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Lumia 925 coming to T-Mobile July 17th? Most likely yes.

Rich and the rest of the world have been busy enjoying the Nokia Lumia 925 for over two weeks. You can check out his unboxing and first impressions here. We’ve seen the device floating around at parties the past day at //Build/ as well and we really love it. Everything about the Lumia 920 has been refined and distilled into a thinner and lighter package, with a slightly better camera.

Winning combo right? So when does folks in the United States get it on T-Mobile? The signs are all pointing to July 17.

TmoNews, who are always solid when it comes to T-Mobile news, have the launch windows for the Lumia 925 pegged for July 17. Like most launches, it can change between, but they seem confident that you’ll be able to get your paws on the device that day.

Pricing should be $99 down for qualified buyers, who then pay $20 per month to reach the total price of $579.

Anybody looking to pick the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile when it becomes available?

Thanks for the tip Jacob!

Source: TmoNews Via: WMPU

  • Better late than never
  • This phone WILL be mine lol
  • 64gb version!
  • ^THIS^ but I'd settle for 32GB until then I'm on the sidelines with my unlocked Rogers 920 on Tmo
  • I also have unlocked Rogers perfect on Tmo network. Its gonna be hard to let it go once I get the 925.(as an employee, I'm scheduled to get a free 925) I'm hoping we get the 32gb version.
  • Cool... I'd sell the 925 ASAP while you'll get maximum cash. I don't see no way possible to go from 32GB to 16GB. Personally I'm just about maxed out with 32GB.
  • Maybe this is to avoid the Osborne effect? /s
  • LOL. Yes seems silly to show of a new phone on just 6days before.
  • I'm so ready for this phone, and what a beauty.
  • tell me about it 
  • I kinda want this lol.
  • Of course its released on July 17th -_-
  • $579, not bad.
  • Only $100 plus more than the 920 with half the storage. Makes sense.
  • TMO inflates their device prices in case you didn't know. It'll be around $479 at the MS store.
    Extra lens, GDDR2 update early, thinner, lighter, aluminum. Makes sense.
  • Im with rara85, I think it's pretty expensive. I haven't seen tmo phones at the MS store any cheaper than the tmo store. In fact, tmo's iPhone was $579 when the apple store sells it for $649. But I hope you're right or I might just get a Rogers 920, my HD7 is on its last leg. Do they have red?
  • Lumia 810 was $450 in the MS store while it was $550 at T-Mobile. Naturally, I purchased the 810 at the Microsoft store :P
  • Hmmm...I'll keep that in mind. I hope this is the case with the 925 as well. And I think you meant you purchased it from the MS store? lol
  • Haha whoops, yea I got it at the MS Store. That almost made it look like I prefer paying higher prices ;)
  • Ok ok wait a minute, I'm overreacting. I keep forgetting that our bills are so much less than AT&T and Verizon per month that this makes more sense. In the long run this is actually cheaper by a long shot than going elsewhere. I've had time to
  • Ha ha ha you're a confused person.
  • Lol I am but for real if the 925 comes only with 16gb for the same price as the Galaxy S4 and HTC One I'll have to wait for something better and if it comes with 32gb then I will get it. There I made a decision.
  • Remember I mentioned it to you that it's up to Tmobile to order the 32GB because the highest standard capacity is 16GB. Look at their website and check SG4 it said 16BG and the iPhone also.
  • Ahh my wise friend but when you flat out make a device with standard amount of storage there is no deviation. Yes I'm referring to the HTC One:32gb flat out. No compromise. That's what Nokia should've done and we wouldn't even be having this discussion. We would just be waiting eagerly for our new friend:the 925. We'll see what happens...
  • The sales rep told me that HTC One came with 32 GB because it doesn't have and SD Card, and SG4 came with 16GB with SD Card. I asked him so what happened to Nokia 925 it has only 16BG with no SD Card he could say anything. The only thing he said that 16GB is their standard and majority of their phone is 16GB. The iPhone you can choose sizes 8,16,and 32 but Tmobile decided to just get 16 for Windows phone. I think that's lame when it comes to Windows Phone.
  • The sales rep told me that HTC One came with 32 GB because it doesn't have and SD Card, and SG4 came with 16GB with SD Card. I asked him so what happened to Nokia 925 it has only 16BG with no SD Card he could say anything. The only thing he said that 16GB is their standard and majority of their phone is 16GB. The iPhone you can choose sizes 8,16,and 32 but Tmobile decided to just get 16 for Windows phone. I think that's lame when it comes to Windows Phone.
