Photos of the China Telecom Lumia 800c launch

Lumia 800c Launch

With the confusion this week of some news blogs publishing alleged photos of a Lumia line waiting to purchase a Windows Phone at launch that later turned out to be an iPhone launch, we feel the need to relay some positive coverage of the Lumia launch in China. China Telecom released the Lumia 800c late last month, and announced along with Nokia that both companies have plans in place to market the handset.

According to the photos published on the Meizu discussion board, the Lumia 800c launch was well received by consumers with a healthy line being illustrated. It's a positive sign to see such interest shown for Windows Phone. Bravo, Nokia.

Check out more photos after the break.

Source: Meizu, via: @Jubbing

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Photos of the China Telecom Lumia 800c launch


Nokia is well respected in China, surprisingly, everyone there thinks that Lenovo (IBM) is crap evne though it sits as #1 in relability tests.

IBM ... there you have a rough watermark to remove before a lot of people accept Lenovo.

Microsoft got forever struggles leaving the deeds by Bill Gates, OS's that users questioned but got no respons, Windows Mobile having NO support.
Lenovo name was a good thing, it will shorten the stained rumour it obtained. With the old crimes of Microsoft, will there brand ever be seen in high praise by regular users? A lot of time will tell. Of cause a lot more to tell on this, but main thing is, reputation...... I don't like Apple but they had one annoying advantage, inferior product or not, they did not crash. Stability and non...... what am I doing! Long post for something simple, sorry for my rant.

Lol Rich, if I had known you were going to cover this I would have sent you the link earlier when I found it. 

I've noticed many Chinese apps in the marketplace look better in design quality than their English equivalents. I think their developers may be more design-focused than we are... I hope that quality becomes more abundant in our English market.