Microsoft OneDrive is now live

So long SkyDrive, we hardly knew ye. Well actually, we’ve known you for a long time, just under different names. And truth be told, you’re not going anywhere, you’re just changing your name. Today’s the day. Microsoft’s SkyDrive brand and branding has been retired in favor of OneDrive.


We are looking forward to some new functionality in OneDrive, since the team behind is continues to improve and add features. Earlier this month we saw a leak come out that hinted at a new co-owner folder feature that would come with the rebranding. That’s not all though, here are the latest new features in OneDrive:

  • Automatic camera backup for Android
  • Real-time co-editing       
  • Easier video sharing and viewing
  • New ways to earn and buy additional storage
  • Earn an extra 3 GB of storage when you activate camera roll backup to save photos automatically

Our friends over at Android Central will be pretty stoked to hear that the OneDrive app for Android will now automatically back up their photos. A useful feature we’ve been enjoying natively since Windows Phone 7 in 2010.

Other features you’ll want to take notice include the real-time co-editing that was leaked earlier this month. In addition to easier video sharing and viewing. The cherry on top will be new ways to earn and buy additional OneDrive storage.

We look forward to seeing OneDrive grow in both users and functionality. Anyone else really looking forward to ability to co-edit documents in real-time? We definitely area. Sound off below with your thoughts!

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Microsoft OneDrive is now live


No, but keep an eye on their twitter today because they are giving away 100GB for 1 year to 100,000 people.

Well I did preregister and have no 20gb extra... I've never gotten a bonus actually, been a user since 2009.

I've got 25gb on mine, a life time promo they ran about 2-3 years ago. I only use a few gb tho. Pictures and NES/SNES roms for my emulators...

Same here... i was one of the first to changue to outlook and dont get the extra space... and same with the emails they free XXGB por 1 year :| i think in on black list or some like that xD -.-

It doen't expire but I have also seen today that they have a referral bonus of 0.5GB [sic] (or 512MB) per person with a maxium of 5GB

Android camera backup yay!!! Can finally stop saving my stuff with Google

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I have been a long time Android user, I have a Nexus 5 now.  Resently I picked up a Dell Venue 11 pro to replace my Galaxy note 10.1, and I have to say I am in love with W8 for touch screen.  I am a tmo customer and my only option with them is the 928 which looks nice but is dated now.  I really want a 1020 for the camera or the new Nokia that was announced for Verizon with the 5" screen and 1520 specs.  I do wish there were a couple google services available (play music, and hangouts), I rely heavily on those two.  Play music is replacable but Hangouts aren't.  I am so close though

I use drive but not for photos. Never used g+ photos because I did not want to use g+. Auto upload is working on my Nexus 5. Need to have WiFi though to upload. With unlimited data I did not really care but see no way to turn it off.

sent from my kick a$$ Nexus 5!

In the Photo's app go to Settings/Auto Backup > under Backup Settings you can change the behavior of photo's and/or video's to "over wifi or mobile" or "over wifi only"

They have been a lot better lately. MS is now one of the biggest contributors to the Linux Kernel, too support virtualization technologies.

They have grown up a little and are becoming more customer centric instead of smashing all competitors by blocking services on other devices.

So true.. I am rooting for MS not because they are my favorite, but because they are now getting it. They are looking st the customer. Not trapping us to on device or service... We have many devices ans you can find Microsoft services on most of them... The same cannot be said for apple and shamefully google. I used to be a big google fan for those very reasons... They changed... I began to leave... Microsoft changes and I began putting more eggs in the MS basket.. I refuse to be tied down ans can leave MS, but as long as they are doing what they are doing, I ain't going no where!!!

They'll need to update the Save to SkyDrive menu option in an OS update still though! Pretty safe to say its in the 8.1 update I'd think

It looks like it's not yet a complete brand relaunch with SkyDrive still existing in a few, or most, areas where you would expect to see OneDrive. Biggest example is the website itself. While you can log on by going to you are routed to the old website once connected. Also OneDrive is not recognized by the Windows word suggestion yet. All good things in time I suppose.

Hold your horses there fellah! Knowing MS it will probably take them a few years to straighten this out, hah.

Will the WP7.8 SkyDrive app be updated to be called OneDrive or am I unsupported there too?

Wow nice to see Microsoft changing on the go. Microsoft services and products across all platforms, thats the way. I am sure this will significantly increase MS popularity, old good MS is comming back. MS is not Apple, closed ecosystem = slow death, at least for MS


If I'm not mistaken, when it asks you to sign in and switch to a Microsoft account in the app, there should be an option to sign in individually with each app (I can't remember the exact wording). At least, a secondary account of mine had that in the calendar app. It logged in the apps, but left the account Local.

If I'm not mistaken, when you open the app and it asks to switch to a linked account, there should be an option to sign in manually with apps (I can't remember the wording). It logs in the apps, but leaves the account local. At least, a secondary account if mine had that option in apps such as Calendar and Games. Though in all honesty, if this is your main device or account, I really recommend using a linked account.