  • That is really sad if that's a T-Mobile decision. It's gotta be either cheaper with half the storage or the same price with the same storage as the 32gb devices which are far more capable. I can't ignore these factors while paying $579 for a device with only 16gb of storage and no SD slot. I save that money and buy a DSLR and continue to use my HTC Titan until something better comes along or just buy the 920. I may just do that. Jeez!
  • Nevertheless it should still be cheaper than the S4 and One regardless of the carrier.
  • I seem to have paid more for my 810 =[
  • If it doesn't sell, it will be EOL'd just like the Lumia 810 was and you'll be stuck with a phone with no support from T-Mobile or Nokia...just like the Lumia 810 is now.
  • With all the other flagships having at least 32GB it's not gonna be a hot seller. Whether you need it or not (I do) people wanna have lots of memory. We're programmed to think that. So when people look at the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One with tons of memory then only 16GB with no SD card it's gonna sink like the 8X on Tmo.
  • Yea I love love love windows phone but T-mobile is cheaper than the other providers so I won't be switching providers, so if this phone only has 16GB I'm probably gonna buy an iPhone cuz I HATE android and iPhone is acceptable.
  • You're going to pay $150 extra for the 32gb iPhone?
  • yes i put music on my phone and with that i constantly have to delete apps so i dont fill it up!
  • I paid $150 down and $20 x 24 =$480 for a total of $630 for my daughters iPhone 5 32GB
  • There are some people (myself included) who don't care about storage.  I don't think I've ever had my 8X more than half full.
    SkyDrive and Xbox Music Pass pretty much mean I don't have to worry about something I want being synced unless I'm getting on a plane.
  • well some of us don't have unlimited date we only have 2gb so we have to settle for more space on a phone and we dont subscribe to xbox music cuz we have all the music we already want on our computer and i can torrent it for free so ill just buy a bigger phone
  • You must not game. If your a achievement hunter you gotta have more memory. W8Phones can't save game progress. So you can't delete a game or you'll loose all progress. A lot of games are grinders. Also I have a ton of music. When I jog or run marathons I hate to stream music. 1. It eats data that I could be using for Netflix / Hulu ( hopefully HBOGO soon). 2. I get a smoother experience playing from my phone than streaming. Zune always seems to buffer time to time.
  • exactly like i wanna play these games but i literally dont have the space for it. I have one game on my phone, temple run, and barely any apps and it have like 1.25gb of space left. so it think its time to upgrade from a 16gb phone to a 32gb like i dont want an iphone and will probably never get android but I'm not switching providers cuz att and verizon would be $90 more for the exact same service i have right now so I gotta do what i gotta do.
  • People don't care as much about memory as you think.
  • I don't know about that. I know the reps sure use it as a selling point. I can also tell you when I bought my iPhone 5 32GB I had to order it. I was told the 32GB was selling so fast Tmo didn't have the inventory to stock it. Also a phone that had awesome potential the 8X died on Tmo because of weak sales. IMHO the 8X would've sold a lot more and still be on the shelf if it had been 32GB. I know I wouldn't have got a Nokia 920.
  • After my experience with the 810, I would highly recommend no one buy a phone exclusive to TMobile. We 810 owners are screwed. Don't make the same mistake.
  • Agreed. After having to deal with the 710 and 810, I may wait to see how this one does before purchasing. Tmobile's coverage is horrible in my areas. Unfortunately my guess is that this will sit in the corner of the store with no reps even knowing anything about it while trying to sell you an android phone.
  • well some of us don't have unlimited date we only have 2gb so we have to settle for more space on a phone
  • Well its a good thing this isn't a tmo only phone. When my tmo hd7 didn't get tango and 7.8, I could do it myself. I imagine since the 810 was tmo only, this may not have been an option. Nokia supports their phones but carriers can block it.
  • I'm glad I got to send in the tip and finally put the "when is this phone coming out " to rest. I am for sure going to pick one up.
  • You didn't say which year.
  • 2020.
  • Zing. +1
  • I'm curious which colors for wireless charging covers tmo will offer and their price.
  • Sweet, awesome addition to the Lumia family in the states and it should sell well since people there seem to be obsessed with thin and light phones. I still think the 920 has a better design and, with wireless charging built in and 32 Instead of 16, is an overall better phone than the 925.
  • Agreed, I'm still totally happy with my 920. I always loved the N9's design and really wanted one so it is nice owning the 920 now (even though I think the slight design differences in the N9 make it nicer). I would trade my LCD screen with the 925's OLED one in a heartbeat though, WP just goes so nicely with OLED screens.
