Use a USB cable to project your Windows Phone 8.1 screen to your PC

Project my Screen Windows PHone

Earlier today we told you guys and gals about Microsoft’s Project My Screen app for your PC. This is the app you’ll need installed and running on your PC in order to share what’s on your Windows Phone 8.1 screen to your PC. We haven’t had time to play around with it yet, but Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins (@cliffsimpkins) has a great guide on how to use it and troubleshoot any potential problems.

Head to Cliff’s site, Monkey Slaps, and you’ll find a guide on how to use the PC app to project your Windows Phone screen. You’ll need to install the Project My Screen app from the Microsoft Download Center. After that it should be pretty straight forward on how to get it working.

  • Start the Project My Screen app on your PC, click <ESC> to leave the default fullscreen mode.
  • Connect your Windows Phone 8.1 device to your PC using a data-transfer quality USB cable
  • A prompt should appear asking you whether or not you want to share your screen

That’s it, but this is a Preview for Developers version of Windows Phone 8.1. If you can’t get it to work, hit up Cliff’s blog post on details on how to remove old phone drivers. He’s got a great step-by-step on how to get up and running with projecting your Windows Phone screen to your PC.

Good luck and let us know what you think of the feature!

Source: Monkey Slaps


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Use a USB cable to project your Windows Phone 8.1 screen to your PC



No it doesn't. Those having problems will be vocal about it, but the vast majority of people have had no major issues. Vocal minorities don't represent the whole picture.

totally agrees with you, i honestly haven't experienced many OS bugs. Just some design changes in the OS here and there.

I feel that there's more annoyance's on my phone now. When I use my car, my Lumia 920 now doesn't play music automatically. :(

Even if the vast majority of people don't have issues with it, windows phone is supposed to offer a refined experience through all devices. I really don't think I should sacrifice refinement with more features...

do you understand the term "preview"?
or wait... you got a magical final version we don't have?

Still, there are some flaws, like the removal of some features, now I can't look for music and apps in the same app, before It could be done in the store, now I have to go to the music app to buy or preview music :|

im glad they seperated the the stores honestly and hopefully cortana has the ability to search for either the store or apps for us

Do you or anyone else complaining about "bugs" and "problems" understand this is a developers preview ...a beta. Seriously first people complain that its not coming out and than go and rush to install knowing its a beta and than complain. Smh

Do you understand that without people being vocal about their issues, bugs won't be fixed? I agree that people exaggerate about this, but I've found many annoyances as well. I understand that this is a beta/preview. But we are lucky enough to try this beta and, like any beta, we should be vocal in our issues in the hopes that they get fixed before the final version. Even if everyone is not experiencing them, one messed up phone brings a ton of bad PR and media hate.

then be vocal to microsoft and tell them about the bugs. bitching about it on a tech blog doesn't help anyone, especially when the article isn't related to the problem you are bitching about.

Have you been to the uservoice website and microsoft support forums? People ARE bitching on there. A great way to see if you are the only person is posting in tech blogs like this. While I agree that this isn't the place to do it as the article has little to do with what OP said (forums would be the ideal place), I was simply replying to the people who replied to OP stating that shit happens because it's a preview. It's simply an alternate perspective since it was posted here anyway. If they had said this is not the right place to talk about it, my reply wouldn't be warranted. No reason to be a dick about it.

Remove all Google accounts before upgrading, I had to hard reset after 2 accounts were in a syncing state for 3 days draining my battery and not able to delete them.

Mm, the amount of actual bugs is very slim. Perhaps even worse than bugs is the amount of intentional things Microsoft has done which had hampered the experience for many. They aren't bugs so its unlikely they'll be 'fixed'...

Mine is full with bugs. Don't get me wrong, i love my phone, but 8.1 has way to many bugs, at least for me.

i can't use the soft reset, it just turn off the phone and it doesn't restart,  i have to turn it on two times so it can work and i lost the sound way to many times.

Soft reset don't reset the phone, it just turn it off, and i can't turn it on at the first try becouse ir turn off before the Windows Phone screen appears, the phone loose the volume, and the speak button doesn't work, but i can hear the music. I think i have to make a hard reset but i always hate to loose the game stages and the photos. (lumia 1520)

Something's definitely wrong with your phone.  I've updated two phones to 8.1 and don't have this problem.

The soft reset on my 920 did seem to take twice as long to complete in WP8.1 versus WP8 but it does work. No complaints here. I think all of the changes Microsoft has made in 8.1 has made the OS 1000x better.

