Order Papa John's pizza with the official Windows Phone app

Papa Johns Pizza

An official app for Papa John's is now available on the Windows Phone Store. The app, published earlier this month, enables pizza fans to order their favorite meal from the comfort of their own palm. The app itself is a mere web wrapper, but it performs well and is a solid start to at least draw attention to the brand and make the developers aware of consumer demand.

Overall the app is pretty neat simply due to no account being required to place an order. Multiple payment gateways are available and special offers are clearly displayed for those bargain hunters. If you're wanting to stay in this evening and enjoy some good food without having to prepare anything, the Papa John's pizza app is a solid option.

Papa Johns

Here's hoping we get a full, native app in the coming months. Let us know your thoughts on the app in the comments. Please note that the app may be region restricted.

QR: Papa Johns

Thanks, Billy, for the tip!


Reader comments

Order Papa John's pizza with the official Windows Phone app


Nah, not a big fan of their pizza, I just think I'll pin a site rather than using a web wrapper, at least then my stuff is synced with ie11 on my desktop.

True and to be honest I never had any pizza from Papa Jones.. or from the big names, get amazing deals from my locals and Pizzas' are fresh. For instance, one of the local's has an amazing deal:

Extra Large x1, Large x 1, Medium x 1, 6xwings, 2xsides of beans, 1x chips and a 1.5 litre bottle of a drink for just £25.99!

Ever since the tech of flash freezing was improved about a decade ago I've been buying Digiornos and the other frozen pizzas instead for the most part. Amazing how good they got. Can't beat fresh pizzas but when on sale for a few bucks it's a great value.

The only benefit of these web wrappers over pinning is that it lets you have a shortcut to the site without having to have it on your start screen.

He's right... There will be no difference between windows phone apps and ios, android apps if more of these web wrappers come. WP apps look good

Yes, but I'd rather have an official app be a web page wrapper than no app at all, at least for now. And still better than a 3rd party just doing a web wrapper (see the fatwallet app).

What's the point though, just pin their mobile site to your start screen, good to go. Then at least you're password and stuff is synced with your Windows 8 PC. These web wrappers are just lures featured browsers, rarely use Windows store design standards, and don't feature any of the cool features of the OS like live tiles, or days syncing with OneDrive.

Because some folks only care about apps or official apps, even if you could just pin it.  It's another feather in the cap for WP and helps shut up haters.  I agree with you though, and it's been an argument of mine toward people balking about Windows 8 apps.  W8 can just pin the shortcut to the desktop.  BOOM, instant app, especially since the browser full supports Flash and HTML5.

If it works, it works. Web apps, in many cases, are better for developers because they can update them without having to get the update approved. So do be completely down on them. For ordering pizza, this will suffice.

Yea, but, set your theme to light and put Dominio's pizza hut, and papa johns into a folder and you get a nice looking row of invisible tiles!

It is 2014...why do devs continue to try and fool people with fake website wrapper apps? I don't need an app to access Papa Johns website, I want a real app so that I can avoid having to do that!

If it behaves the same way as what an official app would do, why do you care?

Does it work?  If yes, check.

Is it official to shup up haters?  If yes, check.

It's weird, but they are actually good now. I remember just a few years ago they were so awful it was like eating cardboard. They sure turned their company around.

That's because it's a web wrapper, it also says you're on the mobile site, if you click on "download app" your four choices are google play, app store, amazon app store, and return to mobile site.

I think he's a robot, or possibly CGI creation, made only for the commercials. It would explain the uncanny valley effect.

I'm glad they finally made something. I'll use it on the next pizza order. Web wrapper or not, at least there is something here!

People say they dont want a web wrapper BC they want to avoid signing into the website... Well guess what u have to use the same login info to sign into any app

Yes. More local apps please. Add banks, airlines, railways, bus and local retail stores to the mix. Plus, to hell with web wrappers! I mean what's the point of a web wrapper if I can pin its page through ie? Stupid. So damn stupid.

I won't support a company that underpays their employees and supports the tea party.

Fuck papa John and the horse he rode in!

Well, now I'm able to order the worst pizza ever from my phone. I'd rather eat Little Caesars over Papa Johns

This is dumb. Inside the wrapper, I mean app, there is a link to download their app. Takes you to a page that doesn't even offer a Windows Phone option.

Better Pizza. Crappy App. Papa Johns.