  • I'm considering getting the 925 whenever it comes to Sweden. I bought my 920 in January and I got a big scratch on the screen (right side, not visible unless you wanna see it) and I drop it almost every day. The thing is will it even feel like an upgrade for me? Help me out guys.
  • It's thinner, lighter, has a different look, and has a supposedly better camera. You will lose built-in wireless charging and possibly some storage (depending on which model you get). The OS is the same. Only you can decide if that is an upgrade for you.
  • Is the OS the same? I thought the 925 comes preloaded with GDR2.
  • it might do, but the Lumia 920 will get that in the end as well. So I'm not so sure about upgrading just yet.
  • Finally a date!!! Can't wait to drop my 820 down a drain and get this! Lol I don't think I'll do that but Hello 925 here I come!!!! :D
  • The day this ships my Mom gets my 521!
  • Something similar will happen between my wife and I.
  • I'm trying to save my money right now using my HTC Arrive on Ting but I'm very tempted by this.
  • I really hope so! Ready to upgrade my Lumia 710.
  • I feel your pain... (710 owner here)
  • I hear you both (NL 710)
  • I am on a mobile 810 and I receive the same updates any other windows phone gets with great reception. I only want the 925 for screen resolution and size.
  • no problem here with my 810...  it's been pretty solid particularly on battery life = )... i'm just hoping it will be updated to Amber or 8.1 soon.
  • Ok, my Yellow  unlocked quad band 920  will be on ebay soon  ;)
  • $579? Aren't the other 92x variants only like $499? I know T-Mobile uses a different pricing and billing model for equipment, but why do they feel like that gives them a right to charge an extra $80? Especially since this is only 16GB when the other variants are 32GB. Is this price comparable to the international versions?
    This isn't the first time that T-Mobile has price gouged either. Their Nexus 4 (or some other high-profile Android phone, I forget which exactly) was WAY more expensive than other carrier variants. So much for being the UN-Carrier...
  • Yeah, TMo is such a price gouger that their monthly plan rates are $50-80/mo less than the other three. Using $50 as the monthly price difference, over two years TMo saves you $1120.
  • So their cheaper plans justify a significantly higher price for lesser hardware? Their rate plans SHOULD be cheaper considering their service is terrible unless you're in a big city. I know from experience.
  • That's one way to look at it. The way I see it is that the service is total crap, so over two years I will have wasted thousands of dollars. Where I live their coverage is so bad that the T-Mobile store closed.
  • TMO is strong here with HSPA almost everywhere I go. Loving it!
  • If it was total crap for everybody, nobody would use it. It's absolutely perfect in some places.
  • With my plan at Verizon, I found that I would only save about $100 over 2 years with Tmobile, after paying off my device.
    $100 is not worth their lack of reliable service in my area.
  • BTW, said July 14th not 17th
  • Wrong, look at that calendar carefully.
  • + 925
  • I love that almost all carries have an amazing Lumia phone!! Very excited for Windows Phone 8 as a developer!!
  • Adding 3 major carriers in the US is a big deal, if we could get budget phones on a variety of smaller prepaid carriers that would seal the deal
  • I'm not very much concerned about the price but if T-Mobile will want to charge that much for this phone then it should better come with the wireless charging covers and 32gb onboard storage. I paid $450 for my venerable yellow Lumia 920 from AT&T with free wireless charging stand and I think it's quite unfair for T-Mobile to charge $579 for the same phone without the wireless charging and with less storage. The 920 is my 6th Widows Phone and I'm definitely getting the 925 at any price (I'm a fanboy) but the problem is how do you convince the doubting Joes out there to buy this phone over the S IV and HTC One which unquestionably have better specs than the 925 at comparable prices.
  • I don't think you can TBH. I love WP but I would struggle to recommend it over the HTC one or s4. In terms of specs there's just no comparison. The only time I've recommended WP is for budget phones i.e 520 /620.
  • As a rep, I find that most customers don't care about specs. They want certain features from there smartphone. Only fanboys(no disrespect) come in and compare specs. Although it is difficult to sell WP, people are becoming more aware and intrigued by it. So this having an awesome camera should sell very well against both GS4 and HTC One. It won't break records but it will set the precedance for WP8's next gen set of devices.
  • This is cool for T-Mobile.
