Swedish television network Sveriges Television releases Windows Phone app

SVT Play

The Swedish television network Sveriges Television has released an app for Windows Phone. It enables consumers to watch favourite shows, clips and live broadcasts while on the move. While the app is essentially the mobile version of the network's website, it does enable playback directly on the device, which is handy if you're not currently at a computer.

While we'd prefer to see a full native experience, this is definitely a good start and one which the company can look to expand with more functionality and features in future releases.

SVT Play App

You can download SVT Play from the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks, Peter, for the tip!

QR: SVT Play


Reader comments

Swedish television network Sveriges Television releases Windows Phone app


Awesome news! And its great to see MS employees thanking the swedish wp-community on Facebook for pushing SVT to do this.

Nice! Have been waiting for this, but now it's here as well. WP seems to have a good momentum now. The app gap to Iphone and Android is narrowing quickly!

There is a third party app that is better called public service play, its been out for a while. It even plays videos not available on the svt app.

Great! I'm very disappointed with Nrk (Norwegian) that we didn't beat the swedes:) Noone spends as much on tech as nrk, but delivering poorly!

Too such a shame that this is not a quality app, instead it's a simple web shortcut app to wp.svtplay.se

I think it is great to see SVT in the frontline.
Apps are more and more becomming a thing of the past. I some cases they are needed, examples games, but a good adaptive webpage is where we are heading.