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OneShot for Windows Phone 8

Photography app OneShot gets a glut of new features in 3.0, including auto-leveling and more

OneShot, developed by Andy Stumpp, has quickly become one of our go-to apps for snapping photos on Windows Phone 8. With each update, the app becomes more user friendly, adds new features and brings new innovation.

The last time we visited this app was back one month ago when version 2.0 landed. Today, version 3.0 has gone live and if you know anything about version numbers that’s a big one.

So what’s new in 3.0? You’ll have read on to find out, but if you like taking photos, you’ll certainly want to see what’s new.

OneShot version 3.0 adds quite a few new features to make the app even better than before. Let’s take a look:

OneShot what's new

OneShot version 3.0 changelog

  • 8 camera modes, including 3 for custom settings
  • Auto-straightening
  • Live straightening
  • Performance improvements and 1:1 resolution
  • Share to Instagram (via 6tag)
  • New settings menu
  • Shutter animation
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

With version 3.0, users now have various modes to select from including M (Manual), P (Program), Portrait, Macro and Scenic. In addition, users can now create and save their own presets with one dedicated slot and two that will reset later.

Keep those photos straight

The auto- and live-leveling are certainly one of the neater things we’ve used. Auto leveling is used with the app’s built-in photo editor, which was enabled with version 2.0. In and of itself that made OneShot a great bargain since not only can you shoot photos but you can edit them within the same app. Auto straightening is just that—it will align the photo to the horizon afterwards, using data from the phone’s accelerometer. Pretty awesome.

OneShot screens

Live straightening, optionally enabled via Settings, is even better. It will adjust the rotation in real-time while taking a picture, although if you’re angled past 25°, it will disable (since you probably want to angle the shot). That’s a real useful feature for capturing vista shots as it will save time in post-editing and you won’t lose any of the image. It’s also the first time we’ve seen this enabled on Windows Phone.

Version 3.0 also brings a 50% increase in performance for 16:9 mode and now offers 1:1 square mode for framed Instagram shots. Speaking of Instagram, you can now share directly to 6tag for quick posting to that photo sharing service—always a great thing to see.

OneShot share
Share your photos to 6tag directly in OneShot v3.0

As you can see, OneShot version 3.0 is quite a considerable photography app. Between the built-in photo editor, auto- and live-leveling, faster performance and all the other bells and whistles it’s going to give ProShot and Nokia’s Pro Cam a run for its money. As photo buffs ourselves, we’re quite impressed with it.

OneShot v3.0 is a Windows Phone 8 only app, though it will work on 512 MB devices. It runs for $1.99 and there is a free trial. Pick it up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Read more about the new features in OneShot version 3.0 from Andy’s blog.

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Reader comments

Photography app OneShot gets a glut of new features in 3.0, including auto-leveling and more


It's working almost perfectly on my Lumia 620. "Almost" because it does stutter every now and then, probably due to having only 512 MB of RAM to work with but it's not a biggie, it works ok. I bought it after reading your 2.0 release cover article. I wish I could set it as the default camera app for the camera button. :)

Loving these camera apps. Nokia Pro Cam is great too despite the yellow tint, have it set on default. This would be a good one in my lens collection. I wish I can rearrange the lens order though.

Anyone know if it works on 8X's now? Before (a couple weeks ago), it'd just crash and never open. I'll buy it if it's fixed :)

I might give the app another go to see if it's any better after the update.
When I used it in the past it was incredibly laggy, turned my phone into a furnace and drained the battery in about 15 minutes.

If it helps, I much prefer OneShot, although the UI isn't quite as good, I find it produces better photos than Pro Cam and on my Lumia 920 the exposure doesn't work properly for Pro Cam.

How does this app compare with ProShot? I already have way too many apps to keep up with.

Ugh I wish I didn't update it cus they took away a filter I used a lot. It had a really nice scratched effect.

The filter will be coming back in the following minor update, I had to remove it temporaly because of performance issues. Sorry for that, but it will be solved!

The post process photo is identical to Nokia pro cam,it has light greenish touch instead of white especially in indoor shots..anyway haven't tried it outdoor..but its not bad for its price..