Rumor - New image of Nokia Windows Phone 8 'Arrow' device shows up

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We’re always a bit skeptical when on one day we get what looks like a “real” photo of an unreleased phone and the very next day we get what appears to be a mid-quality render of the same device. Call us crazy but that seems like it might be just enough time to break out some Photoshop for some fan art.

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The image above is reportedly of the Nokia Arrow, one of the new Windows Phone 8 devices expected to be unveiled next week in New York. The device is supposed to be a mid-range phone, continuing the Lumia 710/800 line for Apollo.

Leaked to the site Phones Review & My Nokia Blog, anonymously, we’re not going to rate this very high as legitimate. It may be accurate if you’re looking for a computer render based off of yesterday’s photo but is it real? Seeing as it only shows the back of the device, like yesterday’s photo, we’re not feeling the legitimacy.

At the very least though, it may give you some idea of what this phone may look like—assuming Nokia and the person who made this can agree on which way the Camera bezel should go (vertical or horizontal).

Since this photo actually tells us nothing new—no specs, nothing on the front, etc.—we’re going to quietly forget this one and prepare for next week.

Source: Phones ReviewMy Nokia Blog; via WMPU


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Rumor - New image of Nokia Windows Phone 8 'Arrow' device shows up


I agree looks more like a Cover
Look at the White and Blue Ones around the camera.
The Yellow Phone in bottom Pic from Yesterday Camera is top to bottom.
The Pics today Camera is in a side to side postion..
Can't be the Same Phone..

I must admit I cant wait till 9/5 but only to see all the expressions of disappointment from the rabid Nokia group if these are true.

It's all about having an eclectic portfolio, this is a design which suits young teens or women (no sexism implied) and being ugly is very debatable. I'm seeing giving this phone to my mother for Xmas, she loves colours.

More, one reason (from shit loads of them), I like about WP in general and Nokia in particular is the different models, not only in aesthetics per model but also in target groups, like I hate the uniform concept of iPhones, it's very... "soviet", everyone wears the same thing, from the young teen to the 60 yo CEO.

You wake up. You're not the centre of the world, not every thing must be made to please you. Nokia will have more than one device.

Hey, I just wanted to point out that I love that you guys use that 'rumor liklihood' counter. I havn't seen that anywhere else and it's pretty cool! :)

I must say though.. The way Nokia has been talking about Samsung, it seems to me that they have something much better than this to announce..

Very, very poor renders. Check out the glare. We have seen much better leaks from Nokia, how can anybody take this seriously? Clearly a fan render, with a poor attention to detail.

I don't know why people are so negative about the appearance. It looks like almost every other smartphone I've ever seen. It doesn't look uglier than anything else currently available. Sure, I wouldn't put a yellow case on it, but there's nothing to stop you from using a different color.

this is not real. You can even see modeling failures! Look at the cornes (jiggly highlights because of low poly count) and at the Metal Plate(Shadow at the side because of fail modeling). All in all its just a noob fan render thats it...

While i do like the colors, the material doesn' appear to be very high quality. Kind of shiny. And what about these black obviously cheap  plastic volume rocker?