RM-892 shows up on FCC; could this be T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 925?

Lumia 925

The Lumia 925, or rather its model number (RM-892), has been spotted on the FCC website. The device has been tested with GSM 850 / 1990 frequencies and the image supplied in the filing can't be mistaken for Nokia's latest flagship Windows Phone. This would also fit in nicely with recent news of the handset making its way to T-Mobile next month.

For now there's not much else to go on, but check out the FCC image for a quick tease:

RM-892 FCC

If the listing is indeed the Lumia 925 and recent news holds true, T-Mobile subscribers don't have to wait much longer until the newest Nokia flagship is available for purchase.

Source: FCC; thanks, jmajid, for the tip!


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RM-892 shows up on FCC; could this be T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 925?


So... If AT&T gets the 41 mp Nokia and Tmobile gets the 925... I wonder if Verizon will get anything special, or at least a version of one of these phones.

I like this phone.  I would jump on it in a minute.  I only wish it had 32GB variant (US).  I hope is sells very well.  I may change my mind and end up getting it, but for now I'll just wait.

I've only heard of Vodafone getting the 32GB version. It really should be an option in more places. I've seen lot of reviews that don't even acknowledge the existence of the 32GB model.

FCC filings have been held back before. Several iPhone filings haven't been released until the day they go on sale.
And in fact, this passed the two tests at the beginning of May.

I did not know this....

It was kind of funny that I tried to see if there was a pattern between FCC filings and release date of the phones.  From what I noticed, usually after a FCC approval, phones would take a month to three months before they hit the shelves. 

But I guess with this informaition...all of this is irrelevant.

Nokias website lists the us variant as rm-893. I was under the impression that rm-892 was international unlocked. Rm-892 does not support LTE band 4 (T-Mobile) says Nokia developer page.

US? Rumored price in store is $99 down and $20/mo for 24 months, or $579. Possibly cheaper outside of the T-mobile store (like the 521 and 810).

I work for T-Mobile and I should be receiving mine within the next week! I am super excited, but slightly bitter at the lack of the 32GB version.

Normally, no. We actually don't get discounts on the phones themselves anymore as of February. However, I'm the "champion" for the phone, so I actually get it from Nokia fo' free.

Screw it bro I'd get this phone at 1gb. Starting to take donations btw im in dire need of a better windows phone cough cough. Come on Rich I know you've got one of these things laying around that I could use. Hmmmm? Did I hear you say yes? I think so

damn! just bought 928 on verizon cause i cant wait for 925... plz tell me tmo doesnt sell black 925, that will makes me feel better.