Absolutely right!
I have had a couple of minor issues, but overall, WP8.1 has transformed my 1020. I am also amazed at the battery life I can now eek out. I switched battery saver on and WiFi of - between 12am and 7am my phone registered a 1% drop in battery life (which includes 30 seconds of the alarm going off!).
I feel sorry for those with more serious glitches....but I don't think any of us should have downloaded this under the illusion we were getting a perfect bit of software

yeah there are, but still totally worth the update. we might be the vocal minority but wpcentral is pretty well rounded when you subtract for the obvious trolling naysayers. we give credit when its due and point out faults when we see them.

I love windows phone, and 8.1 is a step in the right direction. however i'm not a yes-man or fanboy.

Rap Dialler seems to have stopped keeping record of calls made after I updated to Win Phone 8.1.. Anyone else facing these issues?


Agreed. I haven't experienced many issues on my 928. Only minor ones that are not even worth noting. Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is a developers release (beta) and not the final release. There is always some risk for us bleeding edge adopters with bugs and glitches.

Very well said Sam. I have not come across any besides the Xbox Music black screen that seems to already have been fixed in the latest update of the app.

I had the same issue. Here's what solved it. Connect your phone to your PC. When the device shows up in Computer, go to device manager, and uninstall the phone from portable devices subheading and the USB Root hub subheading, which lists RM-xxx (Uninstall all the three, or as many instances of the root hun you have. Connect your phone again after successful uninstallation. It will install the device in your PC. Disconnect your phone, and open the project my phone app on PC. Now connect your phone and the pop up should come automatically on your phone that all the device to project the screen, tap yes, and there you go.

A few bugs here and there, but overall: pretty solid.

The biggest concerns are Music, Games and Photos, but the former two are now Store updateable and can be fixed on the fly (and fixes are promised to be quickly incoming). As for the latter, guess we have to wait for the next OS updates, but complaints about photos are more vanity than functionality...

Battery consumption is biggie, but I've found that my Gmail account was a big culprit. I suspect is has something to do with how Gmail syncing was changed in 8.1, but I found syncing manually offered much better battery life as compared to as items arrive. Others also say that disabling Location Services can help.

So yeah, several bugs, but an update this major is bound to have a few. Overall, really solid, and hopefully some fixes will be rolled out in a few weeks. Also keep in mind that driver updates and optimizations via firmware updates from your carrier and OEM will also help squash any bugs you're having.

Any hiccups my 928 had got fixed by doing a backup then a hard reset. My tiles got restored to the proper location and size so it wasn't a big deal and now everything is smooth as can be.

I agree there are a good amount of bugs. I have had the music app close out directly after the splash screen on my 1520. The phone doesn't wake after pressing the power button whether I'm on wifi or not. The music app takes a good 7 seconds before music you selected starts to play. I know Cortana is beta but when I say "Play Sexual Healing" she says "And now Sexual Healing". I'm like wtf is "and now". I had nothing playing before it should be "Now playing sexual healing". Again, though that's why I understand its a "preview" hopefully it all gets worked out. I still love WP no matter.

Same here on my HTC 8x, browser/os lockup when viewing video inline on site and flipping to full screen and back again. Once frozen, no back or start button hits register, only thing that works is pressing power to turn screen off and then when you turn back on the full screen static which it gets stuck at. Holding power to turn off and restart was only remedy. Has happened 3 times so far.

Battery drainage is something to look at. I have minimum background stuff running. Even tried factory reset 2wice. Once by restoring and once on a clean slate.
Battery draining really fast.
I hope I'm the only one with this issue. I love windows phone too much to know it has issue.

I'm actually enjoying significantly better battery life on my Ativ S since the update to 8.1, but my friend's 1020 has been horrible. (though he admittedly plays with Cortana non-stop... I think he might be in love)

I'm actually typing this on the projected screen using a 520 to my Lenovo Yoga. Like everything else, including Cortana, swipe keyboard, cool backgrounds, etc., it works perfectly. I would admit it chugs a bit harder than a 1520, but that's expected. It's the best $50-100 phone you can buy, and now it has all the premium features of any phone. Amazing really.

No it doesn't. Core os is done. Remember you don't have firmware updates and the supporting apps decoupled from the OS are still in development. Should have been a closed beta to stop all this FUD.

But any apps targeting 8.1 including all those were are hearing about now that are producing their transparent live tiles, are being built with a release candidate SDK, which is not good.

Don't have any real bug, 8.1 is awesome for me. It really transformed the experience of WP for the better. All major omissions compared to Android or Ios have been cured, and I understand most of the bugs now relate to separate apps which will be updated soon.

Loving 8.1, awesome operating system!

Hahaha this article is about screen sharing. Not bugs, the whole review area is now only full of people arguing about bugs.

I guess this is a good option for people that can't get Nokia beamer......

I have only one  issue with with my WP 8.1 that so far I was not able to find one!

Same was issue with WP 8.

By the way my family has 3 WP 8.1!

