Re-installing apps and games with Windows Phone 8.1 is now easier, here's how

The more we use Windows Phone 8.1 the more features we discover. Such as re-installing apps and games you’ve purchased in the past.

In the past there were basically two ways to re-install an app or game you had deleted from your Windows Phone. First, you could hunt down the app in the Store and re-install it. Second, you could pull up the Windows Phone Store’s website and go into your account to view your purchase history to find the app or game to re-install.

While those two options still exist, Windows Phone 8.1 now offers you a third option.

My Apps list

Windows Phone 8.1 redesigned the Store app rather significantly. One of the new features is a My App section that will list every app you’ve purchased with the ability to re-install these titles directly from this list. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Launch your Windows Phone Store App
  • Up under the three-dot menu you will find an option to view My Apps
  • A list will be generated from your purchase history

It may take a few minutes to generate this list based on the size of your purchase history. Once generated, you can tap on an app or game to pull up the Store listing or tap the select control button at the bottom of the screen to choose which apps you want to re-install.

Once you’ve made your selection, tap the download button that is now at the bottom of the screen and the selected apps will start to re-install.

Now it's your turn: What do you think of this new feature and, perhaps more importantly, how would you make it better? Give us your thoughts in comments!


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Re-installing apps and games with Windows Phone 8.1 is now easier, here's how


After restore, you will be able to install your apps automatically without having to use this method. Of course that will install only the apps that existed on your phone before the reset (or rather as per the last backup before the reset)

Daniel, do you know when you'll fix the WP Central app to have constant transparency for the live tile? Right now it keeps on switching randomly from transparent to accent color.


Daniel isn't the developer of the app. You should report it to Jay T Bennet. He usually replies to my twitter mentions.

The update is coming next week. You know that if you follow Instagram and the posts from WPCentral.

Lol idk how i always find your comments.. anyways, 1565 apps. But everytime my phone tries to sync them. it shows a "can't connect" error

This site is now my favorite website for Windows Phone/Windows news--I feel like I'm here 10x per day.  Sorry, Paul Thurrott, MaryJo & Tom Warren! lol

You guys do a GREAT job of making tech seem interesting & fun. :)

Only 568 and I am one of the early adopters of WP.
First ever app was XBox Live Extras on Omnia 7, then Now and Photogram from Samsung.

722 for me so far, its incredible. i did a spring clean of my app lsit prior to installing 8.1 and i realised there were 10 apps i never really used or even needed.

the awesome thing now is that with sd card app installs, i can finaly install those beefy titles like Halo Spartan Assualt. the freedom of the little feature alone is amazing.

Whoa, what? I'm pretty sure windows phone doesn't have any more than 20 apps. Then how did he mange to install over 2,000?

1,102 for me but that seems low.  I think I did a count via the web last year and was over 2,000 but maybe it only shows active / Win8 apps?

Either way; happy to say i download like a beast!

hi daniel ,

i update to 8.1 on my lumia 1020 when it comes for developers and today i reset my phone for the fast drain of battery  ,

after this work  , "my apps" in store say me "thousands of apps wait for you in the store" but before the reset my phone was 726 and in battery saver my store have not any "app in background" key  but before reset it had this key ,

please help me what am i doing for these problems ?

It also separates apps you've purchased but that are not available anymore.

These are after everything else in the list.

This. There are so many apps that I would never download again, and this feature would be great.

Totally this.  The Windows 8 store has the exact same problem.  They probably do it to keep track of trial downloads, but if it were smart enough to only keep timed trials (so you can't constantly reset the trial) and get rid of the crud, that would be wonderful.

Yeah this needs to happen. Same with Windows 8 Store. So many things in there that aren't "my apps" but "shit that wasn't good enough to keep installed"

wp 8.1 merit-- notification center.....cortana..quiet hour ..separate volume control apps 2 sd etc... demerit----no fb integration messagi ng...no live music tile...no artist image while playing music.......no artist image on lockscreen....response of lock key not good..no background image in gallery...

Daniel has said in a few articles that deeper Facebook integration is coming in future updates to WP 8.1

so you installed something that is a developer PREVIEW, and you expect everything to be covered? especially when it comes to apps like xbox music... and response of something or some imagine?
really... maybe some people shouldn't try to beta test something they cant deal with, if it was official release I would agree but they will update the apps and make it better, because now you don't need a full OS update to keep updating xbox music and stuff.

Same with facebook, a full OS update shouldn't be required to get features it should have, yeah it was fast and all, but it was too limited, better work in a way to integrate facebook apps to the OS or make facebook app the best (again it can be updated without a full OS update).

I mean there are features that aren't included in this release and bugs and all that... and they will work on it. but if you can't be patient, you shouldn't test it next time.

A measly 735. Love the new feature. Wish you could sort by name, category, or date (currently provided sort).

The backup feature that saves the start screen, settings, and apps almost made me shed a tear when i had to reinstall 8.1

What i love about the new store feature is its ability to download app updates automatically. You can turn it off by default but man, why ever turn off a feature that would not let you worry if the app running in your phone is up to date. I just woke up one day and my phone notified me that there were 17 apps updated. i didn't do a single thing.

