Surface Pro 3 Lede

Check out the Surface Pro 3 in these high resolution photos

You’ve seen our hands-on video of the Surface Pro 3 and you’ve seen Microsoft’s promo video, but you still can’t get enough. Which is why we’re giving you some high resolution photos of the Surface Pro 3. Together we can ogle over this sexy piece of tech. Check the rest of the post after the break for some images of this beautiful machine. 

Surface Pro 3 Display

Surface Pro 3 Hing Pen

Surface Pro 3 Keyboard

Surface Pro 3 Kickstand

Surface Pro 3 Label

Surface Pro 3 microSD card slot

Surface Pro 3 with Pen

Surface Pro 3 with old Type

Surface Pro 3 with Old TypeSurface Pro 3 Top

Surface Pro 3


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Check out the Surface Pro 3 in these high resolution photos


I didn't see a close up of the new keyboard on the left side. Does it still have the stupid brightness control? I really miss the volume being there. I NEVER adjust the brightness of the keyboard. And when using the keyboard it's a lot more aquard to reach up to the side to adjust the volume.

Yeah, I saw that in someone else's photos. Its the only thing I hate about my type cover 2. I just don't get it, even at maximum keyboard brightness its never too bright.

These next two ways are very impractical, but some of you may want to know about them anyway. If you’re holding it in portrait mode, you can attach the Surface Pen towards the top left corner of the display. There’s a magnet here for the stabilizing strip on the Type Cover.

Not only the note taking thing, but also, when you fold the keyboard up, you'll see in the pics that it would actually cover up the location of the old start button. That would be a problem.

I'll have to take your word about the note taking. I don't think I've ever used my RT2 in portrait mode. But that bezel is certainly wide enough to hold the button. It's humongous. I'll assume it's that wide because of the battery. 

Previous Surfaces had an aspect ratio that wasn't really conducive to using them in portrait mode. This one was designed with that in mind.

The bottom bezel is not as large as it looks in these photos. The background image is black on the bottom so you can't really see where the screen ends.  

yes its a hundred dollars less people love to complain, but the button also make sense in two hand use its right near your finger so give quick access especially when cortana comes

It's the slot everyone thinks is an SD slot, below the USB and Mini DisplayPort. If you look at the accessories for the sp3 ont the microsoft store site you can see the conector is different.


Looks like the charger goes in that real thin port on the right side


I wonder if they listened to my idea and made it pop out magnetically when it's fully charged

They did! And it's much better now by the looks of it! You can check it out yourself on the official MS Surface website under accessories. Look for the power adaptor and you see that it's much better than SP2.

If Apple had released this, the press would hail it as the most wonderful laptop ever. And not just in the articles, but everywhere, in headlines...

+1 Agreed. Someone commented on one the articles I read and said 'Nice try MS...the reason nobody wants you is that Apple products just work'. Idiots. They must be overlooking Apple TV, Mavericks and the one-button mouse. Each and every one represents three shades of suck. Lol

-1 There is notthing wrong with Apple TV. Can you airplay your Nokia to your TV right now? Nope. For $99 apple TV is awesome. 

There is nothing wrong with 10.9 OS. been using it since day one, not one single issue or crash. My mac has Never had a blue screen of death. 

The one button mouse was like 15+ years ago? really?

You have abviously never used a single apple product and bash them to validate your MS love.

I love MS products just as much as the next guy, but I don't have a need to bash the "other guy" to make myself feel better about my purchase. 


"Can you airplay your Nokia to your TV right now? Nope."

Obviously not. Only Apple devices support AirPlay. But let me ask you this: can you wirelessly print to any printer on your iPad? Nope

"My mac has Never had a blue screen of death. "

The Blue Screen of Death was like 15+ years ago? really?

"I love MS products just as much as the next guy,"


Look. For the most part, die-hard Apple fans seem to have some sort of ethical and moral problem with using Microsoft products. I'm not saying this is how you are, just setting up a baseline fact.

I for one, and indeed most of the users here have no such problem with using iDevices, and have probably used at least one for quite a while. I recieved an iPod Nano 5th gen for my birthday and I love it, aside from the fact that it's locked into iTunes.

The point of the OP was not that Apple products suck, or that Microsoft's products are amazing. It was just that everyone appears to have some profound religious principle that states "Apple=good/cool, MS=bad/weird". This unfortunately causes those die-hard Apple fans to turn up their noses haughtily and point them eternally at a shiny glowing half-eaten apple. Based on this basic sentiment, they can't even admit a good idea when they see one, unless it says "designed be Apple in California" on the back.

So let's all stop bashing each other, realize that both companies have very good ideas occasionally-and their flops, of course (ZUNE, Apple Newton, Mac OS 9, Courier)-and just agree to disagree. Sound good?

I don't know where you've been lately but the iPad CAN wirlessly print to any printer (that supports wireless printing of course, same as all other tablets) I have and use one myself.

true, but windows tablets can wirelessly print to any NETWORKED printer, whether it's shared off a networked computer, connected wirelessly, or hard wired on the network.