This is a DEVELOPER PREVIEW ....u were made aware of before upgrading 'the bugs' that may creep up...stop complaining..if cud not be patient enough...and wait for official update.for customers

its cool, netflix doesnt work on the computer when it streams but playing games and such was awesome! 1520 projecting to Windows 7 Pro

Whoa.... Has anyone noticed that you can click/touch in the projection and perform actions on your phone? Yeah, it actually sends input through the USB back to the phone!!!

Really cool! Anyone who's used the emulator will feel right at home.

It's better than the emulator.  You have NFC and Bluetooth and can demo them.  And you don't need to have Hyper-V running,

Very true. Not to mention that you already have your stuff set up and such, whereas the emulator always starts up as a new device.

Dear Sir, 

Plz help me out. From control panel I've deleted all the drivers related to Nokia. But still it is showing  error code :- hr=08x76086a while initializing Project My Screen App.


Never saw that error. It seems like it might not have installed correctly.

I'd recommend uninstalling project my screen app, then restarting and trying to reinstall again.

It also might be worth checking out you have a recent Restore Point you can fall back on. What version of Windows are you running?

Yup, I would like the keyboard inputs, like typing to work on the phone. Or does it? I was playing with it at 3am Indian standard time

You can use mouse and/or touch to use the phone's virtual keyboard, but the app won't send keyboard input back to the device, unfortunately.

Would love to see this feature added.

I wonder if this can somehow be translated into windows phone being operational on Pioneer app radio. Much like androids and kinda how apples new system works.

Yeah this two way interface worked on my windows 8.1 laptop but not working on windows 7. Can just project the screen on win7.

I couldn't get it to work at first either. I had to uninstall all Nokia device drivers and let Windows reinstall them before this feature would work.

It's doesn't working on Samsung smart tv. I connected it with USB cable and then only able to show the photos of my phone on the tv but can't project the screen..it was just working as data store mode.. Any help will be appreciated..thanks..

My LG TV has Wi-Fi direct, widi & Miracast. So my 1520 would be able to project directly when it is enabled with Nokia cyan!

I geeked out a bit. Connected my phone to my surface pro then used Miracast to project it to my 72" tv. So does that count as wirelessly projecting if my surface pro is acting like a giant expensive wireless transmitter?

This is really cool but is there any practical use for this? I guess it would be helpful for developers, but isn't there already an emulator in visual studio to do the same thing, just without the hardware and USB cable?

Lets developers demo apps with NFC, Bluetooth and a working camera at their disposal. Not to mention how an actual device will typically be more stable than the emulator, and easier to use.

I'm also sure that some will find a use in this for presentations, or just showing off. Might not be a headline grabbing feature, but it's there for those who want/need it,

I intend to use it when I'm working so my phone is just displayed and controlled from the second screen of my PC... That way I don't have to pick it up for every text message or alert

If you are doing cross platform development, not needing to run Hyper-V for the WP81 emulator lets you run faster Android emulators.

How do you make it full screen on the PC? I only get a phone in the center of the screen with all this extra space around it...

you can also press P, which doesnt come in help thing, and it will be "more" fullscreen. without the phone border thing so you can see everything better.

this is a preview for devs if you're complaining about bugs let ms know and thats that the os isnt finish but i havent experinced too many bugs seems pretty solid so far

For those having touch screen windows tablets, u can actually use ur phone on a tablet touch screen. Playing games on a larger screen would be awesome.

** you've got absolutely nothing to do on the phone, the PC handles everything** So, don't go on project my screen and wait for something to happen because nothing will happen :P
People who are having troubles, I have found a solution.
Install the app, reboot the PC once the installation has been completed.
Now, open up the app from desktop and then connect the USB.
If there is no prompt on the screen go device manager (right click start menu, there should be an option), DO NOT unplug the USB from the phone.
At the bottom there will be a section called "universal serial bus devices" Uninstall all the drivers that are linked to your phone. Once they disappear, disconnect your phone.

Now, close the app on the desktop and launch it again. Then connect the phone via USB. You should have the prompt on your phone now. 

If you are stuck at any points feel free to reply to my comment.
I hope it works for you as easily as it did for me.

There are several windows 7 users who are having trouble with running the app. Have a read around forums and see if you find any solutions. I shall also look for solutions

This feature is awesome. I know Samsung does this exclusively on their select phones and only on select Samsung model laptops but this will work with any Windows 8/RT device with a USB I suppose?

Scroll up in this comment thread. Someone managed to get it working with Miracast via their Surface Pro. I would imagine any PC with Miracast would work this way...

Good luck and let us know what you think of the feature!

Well what I think of this feature is after carefully following the instructions.

The app doesn't find the connection so I'm not able to project anything.

Ah well.

I wouldn't use this on PC anyway.

Thanks for the write-up and link Sam.

