything only to dismantle in the future because people find it "confusing"... Sound familiar? Lol.

Smartglass is used when connected to Xbox can only do things like messages and basic browse when not, this allows you offline and online access to ita content

Thanks for explaining the failed promises of Smartglass three times over. But no worries, I already know the apologetic excuse: One day... Some day... We just need to hold our breaths and wait...

Guess it has everything it needs already on device instead of downloading @ startup of app eg. Background elements. Autolog is only about 4mb

Who cares, bf4 is the worst game in history. Including driver three. And driver three was terrible.

IMO Ghosts has the best game mode of whole next gen - Extinction. I'm so hooked I'm probably already at 40h LOL.

Lol, I'd mention Superman for the original Xbox... But its a game so awful that every gamer on the planet have repressed any memories of it.

711mb for a companion app?

Might as well just put a low res version of the game on Windows Phone

I saw that this app was released on other sites but they all just said iOS and Android so I assumed it wasn't coming to WP.  I hate how other sites ignore WPs existence.

Don't really appreciate the sarcasm. You should know Smartglass itself is great, but not many titles that aren't Xbox exclusive have Smartglass second screen support, or WORKING Smartglass second screen support. Many games that launched Day One, games that have been released recently (ie Titanfall), and future games (ie Watchdogs) have opted for their own companion app versus Smartglass support. Same goes for the PS side...

Huge file size. Good thing WP8.1 users can install apps to SD memory. Still love my 822 in part because of the expandable storage :-)

Sometimes I do wonder about Microsoft's sales and marketing strategy because it hardly ever seems coherent. They had a lot riding on Titanfall and yet were not able to have this app come out at the launch of the game itself i.e. provide a full experience that showcases how all they devices can work together seamlessly? Isn't that the whole point of universal apps, Windows 8? Unfortunately they do not seem to do what Apple does which is to release something that gives the appearance of just working well together. A lot of what they push out always appears to be half done and never just works seamlessly. They really need to get their consumer product launch and marketing act together if they want to win the hearts and minds of ordinary consumers. Ironically the best ads from Microsoft I have seen are the ones for Azure and the Microsoft Cloud. Perhaps their heart really is in the corporate world...

Doubt it they're 1st & last companion app on wp autolog had never received an update even during the origin account change to better protect against hacking even though they took the down then later put it backup as was. Would like to see them add origin account support for tetris blitz though

Come on really? Why EA Why do we need another app, why not just build it in smartglass. So now ever game you make is going to need a app.

This app is amazing! This is how all companion apps should be made!

Although even better if it worked through smartglass.

Seen this and thought 'cool', then i seen the size of it and it did make me shout 'christ on a bike!' outloud due to how large it is for a companion app. Seems a bit much... especially when there's a 15MB update when it's finally installed.
I proceeded to try the Windows 8 app on my PC then found out it's only for the Xbox One version. What about us playing the game on a proper system such as the PC!? :P

I guess it's nice if you play it on the xbox but for the rest of us, pointless.

Glad they support my phone but 700mb.. With all my pictures and games, I am finally filling up my phone.... Darn Nokia and gameloft for so many free titles. Not free take up space. Lol

Why does a companion app have to be so large in size? Just release a freaking statistics center, if I wanted to know the history of Titanfall, I would have played the SP mode. Oh wait...

Anyone still able to download this for Win8? Getting "This item is no longer available" in the UK...

Not sure as to the "why" but the Windows 8 version of the Companion App is no longer available. The Windows Phone is still available so it may just be a glitch in the app that needs tweaking. If we run into anything definitive, we'll let you know.