Man love the great effort is putting in the WP ecosystem and just to realize the update came late at night here in USA but in other place around the world is already morning or afternoon. Happy to see WP growth

Meh, not extremely important to me. It doesn't annoy me nor doesn't make me excited, it's just some rebranding and some stuff.

Interesting, I've updated it, and while OneDrive did install, the start page live tile was still labeled SkyDrive, yet was labeled OneDrive under the app list. No worries, just pin the new OneDrive live tile and delete the old tile, but still.

Did you noticed another it does by calling it puts t under the same start letter as Office....

Find the file/folder you want to stop sharing, tap & hold, tap 'share', tap the person you want to stop sharing with, and choose 'remove permission'.

Thanks for that info, was wondering how to un-share.

Also, my folders that were just me showed as shared, when I looked later they appeared as just me again, a hiccup whilst updating maybe.

Note that the extra 3GB activation does not require any action if you already enabled automatic backup :-)
Now enjoying 28GB for free, thank you MS!

Edit: OneDrive still shows as SkyDrive when logged in. I guess it will take some time to be updated everywhere.

Same here, very nice for me, with things like this continueing to happen, I will have 50 gb free in no time, lol.

Funny. :) My bf shared a document with me just now. The email text says that he shared something with me on OneDrive, yet the logo in the footer still sports the SkyDrive branding. :) At this point it is a real mess with branding and logos. :) I suppose it will take some time to "rule them all". Anyway, I have got the extra 3 GB, woohoo! :D

No, you should get  an extra 3GB for using camera backup and a chance to get 100GB for 1 year if you keep an eye on their twitter today.

If you have enabled upload of files from you phone, you will not only continue to have 25GB but will have a total of 28GB (I do like my 28GB of OneDrive storage) and with the new invite friends to OneDrive option you can enjoy up to 33GB free.

Yes in manage storage there is a link and quick links to share to your social networks to earn extra storage

Also i got 20Gb and 3Gb bonuses this time round... wonder if i was due the 20gb for some other reason? First time received email about a bonus data though..

I just got an email offering me a further 20GB, did anyone else receive this? Also, i too got the 3GB extra.

Yes correctomundo! Now I have 25gb + 20gb until December + 3gb cameraroll bonus.... Nice... Can I turn off the auto backup now without losing the bonus?

Also I saw someone mention getting another extra 20gb for signing up to some news letter, can people confirm getting this also?

I'm not sure if I got an extra 3GB as I've got a total of 48GB for free, even though I'm only using 0.3GB of it right now because of that WP storage bug.

If you login via the OneDrive app, it will breakdown how your storage was assigned to you. Settings\Account and tap Manage Storage. I do like how OneDrive, Office and OneNote are all next to each other now; the rebranding will be a pain but worth it.

Thank you, I couldn't be bothered to login on the browser last time so I didn't get that far, but yes I did get the extra 3GB from the camera roll so thanks for that :)

Our friends over at Android Central will be pretty stoked to hear that the OneDrive app for Android will now automatically back up their photos. A useful feature we’ve been enjoying natively since Windows Phone 7 in 2010.

Great feature.  When I first got my Trophy I took a trip to Orlando and it was awesome to have my pictures upoad real time for people to see as I took them.  That is until I realized that it wasn't even noon yet and my phone was almost dead.  Yeah, that was nearly 3 years ago and that feature has been disabled ever since.  Great idea ... for a 3500 mAh phone ...

??? Pictures backup has been available since a long time with Google Drive and Dropbox ;). OneDrive is just an additional way to do it, and extremely convenient for people using MS cloud.

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You could back up photos on Windows Mobile, so been possible on Windows phone for years. Better on OneDrive though, especially with the free storage and and additional integration and functions.

Sorry, not newsletter! You were able to enter your mail address to receive a notification when OneDrive goes live! Got the mail and they said because of the interest I get 20Gb of free storage for one year!

How do you enable auto upload on Android devices? I want to get additional 3GB for my mother too, but I'm not ready to buy her another smartphone just because of it. :)

That could be it. She's got Galaxy Ace II with 2.3.6 :(

Ah, what the fuck, I'll reset my WP twice to get her those 3 GB and make it a round 130 GB! Yeah, didn't sleep last night, got 100GB for myself, my wife and mother! XD

That's odd. Under SkyDrive manage storage I see 48GB total but only 25GB and 20GB from Office is listed. Anyone else see this?

Yeah. I see 130 GB in total, but only 7 GB free + 20 GB for Office 365 + 100 GB paid subscription. Whatever. :)

I have the same. If you check it from the OneDrive app settings page, you can see it separated. I have 25 + 20 until December + 3gb cameraroll bonus

Auto upload pics to sky..OneDrive may not be a good idea. With extra 3GB in return you lose a lot of "other" storage on your phone.

I know it's not that big of a issue anymore but it still exists IMO.

Sucks they changed the name....SkyDrive was perfect. Too bad their legal team couldn't make it keep it

The article only mentions the Android app, but the title doesn't indicate this is just for Android. What about the other apps?

