Reminder: Microsoft will buy your old iPhone for at least $200 in credit

Lumia 520

This is just a friendly reminder that the #timetoswitch campaign is kicking off. Microsoft is launching the program in select Stores across the US and Canada, which will enable you to drop off your iPhone and receive a minimum of $200 in gift cards. This credit can then be used at the store for anything, including a shiny new Windows Phone.

The deal states the company is looking for an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Do note that you'll need to bring in the power cord and the handset cannot be password protected. Also, be sure to give the unit a good wipe to remove personal data. Finally, you're only allowed to do this once per customer. Be sure to check with your local Microsoft Store to see if they're participating in this offer. Expires November 3rd, so act promptly.

So, any of you know anyone who will actually do this?

Source: Microsoft


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Reminder: Microsoft will buy your old iPhone for at least $200 in credit


Guys if you decide to upgrade with att better get the phone with next years updates because believe me you don't want to be waiting on future updates with att!

Thanks, better let him know, as he is about to buy a wacom tablet, and I think a surface pro 2 will do a much better job for him and save some moneys

The should buy my 920 so I can upgrade, because apparently they aren't going to push around these dead beat carriers like they said they would, and the fact I referred to AT&T as dead beat, should tell you the chances I have of them doing anything.

Damn...  Was hoping there wouldn't be a restriction on the condition of the phone.  My wife's 4s has a cracked screen.  This clearly says "gently used."

I did get it repaired for $70, but it was dropped and cracked a second time. Probably will just get it fixed right before trading it in.

That's not happening. I just watched a video and you have basically take the whole phone apart.

Yeah. I checked that out already. There are a lot of tiny screws! Plus, you need the right tools, which I don't have. Unless they come with the kit?

My mom might be upgrading her 4S to a 5S son, so maybe I'll take her 4S there and get some accessories for my 920 or something.

Limited to only new iPhone devices...they should have offered it to all iPhone, even if it was an iPhone 3G for $100...i know a few people still using them that would consider it to get a 520.

Corporate VZW stores have the exact same deal with VZW credit. Bring in an iPhone 4s+, receive $200 in VZW credit. So if you don't have a MSFT store near by, this is also an option. Could be nice, especially when the 929 & 2520 come out on VZW in a few weeks.

Hmmmm......   Maybe if they gave me one of those back ordered gold colored ones that I could sell to some sucker for a profit and then buy a 1020.  That would work.

And what about the Nokia's exchange offer taking in iphone, samsung, HTC in India? Carrier scenario don't happen here.

I have an iPhone from work that I'd love to trade in for a WP. I don't know how to tell if it's a 4S or not, though.

Hold down the home button and talk to your phone and if a robotic woman's voice comes up followed by a *ding* *ding* , then its a 4S

Darn, I thought the last blog post about this said the 4 was eligible for trade in, but I guess it's the 4s and up only.  
I just converted two of my isheep friends.  They borrowed a couple of my spare Lumia 820s and both are enjoying them immensely and are ready to commit to the switch.  One of them only has a 4 though, tough luck I guess.  

i called the support line for the MS store in Canada. They were not aware of this promotion, though they are offering similar trade in for iPad (2nd,3rd,4th gen). I wonder if I'll get a different answer if I call back...

It was posted there and everyone went crazy saying that even a broken iPhone is better than a Windows Phone. Well, they didn't said that, but they were close to do it.

Gah!!! When this was originally reported it said that the iPhone 4 would be honored, I was going to trade in my iPhone 4 for a Surface 2. Crap. 

If anything they should be offering this to Lumia 900 users. They're newer devices than the iPhone 4, and can't even update to the latest and greatest where the iPhone 4s still can. They're bitter users too, and are more likely to go and get a different phone. Shame on Microsoft.

You have been there a lot of time only saying bad things about Microsoft. lol Do you think someone will take you seriously? Just leave if you hate WP so much, if not you really are trying too hard to get attention, poor thing.

I guess your a iPhone owner.... Not desperate, an offer to get out of a 5 year old phone design that is so outdated looking even with iOS 7 on it to a updated modern phone.

Not iPhone, but Android ,bitch. iPhone might not be good, but you should know when it comes to applications, Microsoft only cares about quantity, not quality. Can't even get a Instagram and YouTube App. #Don'tSwitchToWindowsPhone

Doesn't that make Apple even more desparate? They too have a trade-in program.
I look at this program like those gun trade-in programs.  Government wants to remove guns so they reward you for brining them in with either money or gift certifiates.  Similarly, Microsoft is also trying to get dangrous devices of the street.  In the future the people will rejoice and say how altruistic Microsoft was being :)

What a bad deal. You'd get so much more on eBay.
I wonder why they didn't buy the L900 (maybe because they were worthless, unlike the iPhones...).