Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is officially named as Microsoft's third CEO

The wait is over as are rumours and speculation. Meet Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO. Officially announced today and currently residing in Bellevue, Washington Nadella is the latest name to lead Microsoft, the massive software and hardware giant. While enjoying both cricket and poetry in his spare time, Nadella will be tasked with heading up innovation at Redmond. This new appointment will take effect immediately, enabling Steve Ballmer to retire early.

Joining Microsoft 22 years ago from Sun Microsystems, Nadella has played an important role at Microsoft by transforming the company's cloud business. Prior to this, Nadella studied Electrical Engineering at Mangalore University before emigrating to the US to study computer science at the University of Wisconsin. It's clear that while Nadella has invaluable experience in system backend and cloud computing, the new Microsoft CEO has yet to prove himself when it comes to consumer-based business, an example being Xbox.

Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, added the following to the press release:

"Having worked with him for more than 20 years, I know that Satya is the right leader at the right time for Microsoft. I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with the most talented employees and senior leadership team in the industry, and I know their passion and hunger for greatness will only grow stronger under Satya’s leadership."

Bill Gates, previously holding the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors, will assume a new role on the Board as Founder and Technology Advisor, devoting more time to the company and supporting Nadella in shaping technology and product direction. John Thompson, lead independent director for the Board of Directors, will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and remain an independent director on the Board. 

It's an exciting time for Microsoft and we're sure Nadella will bring new traits and ways of thinking to Microsoft's divisions, not to mention the looming deal with Nokia. How Nadella will work with the newly acquired division will be interesting to see.

Head on over to the Microsoft website for more videos, photos and content about the newly appointed CEO. The company will also hold a live webcast at 12pm PT, so remain tuned to our feeds.

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Satya Nadella is officially named as Microsoft's third CEO



Excited to see the innovation that should come from Microsoft. This guy gets it - it is mobile and cloud first world going forward and that is what he says in the interview will be his focus!

Best possible combination: Satya at top and Bill back in businesses.
Well done Microsoft!!! Future is good and time is on MS side.

Congratulations Mr Nadella. I hope one of your top priority going forward is the release of Windows Phone Devices on all major network here in the U.S.

And for giving you the advanced Western education, science, and legal systems that made it all possible - you're welcome
- The British

you had them all but never exploited them to the best we are good at that ....lets not get into the history and stuff lets just hope for good and discuss about things to come from microsoft ..not Indians or British

I'm Canadian so I'll stay out of the whole Indians and British and who did what when... LOL. But I will say this. India is a huge and growing market and having a CEO from India can only be good, I would think, for Microsoft's efforts in that increasingly important market.

"you had them all but never exploited them to the best we are good at that ...."

I agree 100%.  Now can we have our jet engine back?  I think you forgot to pay for that one.

Little bit over simplistic. While it wasn't said in a nice way the OP is correct. The British legal and educational traditions have helped many nations thrive. A lot of bad things came from colonialism but a lot of good things too.

Man! With no disrespect! colonialism did nothing but affected my country in a really poor way, if you must know, Indian Education System was much more advanced at the time as compared to britsh! And if you'll read about INDIAN Civilization, you'll be amazed at how advanced it was at that time and before the colonialism, India was the richest country in the world, and when they left we had the most numbers of poor people! So all i can say is that they robbed us and did nothing good for my country!

Yeah...all these centuries people robbed us....nd we indians had no history of doin back to ny of em..even so being a now nuclear nation..haha.. Funny..

Without that Arabic number system 1-9 and and Hindu 0 none of these tech things would be possible. And the most important ingredient. The African binary system 1-0 See the Ted talk by Ron Eglash African Fractales or the Ishango Bone found in the Congo, world oldest math calculator, multiplication,prime numbers etc 20,000+ years old tool.

What you spew is colonized history. Each group on this planet has contributed to what we enjoy as a collective today.

Hey guys, congratulations! Whether it's British, Indian or whatever, you've proved chauvinism is boring and divisive. Shut the f#ck up and give our best wishes to man. And for the record the British left India in the 1950s, so I doubt any British person here did anything to any Indian person here because none of us are that old. Look to the future.

Satya Nadella has asked Bill Gates to be a Technology Advisor and he (Bill Gates) has agreed to spend a third of his time at Microsoft to work on next round of products and services.

Okay Nadella, when are Xbox Music and Bing services coming to India? Is there any chance we might see a WP8.1 device at the MWC this year?