I was excited to start seeing the OneDrive branding because I have been waiting for the CoAuthor function ever since skydrive came out. I logged in and shared a folder with my wife and didn't get any CoAuthor options. As a matter a fact when I logged into it redirected me to

I really need to allow people to access to shared folders on their own desktop in explorer rather than a web interface. This is the only reason I am still paying for dropbox.

Copy allows desktop sharing as well.I like and they are not as stingy with space. 15 GB to start (20 GB if you use a referral like this one: ) They allow a fair share, where the space used in a shared folder is split between the number of users sharing the data.

have they added back the ability to share stuff on win8.1?  Shockingly this was removed from win8.1 (it works with win8) so if my wife wanted to view stuff on my skydrive she couldn't use the built in skydrive app on win8.1 but had to login to the web interface!  Madness

For those wp users who haven't yet updated their OneDrive app, you can keep the nostalgic feeling and usage of the word SkyDrive if you had had the then, SkyDrive app situated in your Nokia App Folder. Apparently Nokia App Folder retains the old SkyDrive name and doesn't change it to OneDrive.

Actually, I had the Skydrive app pinned to the start screen. When I updated, the tile with the name "SkyDrive" remained. So it also works if you just had the app previously pinned!

Updated on my nexus 5 and trying out the auto upload! Got 3 more GB to turn that on!

sent from my kick a$$ Nexus 5!

Can someone explain how to add someone as a co-owner?  I can't seem to find the options anywhere on the OneDrive site.  Is this feature not rolled out yet?

Shared content (like OneNote notebooks) is not always available in apps, and no shared content will sync to your desktop... shared stuff is useless to me.

The first 100000th users to login to starting 11.11am PST will receive the 100 GB extra storage.

Can't believe I wrote a script to solve the puzzle...

Get ready for a barage of app updates. All the apps that connect to "SkyDrive" for backups or storage will be updating to reflect the name change. I predict that there will be hundreds if not thousands.

I'm sure the skydrive references will still work for quite some time, and developers don't usually rush to change things that still work.  Over time though, you're right.

So I saw that it's officially OneDrive less than an hour ago when I went to my account to grab a pic. Nice to see an extra 3GB of storage there. :)

I just noticed mine when I logged into onedrive.  I clicked on "Get More Storage" which actually takes you into the "Manage Storage" area.  There I saw the Camera Roll Bonus listed at 3GB.  Hope this helps.

You need to use onedrive on mobile device and enable camera uploads. I did that 5 hours ago, and still no extra 3GB.

Yayyyyy...i just got 100GB my storage shows 130GB...7GB Free + 3GB Camera upload bonus + 20GB Paid subscription + 100GB bonus for one year...woohooo!!!


I got it too, logging in right at 1:11pm Central time. Thanks for the heads up on this contest, WP Central!

Unfortunately I had purchased an additional 25GB back at Christmas, so I am WAY good on cloud storage now.

I got an extra 103 GB of OneDrive storage today. 3 GB for the Camera Roll backup (which was already on) and another 100 GB for logging on at the right time. I got my wife and brother to log onto their accounts and they said it worked for them too. Cool beans. Thanks Microsoft!

If anyone updated their app but is still seeing "SkyDrive" on their live tile just give it a quick restart. I restarted my phone and it's 100% OneDrive across the board now.

Got the 100GB on top of 25 GB lifetime + 200GB Surface Pro 2 + 20GB OneDrive bonus + 3GB camera roll = 348GB Total. Wished it was permanent.

still no passlock, not sure if these people are thick or what, but a major reason not to use this service and use Box instead.

LOL they keep giving away free storage... seriously i now have 271 GB of free space one onedrive

you dont see me complaining! but its funny.

I've had Skydrive for ages, have auto upload etc. Still only on the paltry 7gb.
Edited to say I signed into Onedrive and got an extra 3Gb.

This is great but MSFT is stupid.


Example. website, the arrow allowing you to access calendar, people, etc.


They didn't update the name to one drive, it still shows sky drive, but when u click sky drive, it takes yo to one drive and it changes the icon to one drive in the drop down.  However, go back to and it's back to sky drive.


They should have hired me as a QA resource.

Justt signed into my Hotmail (ye i'm old-school), if you click on the "Outlook" icon in top left, the drop down menu that appears list other services. But it still lists SkyDrive.  Looks, like a wonky roll-out. 

I just noticed that the OneDrive did in fact update my camera roll storage to 3GB after 2 days of it saying 0GB!  Check your storage, it was a delayed update!


If someone haven't noticed, click on Create > Plain Text Document > Rename and you will see list of extensions in drop down (by default saying .txt):

  • .txt Plain text document
  • .js JavaScript source code
  • .ts TypeScript source code
  • .css CSS source code
  • .html HTML source code
  • .xml XML document
  • .php PHP source code
  • .cs C# source code
  • .cc C++ source code
  • .hh C++ headers
  • .java Java source code
  • .py Python source code


And it actually provides syntax-highlighting when you type the code! :)


Windows Phone is just as bad as other Windows products. I can no longer upload or sync photos to OneDrive or SkyDrive or whatever they now call that piece of crap.

I'm sick of spending hours searching the Net for solutions. Time to get an iPhone and toss the WP POS in the river!