539 here, most of which I don't think I'll ever be installing again...

It'd be nice if it was like on iTunes on iOS, where you could hide previously downloaded apps you didn't care for showing in your history. I forget where you had to go, but I also remember somewhere in the settings where you could view hidden apps, and unhide them or reinstall them. I'd like to see the same for Windows Phone, as it's very cluttered with all those apps I'm never going to use...

A paltry 649 and it looks like a good number of them are games my daughter downloads when she snags my phone. HAHA!

My list appears to only be showing apps that I have downloaded but uninstalled. I don't see any of my currently installed apps so I can't use it to reinstall.

On that note I have been trying to update my Onenote app. The store shows version 4.0 my phone has 3.5.  There is no option to uninstall Onenote on the phone. When I try to reinstall it directly from the store online nothing happens.

Tried that. Even though my phones ondrive is 3.5 and the one in the store is 4.0 it will not update.

I'm looking at windowsphone.com. It shows onedrive version to be updated on 3/14/2014

I don't know if Android have 5,000 apps installed what happen to the phone maybe hang all the time.

On 8.1 go to store, settings and select check for updates. I tried this and later 6 apps appeared in notifications for updating.

Doesn't show my apps from other region that I bought .....like I have purchased a few from UK region and also from India during the rovio free games run ......

Off topic and you may or may not have already discovered this. To remove any notifications instead of all at once is to simply swipe them to the right. You can swipe away several at a time as well.

Never realized how many apps I actually had previously. I thought around 50, but its in hundreds.

I love this feature. They really make this better.

The best is we don't need click purcase again for apps we already bought.

No other platform offers this level of control, Android just sucks your bandwidth and starts downloading the first time you login.

I got just 198 apps... But I always get an error saying we are having trouble connecting to store.... I'm on Wi-Fi...
Edit: I'm actually from India but for Cortana I have changed my region to USA does that make a difference?

I was able to download The Harvest on my 822. Weird

Update: Started the game up and my phone said, "file not supported." Then it booted the game up and I was able to play it.

Forgot about check for updates, clicked on it, later 6 apps appeared in notifications for updates, yeah!

Glad the option to see what you've downloaded is present - unless there was a way to see what you had previously downloaded, and I missed that option; I'm grateful for this as I could never remember what I'd purchased and deleted off my device!

But still means of permanantly deleting an app to clear out the dross of all those uninstalled apps that you will never wish to reinstall. Even BlackBerry sorted that out.

So much easier. PLUS, one of the apps I PURCHASED kept downloading the trial version from windowsphone.com. When I downloaded from My Apps, it gave me my paid version back! :)

Wonder how well this feature will work next rc update. Since lately ms has screwed up this feature for xbox 360 during the last few dashboard preview updates

Its too clustered.. It must have some type of sorting option. And seperate pages for installed, not installed, installed on other device, not available Pages.

The "check for updates" feature makes everything so much easier now. Haven't even had to run SysApp Pusher ever since I updated to 8.1...

I haven't had the opportunity to go through the comments, but I figure its worth mention the last installation option - install manually. Download the required installer from the desktop and copy to sd card and installing. Since updating to the 8.1 preview, my store hasn't been too reliable. But this method of installation has done wonders. Installed nearly 50+ apps in one go

  Maybe it's just me but when I moved from my Lumia 822 to my 928, all of my my apps and games either downloaded automatically over cellular or queued up to be downloaded over wi-fi. I thought that this is what happened with everyone. I have less than 100 apps on my phone but I don't know if this would factor into it.

With this easy reinstall option there's only one feature (still) missing: my app deadlist 


I can't be the only one who has installed free or paid apps that turned out to be absolutely worthless. Either badly designed or bait apps. Last week, blinded by optimism, I bought the Monument Valley game, which of course wasn't the game at all. My bad.

But I want that app out of my reinstall list. And there's more apps like that. With all the new 8.1 features at least 10 apps I once bought are obsolete. I need a place in the Store to put away these apps and keep them apart from the other, functional apps in my purchase history.



Microsoft could even turn such a feature into a quality control mechanism. If an app ends up in too many people's deadlists, pull it from the store, or at least give it an indication so other users are warned.


It would be nice if you could separate apps. This feature doesnt really help as a means to recover apps if you are sifting through a list of 1000 items. Might be easier to forget it and search the store. (I know the list is ordered according to date of installation, but still)

in my phone my apps is not working... it does not show my purchase history... it shows, " there are thousands of apps waiting for you in syore"

as if i have never downloaded anything... it happend aftr a hard reset... plzz help..


I installed PicsArt on SD Card on my Lumia 720 (WP8.1, Lumia Cyan) but don't see it in Apps List. I go to Storage Sense to uninstall it but it's not visible there too. I tried what you suggested but it's not present in the My Apps list too. Now what should I do to get it back? How can I uninstall it and reinstall? Please guide me.