Priyanka Chopra challenges other smartphones with "Blown Away By Lumia"

Nokia has got hold of Priyanka Chopra, an established Indian actress, singer and former Miss World to host some videos for the "Blown Away by Lumia" Windows Phone challenge. Just like the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, Chopra challenges participants at common tasks to see which smartphone is faster. 

The Blown Away by Lumia challenges have come under fire since Nokia began uploading the video clips to sharing websites, with Samsung publicly announcing the company believes Nokia's aggressive campaign is "unethical", but we've also seen some humorous reactions, including a girlfriend of a losing participant.

Check out the other two videos after the break.

Source: Youtube (video 1, video 2, video 3); thanks Manish for the tip!


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Priyanka Chopra challenges other smartphones with "Blown Away By Lumia"


Has to do with Indian laws. Was there a few years ago and Coca Cola had to do the same in an advert showing a "tasting event" where Pepsi was being potrayed as inferior. 

I've seen Priyanka perform and I think she can do a lot better than this. These commercials look like commercials (staged), not a real competition. However, its great to see a celebrity marketing the phone. I am sure if anybody, India will be faithful to Nokia :)

LTE in india are you kidding me??? bloody hell we have upscaled 2G (called 3G) you know speed.. highest 24kbps..  no joke... how I wish i bump in these "Smoked by WP" campaign... i've plans ;)

Joking aside though, it's still great to see Nokia doing so much to promote the product and platform. It gives me a lot of hope for what's to come next!

One more comment while I'm thinking about it... Samsung doesn't have much room to talk considering their latest anti-iPhone ads. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE those ads, but it's part of the marketing game. Get over yourself and either compete or go home.

I don't get it, I mean I thought the entire point of those competitions was to actually prove it's faster in the real world.  That was so obviously staged unless they gave the contestant a script and coached her as well.  And the Lumia is the fastest smartphone period?  This is going in the wrong direction now. :(

Am I the only one that things the beeping was a little bit bizzare.... especially when there's a hot girl like this one!? 

Apple uses cute little babies playing with their phones in commericials.  Nokia uses HOT women.  Wow...Nokia commericial wins!

Darn, beats Blackberry, iPhone, and a Samsung Android again. How about we get these comercials on TV? Doesn't matter if these were done in India, they'll work anywhere.

Ok odd question how come all the youtube videos I view in the WP central app show up in such low quality? Mobile HTC HD7

Thank for the answer, I would never have known because I don't use my WiFi (it's a few mbps slower then my tmobile 3G.) good information to know.