Good news is that he is from India, so am guessing he should be more considerate towards it, over the previous CEOs


When is Pureview coming to Kinect?
When is Tellme coming to Bing on Windows 8.1?
When will Windows ship with a full video codec pack?
Where is my waiter?

Never. In fact, we are removing the notifications from the start screen. This way you can GUESS what your phone is doing. Did you get a call, or maybe a text? And sounds are disabled by default.

probably well, considering he was already responsible for a large and well performing part of MSFT

There are two kinds of trolling. The ones that are fun and harmless, and the ones that deserve to never come back.

There's two kinds of comments. The ones that are related to context of previous comments and the ones that deserve to burn in hell with that German dude which had weird beard

My apology for the misidentification. You must admit, however, that India has more than it's share of corruption. I'm not anti-Indian btw....I've been going there for 37 years.

Corruption exists in different type and different form in every country. Here corruption is very high level. Behind every policy change and bill there is corruption, favouring different groups and people. You know who holds 90% of world wealth.

You are correct. As an Indian friend of mine once said to me, "Your country is corrupt all at the top and mine from the top to the bottom."

Please don't,there's nothing to be proud of, he's the CEO, good,on Satya, but you don't see the Americans go "Bill gates, so prod' do you ?

It's just embarrassing.

Well there in lies the difference between Americans and us Indians we are proud of all the billion of us and are happy for them unlike you people who always say ... What's in it for me?.... Get my wind?

Really?. Proud of all the billion of you?. That includes the ones that had done what they had done to "Damini"?.

Fantastic choice!  Watched several interviews with him.  He's candid, a great communicator, as smart as anyone could hope to be, and gets it.  He also has a good understanding of all MS does.  Excellent!

I just hope him being from a Business-focus background doesn't mean my beloved WP and Surface divisions will be neglected. Another thing I would urge him to do differently is to give more attention to the rest of the world regarding services. Google and Apple are way more present here in Brazil...

Excited to see what changes he brings about. I think the Xbox division needs new life, and WP needs to evolve faster. From the little I know about him, seems like a good, different choice.

I'm not sure if this guy can help solving Microsofts image issues but lets hope he can turn the company around. To me there's two positive things out of this: 1 - Bill Gates is finally returning to a more active role which should help; 2 - Eflop didn't get to CEO, which would be another prize by his disgusting Trojan work at Nokia. Hopefully he'll end up sacked from the d&s division too.

The guy ruined my favourite company. of course it's personal. I will move on phone-wise, sure. I'll have no choice. But I'll never forget that rat Eflop. Sorry but no way.

Perhaps you should go check the number pre and post-Eflop's arrival. You're the one who's clueless.

Nokia was ruined well before Elop took the reins.  Symbian was dead and MeeGo was stillborn.

The fact there was still a devices division to sell is pretty impressive.  And the fact they've still got a business after selling the device business is also due to Elop.

Why do people keep saying turn around? Continue to make progress and innovate? That would be better. Maybe hire a better marketing team.

Their marketing has been MUCH better lately, but it will continue to be an uphill battle for as long as the tech press keeps riding the Apple/Google train.

Microsoft hasn't been a driving force for some while, they've reacted to changes and even then they've been slowish. Nadella seems like a wise guy and I'm sure he'll do well.

Turn around because for some years Microsoft has lost many customers or not driven its existing customers forward. The longevity of Windows XP is a good example of that. Microsoft was unable to innovate enough and drive people's enthusiasm enough to keep the company going in first place. That's why they lost the tablet and mobile market race. They were the first ones to come up with a tablet. Yet they just sat there. And then Apple came, took their idea, improved on it and boom, there's the iPad. And Microsoft was left behind.

Then there's the entire PC business, the fact that Microsoft is losing companies to Apple etc etc.

And of course, the disaster that is International Microsoft. Microsoft only focus and cares about the US market, and pretty much ignores any wills or needs of its international consumers, thus leading those consumers and other potential ones to go other places.


So yes, turn around is exactly what I meant ;)

Stop already, Nokia & Blackberry were their own trojan horses by sitting on the throne when they were on top, simply counting their money and not being forward thinkers. and releasing Meego in Europe only is not forward thinking, so shut it up already.

Had Nokia went Android they would most likely have failed as well. Its pretty much Samsung dominated. They would be floundering like HTC and others on Android.


