Sprint 7 Pro is the HTC T7575; What's the Samsung GT-I8703?

Some info we received seems to confirm that the upcoming Sprint 7 Pro goes by the model number HTC T7575. This comes from the breakdown of the ROM, which yielded some interesting, but still cursory information. For instance, it will have

  • Qualcomm and Broadcom chipsets on board
  • Broadcom 802.11 DHD Network Adapter ("with 11nmode disabled")
  • Sprint Navigator is there
  • Sprint Zone
  • HTC Hub, Stocks
  • WM7_7.0_11_JAN" "ParentBranchBuild"="7389" aka 'NoDo'
  • "TimeStamp"="20110124-1636" (Finalized 1/24/2011)

Interestingly, there's a few AT&T references thrown in, suggesting that Ma Bell may get this device too, which would not surprise us in the least. As to the bad news, there's really no evidence that this has WiMax (4G) on board, so never say never, but don't get your hopes up either--not looking good.

Also of note, when we used WP7 game developer's Elbert Perez's stats page, we saw a few listings for unknown phones, evidently being used in testing:

  1. HTC T7575 (now known as the CDMA 7 Pro)
  2. Samsung GT-I8703 - ?
  3. HTC MWP6985 - ?

The Samsung was speculated by other sites to be an Android device, but alas, it's playing Elbert's games meaning this is a hitherto unknown Samsung Windows Phone, quite possibly a CDMA variant of the Focus or Omnia 7. Likewise, the HTC MWP6985 is also a Windows Phone, but we have no info on it (the CDMA Trophy is the HTC PC40200, so probably not that).

Anyone have anything they'd like to add to the discussion?

Thanks, Manos P., for getting us started


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Sprint 7 Pro is the HTC T7575; What's the Samsung GT-I8703?


Well, it would be interesting if the HTC MWP6985 was in fact the Mozart. I don't think anyone thought there was going to be a CDMA variant, but I could be wrong. That'd be great though as it is superior to the Trophy. So, I hope that is what the unknown HTC device is.But maybe it's something totally new, which would be fun too. :)

I'd be next in line after you. I'm wishing for a Samsung WP7 for Sprint. HTC didn't do it for me with its TP2 and its *un*stability.

@ mjfadaway The Omnia 7 is a classy phone. I absolutely love it. (Only moan I have is the UK version is only 8GB)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Don't let the HTC Pro 7 be the only WP7 device on Sprint come March. Ever since I sold my Evo (7 months ago), I've been using a LG Rumor and I'm about ready to go BONKERS waiting for a Sprint WP7 device.

I am still running an old 6800 with WM 6.5 hacked onto it. But I am not about to give up my SERO plan. That's why I've been waiting so long for Sprint!

Well no surprise there, the NoDo update was ready on the 24th of Jan! Thanks Carriers, thanks a lot.

thrusday can't come any faster I hope it's a slew of wp7 devices for sprint so I can get rid of this pre minus I have! :) something with alot of storage pleaseee!

I too am dying for a Windows Phone 7 on the Sprint network!! While it appears that the HTC 7 Pro is indeed around the corner for Sprint, after having my Touch Pro 2 since its release, I am left with a bad taste for another HTC product (not to mention going through the first Touch Pro also). As much as I really want a new Windows Phone, as long as I don't twitch, snap, and snatch a HTC 7 Pro at its release, I can only hope to have a little more paitence and see if any other WP7 devices will come out for Sprint. I would much rather have a Samsung device, and the Focus seems to be a solid device.Please bring a Samsung Windows Phone to Sprint!!!!!