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There’s a new fight game on the Store today and we’ve been playing it for the last few hours. Called ‘Brotherhood of Violence’ the game is developed by realtech VR and it’s quite impressive visually (and hilarious for the in-game dialogue).

The game goes for $1.99 with a free trial and we strongly recommend you take out.  Brotherhood weighs in at just over 220MB, which isn’t too bad considering the game play involved and it should give fans of Virtua Fighter and similar street violent games something to cheer about. Indeed, the game is a ton of fun if only because of the aforementioned combo of great graphics and laugh-out-loud cut scenes.

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For those who aren’t aware, this Saturday UFC will host their 158th title fight, and like the previous times, it will be streamed on the Xbox 360.

Of course, it’s a pay-per-view event, and as such, it will cost a hefty $44.99 (SD) or $54.99 (HD) to participate. Still, the event is SmartGlass enabled, meaning you can use your Windows Phone, Surface or Windows 8 computer to “augment” the experience. That should be a lot of fun, and you can read more on that on the official site.

Here are a few other apps that you may want to pick up if you’re into mixed-martial arts (MMA) and the UFC.

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Let's get ready to...wait, wrong sport

When you’re done pounding down your scotch, you may want to watch some brawny guys beat the heck out of each other—if so the official UFC companion app for Windows Phone may just be your next download.

We say 'companion' because it expands upon the official Xbox UFC Live app for the 360--that app allows you to watch UFC fights through your 360 to your TV and more. (Of course you can use the app without an Xbox 360 too).

The app just landed on the Store for Windows Phone and it’s not half bad (though it does have the default load screen for a split second). Actually, the app had a really gorgeous Metro layout and logs into your Xbox Live account automatically.

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Looks like Nokia is doing a little sabre rattling with the folks at Pocket-lint. In an interview with Niels Munksgaard, director of Portfolio, Product Marketing & Sales at Nokia Entertainment Global, the company clearly wants to take on the big guys in mobile and are not pulling any punches:

“What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone," he said. "Also, many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security. So we do increasing see that the youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.”

Munksgaard also points out how difficult competition can be with multiple "black slab" phones greeting customers when the walk in to a mobile store. Indeed, that may be why we're seeing Cyan and Magenta 800s and 710s with back-plates--a nice change from the sea of black. Heck, even we want a Cyan Lumia 800.

Other notes of interest are his comments on Nokia Mix Radio--either coming to desktops or perhaps Windows Phones by other OEMs--part of their strategy to "broaden he coverage of where you can get Nokia Mix Radio”. In addition, it doesn't look like Nokia will be making docking stations anytime soon but will instead rely on 3rd parties to grow their accessories, perhaps much like Apple.

Its good though to see Nokia coming out fighting a bit. Clearly they have the spirit to take on this challenge, lets just hope it pays off.

Read the rest of the interview at Pocket-lint.

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Fight Game: Rivals - Review

The last few years have seen a revival of the fighting game genre, thanks in no small part to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV. That game even made the trip to iPhone intact, with simplified touch screen controls keeping the portable version fun and playable. Since Street Fighter IV hasn’t been ported to Windows Phone yet, the platform is wide open for a fighter.

Enter Fight Game: Rivals from Dutch developer Khaeon GameStudio. Rivals takes an entirely different approach to touch-screen fighting, replacing a virtual stick and buttons with turn-based strategy and minigames. It’s a clever approach, though the gameplay itself lacks variety.

Jump kick past the break for our full review.

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Ready to bust some heads? Fight Game Rivals from Khaeon GameStudio is now available on Xbox Live.

Fight Game Rivals is not only the first Xbox Live fighting game on Windows Phone, it’s also brings a unique blend of strategy and minigames to the fighting genre. Players choose one of six UFC-style fighters and participate in tournaments, causing pain to others and earning credits in the process. The actual fights involve choosing skills from your arsenal, completing timing minigames to execute them effectively, and doing your best to block opponent’s attacks. Most of the minigames themselves involve tapping green circles on a skeleton (or multiple skeletons!) and avoiding red circles, all within a limited amount of time. With any luck, the other guy goes down, his girlfriend leaves him, and you move on to the next match.

I am finding the mashup of fighting and strategy wickedly fun so far. How about you guys?

Fight Game Rivals costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Pick it up here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

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And now for something completely different. Next week’s Xbox Live title is Fight Game Rivals from Dutch developer Khaeon GameStudio. It’s a strategy/fighting game, which is indeed a thing.

How many quality fighting games can you name for mobile phones? There’s iPhone Street Fighter IV and…. That’s it. Touch-screen controls and fighting games are difficult to combine effectively, much like beer and ice cream. That’s why Khaeon went the strategy route for Fight Game Rivals.

Players choose one of six fighters (each with a real-world fighting style) and participate in tournaments against other burly dudes. Up to five Fighting Skills (moves) can be taken into each battle. During the fight, selecting a skill initiates a touch-screen minigame. The better players do at the minigames, the more damage they dish out. Minigames determine whether opponents’ attacks are blocked as well. Once either pugilist runs out of health, the fight ends. Credits obtained from winning fights can be used to unlock skills, locations, and outfits.

Fight Game Rivals is extremely unique - just like each and every one of us except for Rich Edmonds - and we’re looking forward to trying it out. It will cost $2.99.

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