Could everyone stop complaining about 8.1. It's a beta version. Not even the official 8.1. Yet. So when it does officially come out. They will have all the bugs cleared. Me personally. I am loving it on my 1520

It's actually not a beta. Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is the finalized version of WP8.1. It is the official 8.1, and it is finished.

Well duh. Obviously I'm going to do that along with everyone else who thinks otherwise. WP8.1 is finalized. The only difference between the developer preview and the "official release" is the "official release" will have OEM driver and firmware updates (from Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc.). The OS is finalized. The OEM driver and firmware updates are not part of the OS.

Alright, I've got a problem here.  So, I deleted all the drivers linked to the phone, restarted the app, then the notification on my phone popped up when I plugged it back it, but the program on my computer (I’m running Windows 8.1) was still blank. I tested clicking on the projected screen in the PC program and it opened up something on my phone, so obviously it is connected, but the actual screen is not showing up. Any clue as to what could be causing this?

Works fine for me on 8.1! Don't plug your phone in until prompted, pay close attention to the last page of the setup wizard before clicking finish. It'll put a link on your desktop.

yeap! this work... just need it to delete all drivers from pc while cell is plug in, then replug. window pop up, was able to see on laptop.
just dont know why they keep saying to project on tv....cant do that, unless laptop or pc is plug to tv.

You have to wait for the WP8.1 version of OneDrive to be released. It'll then allow us to 'share' photos to OneDrive in the same way we can share photos to all the other 8.1 updated photo/video apps

If you guys hadn't written this article, I would never have thought of using this feature. Thanks u guys, enjoying it

Do we know anything about the wireless option? It says my 8X can't, but I'd just like to know more. Also, Microsoft needs to provide an HDMI dongle w/USB port so we can project to TV without using PC as a middleman.

I could not get it worked on L720 even after reinstalling the drivers. Any solutions??

Edit: It worked finally. Had uninstall the drivers couple of time.

I uninstalled the following drivers.
1. Portable devices - Windows phone.
2. Universal Serial Bus Controllers - USB composite device
3. Universal Serial Bus Devices - Nokia Lumia 720 (RM-885)

There are three drivers under the USB devices. If you have old Symbian drivers remove that also. I had installed for Nokia N79.

Played 'Into The Dead' with comp hooked up to a 60" that was worth the feature itself. Unsure what the benefit of this would be besides that, or any other game. Anything I would need to present would never come from a phone, unless impromptu which would require the ideal setup. That it's until the 1520 can do wireless on any system that would allow it

I have to say. This is the most informative site I've been on in awhile. Thank you for your hard work. I'm a little drunk, so this explains the sensitivity. I'm a rock.

Here Drive's playback of voice commands via phone Bluetooth works now! Not only via A2DP while streaming media. That's just awesome

Yes, noticed that today too. Quality is not the best, but played at the right time. Might have to see if I can add contacts to the address book on my Nissan X-trail. It hasn't worked since I switched from my N8.

I had to so a hard redet before updating to 8.1 on my ativ s because I couldn't search for updates. And I did a hat reset after updating and everything is working totally fine for me. No battery draining no other issues. Try a hard reset if others don't experience your problems. Only thing I am missing is a shortcut to the mobile data settings in the action center

Works nice, but it offers only a basic functionality. It would be really awesome if I could  turn off display on my phone, and still be able to project the phone screen. or to enter text via pc keyboard (sms, email, whatever) when projecting  on my computer screen... I hope all these features will come later. 

But anyway, good job guys, keep it going :-)

Awesome but a bit laggy,for those who occur issues and cannot connect it, just go to Windows Device manager and delete any drivers of the Windows Phone (Portable Devices & Universal Serial bus Devices) then unplug the device and replug it and it should work ^^



Yes,I already uninstalled the drivers on the device manager but I can't get it to work.

Works perfectly, now I can even wordflow on my PC touch screen! Samsung Ativ S -> Windows 8.1 PC. I ❤ WP 8.1

Random and off topic but does anyone else think we need to be able to switch between audio sources for apps just like windows 8/8.1?

I have no ideas what you guys are complaining about.
Works flawlessly for me and batter performance has improved.

Besides this is BETA.

What happened to warnings when the charger was insufficient for the phone? Used my Lumia 920 for navigation and the battery was going down when plugged in, no warning ⚠

I am typing this from my desktop computers touch screen on windows 8. Flow does still work amazingly!!!! wow is all I need to say today!!!!!

The two way interface worked on my windows 8.1 laptop but not working on windows 7. Can just project the screen on win7. Any help?

I did a hard reset after installing 8.1 just because, years of OS upgrades have taught me that it will give me the best result. As far as this feature and utility I love it! I can now pin my phone to the side of my desktop screen and see all my notifications right there. The really cool part is I can interact with my phone using my computer's mouse. No need to take my eyes away from my desktop to reply a text or whatnot, very cool!