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Closer look: Windows 10 January Preview includes new OneNote for Office Touch

Yesterday, Microsoft let loose the latest overhaul of the nascent Windows 10 operating system aka build 9926. There are hundreds of changes throughout – some big, some small – but one interesting find you may not yet have noticed is the new OneNote for Office Touch. Although it was known that...

OneNote Windows 8.1 app updated with new access to password protected sections

Microsoft has released a new update to the Windows 8.1 version of its OneNote app, which finally includes a way to unlock current password protected sections. While this feature has been available for the desktop version of OneNote, it's never been available for Windows 8.1 app users until...
OneNote Class Notebook Creator helps teachers teach and students learn better

OneNote Class Notebook Creator enhances learning in the classroom

Microsoft has released an interactive teaching and learning tool called OneNote Class Notebook Creator, which works in a similar way to OneNote allowing students and teachers to type, ink, and save clippings to their notebooks. Where OneNote Class Notebook Creator shines is that it creates a...

OneNote app for Windows 8.1/RT updated with long awaited printing support and more

Owners of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT devices can now download a new version of Microsoft's OneNote note taking app from the Windows Store that finally adds printing support, along with a number of other new features. Printing notes should arguably have been added to the OneNote app long before...
onenote parody

Microsoft's OneNote team offers the world their Surface Pro 3-LMFAO parody video

The OneNote development team at Microsoft has released a video that ... well, may be among the oddest but still entertaining things we have seen from a major corporation in a while. It shows how the note taking app can be used with the new Surface Pro 3, but with a electronic house music beat set...
Microsoft releases OneNote Clipper for Chrome, Springpad migration tool

Microsoft releases OneNote Clipper for Chrome, Springpad migration tool

Microsoft has released a Chrome extension for their note-taking app OneNote called OneNote Clipper. You can install the extension either by going to the OneNote website, or the Chrome Web Store. From there, OneNote Clipper lets you save webpages and clips to OneNote to be viewed later. But...
OneNote Mac

OneNote and Les Miserables fan? Then watch this great parody

Microsoft's OneNote team has been kicking ass lately. A few weeks ago they introduced a new set of APIs for developers to tie into the OneNote service. In addition there's a new app for Mac users and the desktop version of OneNote on Windows was made free. Check out this pretty amazing parody...
Document Scanners for Windows Phone

Office Lens or CamScanner, which will prevail?

While many of us are trying to live in a completely digital world, much of civilization has yet to catch up with us trendy hipsters. Whether you are a student trying to manage the stacks of papers that your professors throw at you or you are a business person trying to clear off your desk –...
OneNote APIs

OneNote team announces future APIs, wants your feedback

Last week the OneNote team at Microsoft was very busy. On Monday they announced a handful of new products and changes. OneNote is now available (and free) for the desktop on both Windows and Mac. Office Lens is a new OneNote application for Windows Phone. And finally, the team introduced a host...
Weave newsreader teams up with Microsoft, delivers OneNote sharing for all users

Weave newsreader teams up with Microsoft, delivers OneNote sharing for all users

Weave newsreader has been on Windows Phone since 2010 and is one of our go-to apps for keeping track of news or topics of interest (there’s also a swanky Windows 8 app for your Surface or PC). Last week, we covered a significant update that brought Pocket support for saving articles. At the time...