Skype group screen sharing now free for Windows desktop users


Microsoft is now allowing Skype Windows and Mac desktop users to enable group screen sharing for free for the first time, rather than needing a paid Skype premium subscription.

Just in case you are not familiar with group screen sharing, Microsoft has a handy video that shows how it works. Basically, it allows users to share images on their desktop with two or more people in a group Skype call. Allowing this feature to be free from now on will certainly be a huge help for people who use Skype a lot for group calls.

What do you think of Microsoft allowing group screen sharing to be access for free for Windows and Mac users?

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Skype group screen sharing now free for Windows desktop users


Skype. WP App Update. Where is it? What was Joe talking about? Is that "super cool" thing done to the app already? I cant understand really.

Are you referring to the upgrading calls to Skype video calls feature. If so, just so you know I have been using it for weeks if not months now

I never knew about Lync until I started a new job two months ago. And, wow! What a fantastic piece of software it is! So many convenient features.

I agree, I think for worldwide recognition it would be best to keep the Skype name. But Lync is pretty recognizable as a server product. So they would have to call it Skype server 2015 or something.

They are gradually making Skype much more awesome. Screen sharing is a great addition!! I use Skype a lot to help with family and friends... This will make it a lot easier for me to lend a hand!

Google Hangouts is the stupidest name since Google Drive. Come to think of it, Google is a pretty stupid name too. Man, I hate Google.

I shouldn't thank MS for doing this since this is long overdue; especially considering the so many options out there that offers this FOR FREE. This is when you realize that competition is ALWAYS good.

Not the first time it was free - screen sharing was always free up until a few years ago right before MS bought it, but its always nice to have something free again!

Now if they could just fix Skype to where it'll actually video call a person on the first try. Either my surface rt, w8.1 pro desktop nor my l920 (which still over heats and shuts off 3 mins in) wont dial thru and connect on first several tries. Its really annoying.

I don't know what's the problem you've been experiencing with your Skype video calls but but it seems like I'm the only lucky guy here because I hardly experience any of the the problems that are often reported here. Our organization has branches and clients in 36 countries and I spend most of my working hours and spare time communicating on Skype to people around the globe, sometimes via my Windows Phones (L1520, L1020) or Surface 2 and Surface pro 3. I do use both my personal account and the company account interchangeable but so far my experience has never been anywhere near the horrible experience we do hear from the community

Well my Lumia worked fine u till gdr2 or 1 don't remember now for windows phone 8. And I dunno with my tablet and desktop. My internet speed is 50 down and 5 up. Should be plenty of speed. When I try the test calls its works fine. But when I call out via video chat it acts like its gonna go then its just silent and a few minutes later it says call failed. Doesn't matter who I try to call.

Doesn't mention love for the Rt. Oh wells. Guess no one loves my people.

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I was surprised when Skype charged for so many features that were free in Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger.  So, I guess Microsoft agrees and with their purchase of Skype are making it all free again.  Great news!  =)

How about even normal screen sharing with the Modern version? That way for people like myself who mostly use Skype one on one we wouldn't need to install the desktop client just to get screen sharing...

So, they've added the feature of 'Microsoft Live meeting' into Skype finally..

The ability to share screens. 

Skype screen sharing is god. But I mostly use it for social interactions, For business related meetings and desktop sharing, I prefer using more secured solutions such as WebEx, Gotomeeting, RHUB web conferencing server, GoMeetNow etc.