As promised, Ruzzle Free hits the Windows Phone Store

Ruzzle Free

Not too long ago paid version of the Windows Phone game Ruzzle was unleashed on the Windows Phone Store. With the release, there was promises from the developer that a free version was in the works.

That promise was met today with the release of Ruzzle Free.

Ruzzle Free is a boggle-styled word game for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. You are tasked with finding as many words as possible on a 4x4 board of letters.

Ruzzle Free

Ruzzle has a single player practice mode or you can take on other Ruzzle players through online matches. You also have Facebook and Twitter support to challenge your friends and followers along with support for ten languages.

Ruzzle Free is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store or by scanning the left QR Code below. If you're interested in the paid, ad-free version of Ruzzle ($2.99) you can find it here in the Store or by scanning the right QR Code below.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Ruzzle


Reader comments

As promised, Ruzzle Free hits the Windows Phone Store


I dont know if wordament had an update, but I was playing against my wife and son on it as well as other XBL opponents as frienamies. Am I missing something???

I picked this up when WPCentral reported it on sale a while back.  Been playing it every day since then.  Love it.  I played a lot of Wordament before this came out, but I eventually got tired of just trying to get in the top x percent of the 1000 or so people playing at the moment.  It wasn't nearly as fun as Ruzzle has turned out to be.
In my opinion it's much more compelling to play against just one other person at a time instead of 1000.  You actually get a concrete win or lose outcome instead of "well I got in the top 25% this time..."  The ranking system works, so you go up against people near your skill level.  It makes it easy to find random people and keep playing with those you like.  The overall experience is much different from Wordament.
One could argue that proper use of the frenemies system in Wordament is a close enough approximation to achieving this sort of outcome, but I don't see it that way.  The experience feels completely different.

Heh no, I'm not.  But I did notice that when they opened up the game to iOS and the playerbase grew significantly, it became easier to place higher.  I haven't played recently but I've reached the top 10% before.  Might be interesting to try it again now that I've gained some more experience playing Ruzzle.
This does highlight another problem with the Wordament approach though.  There's no concrete rating of how good you are.  It all depends on who else is playing.  If most of the other players are noobs, top 10% is easy.  If they're all veterans, top 10% is a major achievement.  I think Ruzzle's ranking system (ELO-based) works better.

I really hate this game.  If you don't respond quickly enough when it's your turn, the game says you lost 0-300.  This is even if you played a round and didn't respond quickly to a later round.  To top it off, notification is severely lacking.  If it had notification that worked as well as Words With Friends, it wouldn't be so bad.  As it is I despise this damn game.

You have like several days to play your turn....  And notifications from this game have always been reliable and instant for me.  I actually thought it wasn't possible for notifications to work so well based on experiences with other apps, but this one works.  On WP 7.5 at least.

I don't remember how long it gave me, but it was definitely less than several days.  I guess this is one of those things that woks better on 7 than 8.

I'm on wp8 with an ativ s and no issues. I believe the time limit to play is 48 or 72 hours. Notifications always work for me too. I love this game!

why is WP so left out? like they had Temple Run when the fad had apparently died out. can we have Candy Crush now? cmon