  • You're kidding, right? How's your phone storage. Other Windows phones have received the update that fixes the "other" problem. We have not
  • 16 GB .... YES!!!! Here we come 1982!
  • Were you alive in 1982?
  • LOL!
  • HA! In 1982 (I was 2 years old then) you were doing good to have a 10MB hard drive. Yes, Megabyte.
    When I was in high school (1995) the latest hard drive size was 2GB. We were impressed that we could copy Doom II onto the hard drive and still have space left over.
    So, yeah, feel free to keep talking about stuff you have no idea about.
  • 16 gb with no option to expand using microsd? FAIL.  Even if you utilize cloud storage - it wouldn't be enough for some if not for MOST people who are heavy users.  I'm a mild date user but still would want atleast 32 and up.  Another thing is if ONLY apps are able to be moved or transfer to sdcards - that'd be hella sweet (wishful thinking much!?)..  As much as i would like to get my hands on this baby - it certainly worth the wait til they reduce the price down orrrrr wait for my contract to end.. by then there will be far more superior phones out.  
  • People don't care as much about memory as you think. You should check out the other phones that have 16 or less that have never had a problem selling. And that was without cloud storage.
    It's important, but again most people actually aren't worried about it.
  • I talked to a sales rep. of Tmobile, and she said that is the standard storage size for Tmobile, whether it is an iPhone or SG4. She said if they advertise a special order on the web for a larger size you can special order. 
  • Two of my local T-Mobile stores can't keep the 521 in stock.  I was lucky enough to get 3 to replace the wife and kids phones.  I can't wait for the the 925 to replace my 900.  I just moved my 900 from AT&T to T-Moible last week just to get ready for the 925. 
    One thing I have learned after moving my phone and service is that Windows Phone 7.8 is slowly losing apps in the market.  After I moved moved my phone I had to do a reset due to some of the AT&T network configurations could be "cleared" out.  when I started to reload my apps NextGen Reader and Grafitti Radio were no longer avaiable...
  • At least the US is getting it. In the Windows Phone wasteland that is Canada we can barely get a high end Lumia on more than one carrier.
  • Way to wait until after Nokia announces the better ATT phone on July 11. Solid plan.  
  • These guys screwed up the 925 launch so bad its ridiculous. And Android owners have no incentive to switch since its the same price as their top two phones and half the storage. Great idea indeed.
  • As much as I whined about having a flagship Nokia Lumia on T-Mobile this is where I draw the line. There is no way I'm paying the same price for the 925 as the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One if it only comes with 16gb of storage. Seriously who made these decisions? The 920 was aggressively priced as was the 928 and now this? As much as I really love Windows Phone these are the things that are surely going to drive me away from the platform IF it continues. This is
  • $579? Really?  Hope it's not the 16GB version.  
    Glad I didn't hold out for this.  Switched to AT&T and a Lumia 920 last weekend and only paid $7 for it.  2 year contract yes, but a much better LTE network and I'll sell it, ETF it, or early upgrade it in 12 months for $200 to get the newer 2014 Windows Phone 8.1 flagship phones.  Which AT&T will probably get first!! 
  • I will wait to know more about the Lumia 1020 before I decide which phone to buy
  • is 16gb confirmed? Because I haven't seen it anywhere. Hoping we get 32gb
  • Me too as that is the only way I can justify paying the same amount as the S4 and One for it.
  • Crossing my fingers for 32gb, and the price indicates so. Since this is first Nokia WP flagship on Tmo might as well be 32gb, otherwise I wouldn't make sense 
  • The S4 and One don't have PureView Camera, or WP. Your comparing apples to oranges. Additionally, you can get an international version that has 32gb if it's sooo important to you. Get an ATIV-S? 920, etc..
  • This has probably been asked in another post, but what weather app is that on the 925 screen?
  • Weather Flow!
  • Might be a bit of a mistake releasing this after the EOS is announced.
  • I am SO READY!
  • Cool, that means it'll be released two days before my birthday. I figured it would go for $580 since that's what many of the high end 16GB phones are selling for.
  • Why we cannot just put brackets location around these global brands I will never know. Still waiting for T Mobile (UK) then...
  • I'm sick of Tmo releasing phones late and then not supporting them. I may switch to Att for the Eos.
  • I give this phone 7 months.  I've learned my lesson.  Unlocked international only from now on. 
  • What do you mean?
  • Welp I have the 8X and on a 2 year contract since I got the device on launch.  I know a friend on my plan will be planning on getting it.