T-Mobile friendly version of the Lumia 1520 returns to Newegg, unlocked and full priced

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is easily one of my favorite Windows Phones to date. In fact, I’ve been using it non-stop since its release late last year (and no, it’s not too big). Unfortunately, if you’re on the budget-friendly and hip T-Mobile here in the US, there’s no joy for you when it comes to the phablet-sized device. That changed though with the release of the unlocked Lumia 1520.3, which has LTE bands that will run on T-Mobile’s decent 4G network. The phone is unlocked and full priced ($625), but it has Qi wireless charging and 32 GB of internal storage.

I reported on the availability of the Lumia 1520.3 a few weeks ago, but Newegg ran out of stock. The phone is now available again, coming in White, Black and Yellow. While the phone is hardly affordable, with its Quad-core processor, 20 MP camera and outstanding design, you may want to consider this route if you’re T-Mobile.

Head here to Newegg to get your order in!

Thanks, Vito D. and Jodie P., for the tips!


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T-Mobile friendly version of the Lumia 1520 returns to Newegg, unlocked and full priced


Let the 1520.3 hype train keep on going.


I'm still enjoying mine on Tmo LTE. $30/month unlimited 5GB LTE data plan.

@mister2d   Where do I find this $30 a month plan with 5gb LTE data?   I have never seen that.  Where are you located?  Thanks

Only at Wal-Martn but it is only 100 voice minutes so a 3rd party VoIP is a must; you could use T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling assuming it is available but it isn't free, it uses minutes, why, I do not know.  Just another mobile carrier aggravation.

Ordered it on Friday to receive it tomorrow but they only had 11 yellow ones left. So better hurry people

Your phone is RM-937. It is a version for Europe. It doesn't suppport TMO frequences. That's why it is working for you just in the TMO re-farmed areas.

What you need is a RM-938 (Lumia 1520.3) model. It is model for Latin America. Amazingly enough RM-938 supports all TMO and AT&T frequencies.

I bought my RM-938 on newegg. I am on TMO network. The phone is working everywhere I go !!!

@Yitzhak Khabinsky
Thanks for the info.. and I must admit a high lack of knowledge when it comes to the frequencies used by carriers.. But when you say "just in the TMO re-farmed areas", are you implying that they are in the process of making things better :) and that in the future my phone should start working better..?

Either way.. great, now I need to sell my phone and buy a new one.. arg.

@ Yitzhak Khabinsky
Also, the specs for my phone state that it supports 1900 MHz and according to http://www.wirelessadvisor.com for my zip code 80016 it states that TMO is using 1900 MHz.. assuming that both those pieces of info are correct.. I am more confused than I thought.. ;)

If you thinking about getting it, they have it coming back in stock today or tomorrow at BHphotovideo.com. All 3 colors (no red) for $619.95. Looks like free shiping in the US as well. Not sure what shipping would be to Canada. They also 1 or 2 year accidental damage coverage for them too for an additional fee...

It's too bad they don't have White! I would have ordered one today. Black & Yellow are in stock today however.

Some of reported that it works on AT&T, but since I don't have one, can't 100% verify the scenarios. Check out the reviews at newegg or in our 1520 forums for more feedback from people who own it.

@Daniel - is there a Tmobile Friend Ativ SE floating around that works with ALL of Tmobile Features?

@Daniel did you have to jump through hoops to get mms working on T-Mobile? Will it work on t-mobile's newly acquired 700mhz band?

I have the 1520.3 and didn't do anything special to get access to mms or anything else. It works like it should on all T-Mobile Frequencies..plus its compatible with the 700mhz band.

Thank for the info.  Do you know if it's carrier branded?  Just wondering which carrier we'll have to bug in order to get official phone updates.

It is still branded just not on the outside. The updates will come from MS once the original carrier releases them.

@BaritoneGuy  That was my question.,. Which carrier so we know who will be approving of the official updates from MS?  It should show the carrier name when it boots up.  Unless it is a nokia international version.

Can anybody verify wifi calling on the Lumia 1520 3 model on Tmobile or AT&T?

I really need wifi calling in my area.

Ahh alright. On Tmobile and I really don't wanna spend on another Lumia, guess the wait is on then. Thanks for the answer.

I'm a T-Mobile customer and I need this in my life. Better yet, I need the 930 in my life.:)

I know I would use "Amazing" or "Extraordinary" or some sort. Works everywhere I've been and faster than AT&T in my area. Weird that they used "decent"

Look at how non-isolated my experience is and ask yourself why you get so defensive.

and the gall you have asking why I am here when your only contribution thus far has been some lame attempt at personal attacks.  please.