The apple tv is absolutely, utterly, completely useless without jailbreaking it. Granted once you do its quite useful, I use xbmc on it too stream videos from my network drive, but before I could jailbreak it, it never got any use and airplay from my iPhone was patchy at best. Yes I can 'airplay' from my Lumia to my tv quite happily. The one button mouse may have been a while ago, but it was so monumentally shit that its still worth mentioning as they kept the design for 20 years.

I used a Mac Mini as my main home computer for 2 years. I hated the OS, but the hardware was beautiful. I am now typing this on that same Mac Mini but with W8.1 instead... it's finally useful. ;)

I have an iPad Mini too, and that thing is the same story. Nice hardware, and it has some great apps, but the OS frankly feels completely dated and dull compared to W8.1.

I'm just saying that the perception in the media is so skewed towards Apple that MS rarely gets a fair shake.

Well I've been using windows 8 since day one and there has not been a single issue or crash either. It took me maybe 30 min of playing wih it to figure out the UI and maybe a couple of days to truely adapt to it. Yet, people will bash microsoft simply because they dared to change their product from what it was before. This happens every time micorosft does anything new. Apple can decide to remove major hardware and features and you don't nearly hear the same complaints.

and you will see them saying it's cheap because apple made itt :D never expensive because only apple can make premium expensive products

I greatly enjoyed all of the picture you have showed us today - high quality shots indeed!

It's, (sniffle, sob) so beautiful. {:..)
I was just about to stop dreaming about this awesome tablet and start working. I guess that's not happening any time soon now!

That is some really beautiful hardware!! It's quite possibly the sexiest tablet I've ever laid eyes upon!!

Great coverage guys. That is one sexy piecy of technology. MS knocked this one out of the park and I love the spec spread from $799 to OMG does that thing have an i7, 8gb AND 512gb? Holy crap!

Indeed, in that form factor... makes me wish I had grands spare in the bank which sadly I don't lol. So I got to prioritise.. :'(.

They discontinued it meer days before it was set to Launch, they said that the quality was not up to par with what the expectations are.

I was surprised but I can see why....the only advantage of the mini prior to the keynote was that it would have the additional note taking features, and now that they've included them into the SP3 and changed the dimensions I don't really see why you would really need the mini unless the "smaller" size/weight would really end up being that much of a difference for you.

It was never officially announced, which is why people should always take blogs as a grain of salt.  However there was a rumour at the last minute they DELAYED it (not canclled it) to a more fitting time.  It was rumoured to be targeted students, but can you imagine launching that at the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR?  They made the smart move and pushed it.  I'm guessing to Back to School season, but we'll see.

Seeing the fact that my laptop gave up the ghost (1st generation HP ENVY 17 3D) this is looking very very appealing! I can't tell from the pics, but does it have more screen real estate than the last generation? Or is it the same size screen?

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Remove that pen and give me at least a discrete GPU then I'm sold. Wish there is a Surface for game and play.

Odd that they would write Windows 8 on the casing considering Windows 9 is due within a year. Just the Windows logo would've been better.

Format factor is now 3:2 so one can use it in portrait mode too!  Well I would how they figure that out(iPad)? 

Right!  But my point was that the 3:2 is quite close to the 4:3 form factor!  Multiple by common numbers together 3x4 or 12!

12:8 vs. 12:9! 


Uh huh. Say that all you want, but the previous aspect ratio was silly and part of the problem. This is more like the iPad, as it should have been originally. I tried using my Surfaces in portrait mode, and while being slightly more comfortable, it was too skinny.

the previous models were never really made to be a portrait mode device.  You can tell considering where the windows button/logo was, the kickstand, the kb dock, all of the marketing and that it's more like a laptop than a consumption device/e-reader.  SP3 was made to be better for taking notes.

So what they're all saying is the iPad got it right the first time....even if it's based on a legal pad (unlikely)

Did you watch the presentation?

Panay specifically said they altered both the aspect ratio and screen size so the SP3 resembles a piece of paper, which is instantly familiar and easy to use, as well as being more ideal for note-taking

Love the surface 3 but at $799 +$130 more for the keyboard + another $50 for the pen, that's a $1000 machine with 32GB of usable space left. 

Touch screen just isn't worth the cost at this point. For the same price I can get an i5 dual core macbook air with 4GB ram and 128GB SSD,  install windows 8.1 on it and have over 100GB of usable hard drive space left. 

We know you want to spin this for the MAC, since you are in buyers remorse. But the 64GB version does not only have 32gb usable space left, so stop spreading lies.

+You have USB for Terrabyte discs
+ MicroSD to 128GB
+SDslot 128gb.

The Surface line is for people that want all-in-one ease. You obviously don't care about that, so this really isn't a product for you. But for those that currently have a laptop and a tablet, well this, and the prior Pros really, can replace both with a single device. I have said from the beginning the Surface Pro is a 3-in-1 device, desktop/laptop/tablet.

Would you like a screen to go with your bezel? Yes please, but leave the 1 inch black bezel all around. It truly makes for a sharp looking device. Whatever you do, do not stretch the screen to the edges. Bezel bezel and more bezel! Yay!

I would love more pictures of people USING the device. It looks huge in pictures, but it's probably not that big. It's like how a 10" tablet can be huge, while a 10" netbook is tiny.

Nice. Would like to see more pictures of inking on the screen and ink-to-text recognition on the surface pro 3. Thanks!