Rabbids Big Bang goes free on Windows Phone 8

The wacky physics puzzle game Rabbids Big Bang is going free for a limited time in the Windows Phone Store. Rabbids Big Bang takes the absolutely insane creatures from the Rayman series and launches them into space. Take a swing at your fuzzy friend at just the right angle to send them into orbit around neighboring planets. Strategically time your jetpack usage to get all of the objective items, and ultimately unlock tons of bizzarre costumes and batting implements.

You can find Rabbids Big Bang here in the Windows Phone Store. Pick this one up soon, as it's only free until the end of the month.

Rabbids Big Bang is also available on Windows 8, though it'll still cost you $1.49 there.

Thanks mesamit!

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Rabbids Big Bang goes free on Windows Phone 8



thank you Bing Translate....

(edit, did I say thank you- because I tried to say "no doubt he did" and it seemed to say "certainly he is"- maybe it actually said certainly he did).

I opened it in the Swedish Store for Windows 8, and it's free. Keep your heads up in your region or simply switch region.

I grabbed it last night on my Surface for free, in the Canada store. Already had it in my phone as my kids are big fans of the Rabbids.

Got it but with its ODD Gamerscore points, I'm too scared to play it. I like my Gamerscore ending in 5 or 0.

Same here, unless it's super easy to get all GS, it will take some time to even them back to "0" or "5". Be warned.

That's why I got it. Had a gamerscore ending in 1 for ages (last week I hit 44001). Got the 9gs achievement, now my mild OCD is happy.

Can you please enlighten me about the use of Xbox points apart from buying stuff for the avatar and for bragging to my friends ?

Game loft has been very good in games for WP. But since 2 months they have been inactive on WP.
1:- Minion rush updates
2:- Dungeon hunter 4
3 The amazing Spiderman is still in its first version of update.

minion rush updated today but made game unable to start....it worked after unistall and reinstall but its freezing too much during gameplay.....nothing new added in update as far as i noticed.....

Looks like it's a universal app, so download it on Windows Phone for free and you'll get it on Windows for free as well.

Strange. The icon and description of "Get once, download on compatible Windows Phones too " shows up on the website link of the store but not when the actual store opens.

EDIT: The icon and desctiption are in the Windows Store link. There is no mention of it on the Windows Phone store.

If you by "no mention of it on the Windows Phone store" you mean the store that is in Windows Phone 8, it does not show the icon, you need to use the store in Windows Phone 8.1 to see it (or use windowsphone.com)

I meant windowsphone.com doesn't mention anything about Rabbids but as you said it does have it for Wordament. The windowsphone.com store does not mention it for Rabbids. The Windows store app also has no mention of the universal app for Rabbids but the Windows store online webpage does mention it.

I also checked on another computer and store account and it still shows up as $1.49 for the Windows app of Rabbids. The account I checked with has not installed it on Windows Phone.

Rabbis is not a universal app, it is available on both platforms but as seperat apps.

At least here in Norway Rabbids are free on both platforms, and the websites show it as free in the US.



Just checked again and it now shows up as free. It must have been a delay in server propagation although my online store link still shows as a universal app at least for the website. Probably some glitch. Either way at least it's free :)

If you get this game (or any other limited time free game), backup with wp8.1 and reset your device when the offer expires, would the phone still be able to redownload it during the back up process when the phone is reinstalling the apps?

If you get it while it's free, it's as if you would have bought it, so even if after that the price bumps to 2000$ you can still redownload it for free since in the store it'll be memorized that you bought the game before.

How's the achievement unlocking difficulty though? I remember rushing to download Galactic Reign when it went free but so hard for the achievements. Servers went down and now imposible to get them.

Most are pretty easy, the two hardest are to finish every level and to finish every level with 3 stars. Those can be pretty difficult but you can buy powerups at the beginning of every level if you need help, and there is a level with a bunch of coins if you need more coins to buy powerups.

Also. If you can't three star a level right away just move on and come back later once you've upgraded the jetpack and the baseball bat. So levels that seem really hard to get perfect can be pretty easy later on.

I paid the 0.99€ for it. And I don't regret it because it's an Xbox title and God knows how rare those have become.

Unfortunately it's not syncing between WP8 and Windows 8. You even get separate achievements for both versions. But it's fun!

It is free in the Windows Phone store as well as the Windows Store for Windows 8...

I'm in the United States.

I was loving this game until I realized the achievements leave me with an uneven number. Got enough to make it a rounded off number.