Repair your Nokia Lumia 820 with the official leaked service manual

Last night we brought you the Nokia Lumia 920 service manual, a necessary guide for breaking down and building up your device should you want to replace a part (and void your warranty). Now, our same tipster has passed on the Lumia 820’s guide for those who are in need.

The 31 page guide comes in at around 4MB and features lots of details and tips for disassembling your 820 should you need to replace the display (a common request) or we suppose if you just like tinkering with electronics. You’ll also find the necessary schematics and part numbers, which is also useful if you need something specific to replace on your device.

Should you want the guide, just head to the link below (hosting site) and you’ll be redirected to download the zip file, which contains the PDF.

Nokia Care Service Manual Nokia Lumia 820 (RM-824, RM825)

Thanks, again Jeroen S., for the file


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Repair your Nokia Lumia 820 with the official leaked service manual


To bad etradesupply supply has been out of stock for the 820 LCD+digitizer for a month now...... -stay calm and be patient-


I'll give you another chance here at WPC to do a good, impressive, witty and convincing troll, otherwise you're gone. Deal? We aim for quality here and so far you're not making the grade, sorry.

My screen has been cracked on my 820 for over 2 months, can't find anyone around where I live to repair it. My friend put me on to the Repair Manual. Now that I have that, I'm looking for the tools to fix it. If not the entire kit, I'd like to find the camera removal tool ss-210 UNLESS somewhere on here knows of a better(EASIER) way to do it. LoL!
I'm going to LA for a business trip and my bday in 24 days and I NEED my Lumia.
 - Derrick/Ohio -

You don't need the camera removal tool to replace the screen as you don't need to remove the camera. All you need are two torx screwdrivers and something thin and small to act as a lever.