Beaufort South Carolina and surrounding areas get nothing but 2G. Jump on any highway you get EDGE til the next substantially populated area. Very amazing indeed.

Oh, look, it's the troll who has to crap all over anything positive having to do with T-Mobile. You're hilarious, seeing as people in LA are now reporting unbelievable LTE speeds on their phones on T-Mobile. Try again...

What would a New Yorker like yourself know about LA?  The reality is the speeds are there, in certain areas at certain times of the day (2am mostly). but MOST of the time you are lucky not to have your call dropped or not have your data connection time out.  It's incredibly frustrating.

I have tmobile and don't live in the sticks and it works perfectly for me here in DC, worked great in new York too for my last visit. Only dead spot was in jersey but everything in jersey is dead or dying anyway

Fair enough for your own experience. I don't know why everyone's arguing, leave it be. Maybe he has had a BA experience with Tmobile. All I was saying (which I thought your first comment meant) was Tmobile is great for at least me and my friends, but I don't have a quarter million friends to run the stats. A few of my friends in LA have Tmobile and they say its great any times of the day (we play Xbox together so we talk quite frequently) with speeds faster then mine. Hell I'm satisfied with my 19 down / 12up but they get an extra 5Mbs on me usually. My friend in Pitts is satisfied to as well as my uncle and his family in NYC and that's what I'm basing it off of. I dint know there speeds but most said its faster then AT&T. I don't know anyone who had Verizon except my Mom and Pops and they recently switch to Tmobile for the iPhone 5C and they said they can't tell the difference, but they're not heavy users anyway.

Morale is, you don't like something don't bother - but don't knock the people who do. I can easily say I tried AT&T and there service is awful in North Eastern PA and Myrtle Beach.

I guess it depends where you are in the LA metro area.  Downtown LA? terrible. West Hollywood? OK unless you are in high use areas like The Grove, where the towers are so oversubscribed nothing works.  Disneyland? Forget about it.  And traveling outside of the metro area?  T-Mobile has some of the worst highway coverage I have ever seen.

I've always thought the 1520 is too big. But everyone seems to get so excited about it, that you guys are now making me wonder whether I should get one!!

If anyone is using this phone on at&t please let us know how it works. Not having Qi is a real drag.

I'll have mine tomorrow, and I'm on AT&T.  I'll let you know how it goes.   couldn't stand not having Qi wireless charging, either.


FWIW: If the Newegg specs are correct, this does NOT work on T-Mobile's 4G network. It works on LTE though. So if you move from an LTE-covered area, to somewhere where LTE is not deployed yet or more weak (it happens between neighborhoods where I live, within the same city), then you'll drop down to 2G from LTE.

Wait, I didn't notice this...can u confirm this or someone with a 1520.3 pls confirm that it doesn't have 4g bands for Tmobile, but just LTE and edge?

So Newegg says:

UMTS 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 MHz

You also need 2100MHz in that list, for getting 3G/4G on T-Mobile. To be fair, Newegg says "AT&T 3G only". Basically terms are being mixed up left and right. 3G/4G same thing, and that thing is different than LTE. 3G/4G does not work with the listed specs. LTE does.

Well damn! Now you will be single-handedly resposnible for me spending $650 on a whim!

Apologies for the wrong information.

Everyone confirms that it works along with LTE, but I think apoelin was saying that 2 edge and LTE work, just not 4g. Can u confirm that 4g works? I know LTE works fine.

I was going based on the Newegg info, and that seems to be wrong. Based on the screenshot of the box, that another user posted in a couple of replies above this one, this device works with everything on T-Mobile.

Best phone I have ever owned and I owned a lot of phones. I use it on AT&T with no problems. Here is the list of features not available from AT&T that come with this version:

- QI Wireless charging
- Data Sense
- 32GB
- fully supports T-mobile and AT&T's 4G network.

the icon will not work on LTE here in Canada, but this 1520.3 version will work fine on any of the big3  or their BS sub companies

BEWARE!!! if you buy this phone in the US you'll have NO WARRANTY.
I got burned on a Rogers 920 for T-Mobile. Nokia want fix a non US phone. To make it worse they want ship a non US phone back to the US. So basically if it breaks you're screwed.

I don't think that's true for this particular device. Many in the forums reported a valid US warranty. Check the forum thread.

This phone is from Spain if I'm not mistaken. I'd call Nokias service center and double check that warranty. Nokia's policy is pretty plain on this. I wish I would've known before I got burned on a 920 from Canada.