I love Nokia products, but even the Moto X, which is one of the sexiest devices in the Android sphere, couldn't pry Sammy's chokehold from the Android market. Hoping Lenovo has more luck with them.

So now they are saying that the MS/Nokia deal won't be finalized until the end of March.
Does that mean we have to suffer 2 more months of DJCBS?
It's obviously a done deal, can't you just get your gold iPhone and leave now?

I'm not leaving even when my daily driver shifts to Android. Live with it. Or don't. I couldn't care less ;)

You apparently ENJOY looking like an endless whiner incapable of moving on.

Whatever floats your boat.

Shhhh...Don't let DJCBS hear.  He seems, by his own posts, to be drawn to foundering companies.  Maybe this is an omen against Android.....

Yeah they need someone better to run WP, to date everything surrounding WP has been horrible mismanaged

I actually like Kids' Corner. It's one of the genuinely useful innovations in WP. Never had to worry about my nephew doing stuff he shouldn't have been on my phone when he used it...

Now on my moto x, he's deleting widgets, buying apps, and all sorts of crazy shenanigans.

+1000 too.  I LOVE kids corner, and so does my 6 year old.  ...however, I wish I could PW protect my phone but not kids corner.  One of a couple things that haven't worked quite right for me.

I think Satya is a pretty cool guy. Eh "ruthlessly remove any obstacles", "every individual and organization", and does not afraid of anything.

Congrats a good decision made by MS. Hope he will see India now as a big matket for Windows tablets. Bing services will come even to other countries soon.

He seems confident and knows what he's saying. India already is a big market for nokia shareholders and WP share but it was being neglected for many reasons. Satya, being indian doesn't mean he'd give special focus here but will surely bring more marketing opportunities to more countries.

Yeah I miss the features too. specially bing rewards.

Read his letter to Microsoft employees on Microsoft news he looked serious about Nokia d&s division and cloud computing.

A question for the readers of WPCentral from India, would you guys/girls consider this the most important position ever attained by an Indian outside of politics?

I think no one cares about that. Only in India will people put emphasis on his birth country (he has most likely become an American citizen by now). The rest of the World will not pay that much attention. As long as he does a good job, he could have come from Mars.

I for one, do not think it is the biggest feat achieved by an Indian,there are a lot other things.But why can't people say that when a fellow countryman (by birth)attains an important post that they are proud of him?..well?

Good question, I would say 'yes'. Apart from the little matter about a cricketer called Sachin Tendulkar.

Cricket has a very narrow appeal worldwide. Even then, there have been many equally celebrated cricketers as SRT.

He was born in India. He spent pretty much his entire life outside India. Where you're born means nothing. Where you grow up to become what you are is what matters.

So is the name pronounced sah-ti-yah nah-dell-a? Just want to make sure I'm pronouncing it right when discussing.

I know how it's spelled, but am not familiar with pronouncing a lot of Indian names, so honest question in terms of showing the courtesy of saying someone's name correctly. But thanks for your input.

Actually, even after all the phonetics, foreigners manage to get it all wrong. For eg, you don't have to add the 'h' at the end of Sa-...and then they are not distinct syllables/sounds. At least, don't pronounce the 'tya' as two distinct sounds. It is a continuous sound. Let's the 'Sa' is like the 'ru' in 'rut'. And then the 'tya' is like 'yeah' but the 't' sound is the softer one, not the hard one as in 'tee'. Nadella is pronounced as in Nutella, as someone below pointed out, but with a D instead of the T.

Awesome, thanks (you too mukulvdhiman). Language is actually interesting to me and beyond what you can bing/google, I find that getting individuals to provide input helps paint a clearer picture and understanding.

Its satt-ya ne-dell-aa the "t" is sounded like the 't' in French pronunciation, like télé. Ya is sounded with just the sound of y, not the 'a'.same with the 'n'.rest is self explanatory.

U are on the internet,sir. if you are so particular about pronouncing it correctly,why not bing it rather

This is the most stupid things ever happened to Microsoft. It sucks. I have watched Microsoft news for many years. This is the end of it. Steve Elop will be the first to quit and many to follow.


Want to know why the WP sales dropped in Q4, I expect more to follow.

That's what automatically kicked him out of the race, and I'm happy about it. I expect exiting times ahead for Microsoft!

Eflop will be the first to quit? Great. From your mouth to Gods ears. Let me open the exit door for him and position myself to kick his arse as he leaves.