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Another incorrect post. A quick jump to Nokia's Warranty check page and my IMEI shows a status as "In Warranty".

Yeah, my 920 said in warranty too. Nokia's service center claims they don't have the parts to fix a non US phone. When I called Flextronics (Nokia's service center in Canada) I was told they couldn't ship to US. Maybe this has changed in the last year. That's why I said call Nokia's service center and confirm. Newegg only gives you a short warranty. I just don't want nobody to get burned like I did.

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Ah. Well I don't mess with Newegg. Always seem shady to me for some reason.

I purchased mine from B&H Photo. Much longer warranty than Newegg. Better customer service, better mobile site, and better warranties.

That, and my credit card doubles the warranty on my purchase.


Edit: Also, some customers of the 1520.3 are getting theirs drop shipped straight from Nokia to the US, so I doubt there's any warranty issues with this phone.

Newegg is one of the most reliable online retailer. Better than Amazon for sure. If you buy this phone through them get the extended warranty for $65.00.

In my experience, ordering tens of thousands of dollars of products from both spanning over a decade,  Amazon is the better retailer.

However, neither Amazon nor Newegg are perfect.


Just cancelled my Newegg order and will be ordering from B&H.  Was given the run around why my order would take 5 business days to "package" before shipping after being charged in 1 business day and paying for 2 day air.

However, this is nothing new for Newegg regarding items not warehoused locally.

NewEgg offers a $65 one-year accidental damage warranty, which is less expensive than the insurance through AT&T (by a long shot) *and* doesn't require a $199 payment when you want to use the insurance.

Yes that is why you pay the extra 150 and buy the accidental warranty thing that new egg offers! it is for 2 years or spend like 50 bucks and get the one year

Throwing the obligatory screw you manufacturers who produce different models of the same exact phone, some containing more frequencies some containing less, some containing Qi and some not, and other differences like that.

Do you think Nokia wants to produce multiple versions of the same phone? They are simply reacting to carrier demands.

Problem is... That buying this phone is risky considering how long its been out now... Its a great phone but new phones should be out not too long from now. Rather wait for TMO to release a new one that's better and use the upgrade plan so I don't have to pay full price. Its common sense.

JUMP - I'm waiting to now (or making switch to android). Buy a phone, pay an extra $18-$22 on it per month for 6 months, get the next latest and greatest while only paying the tax if you trade in device. Good jf you don't mind NOT keeping the devices, but rather a upgrade 2-3 times a year. You're only paying tax ($50 usually for flagships) + $120 for phone ($20 avg x 6 months) so basically $170 to lease a phone until the next Flagship.

I don't think it's risky, but I know what you mean. I just don't know when you'll see another 6" device on this platform. I'm hoping for a 5.2-5.5" release.

Yes, the 1520 is too big, IMHO. Nokia Lumia Icon just makes my day...all the features you guys get but a sturdier phone, 5" HD display, and support for ALL the bands I'd ever need while roaming or travelling. +Icon #IJustDidThat

I switched from Lumia 925. Now that phone seems small. One thing I miss is t-mobile wifi calling. Overall great phone. Reading website it's so much better. And also I don't have to worry about storage space with the SD card.

Hello all! I bought my Lumia 1520 thru the Microsoft store and had it unlocked but also purchased the warrantee with it over 4 months ago. Does anyone know if I can still return the device or have it switched to the 1520.3? I really would like Qi charging esp if I have multiple charging pads.

Just orderd it from B&H. They have the yellow one back in stock but not black or white. New Egg is sold out of yellow.

I am not on a AWS carrier, yet I ordered the 1520.3 to get the peace of mind knowing I can freely switch any time. I paid $800 CAD for a phone to be used for at least 5 worry-free years.

Too damn bad it does not come in red anymore. Red is so dashing & passionate, why would you get this phone is any other color? Should I just order it in whatever color is left & order a red housing for it? 

@daniel...i have this phone....Anyone tried side loading T-Mobile Wifi Calling App......It doesn't work for me.

I've been enjoying mine on ATT for some time now. After going big, I can say that I would never go less than a 5.7 on any phone.

You WP on Tmobile and those who would like a great WP device, this is it.


I received my Black 1520.3 from B&H today. I love having all the specs its supposed to have! This is what AT&T should have done in the first place

Waiting for mines in the mail. Should be here tomorrw. TOOOO excited. Not sure why.. I have had a bunch of wp8 devices and nokia devices before and it is pretty much the same OS... still I am super excited.