Street Fighter 6: How to taunt your opponents

Street Fighter 6 Taunts
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Street Fighter 6 is here, and a record-breaking number of players around the world are fiercely throwing down in online and offline battles. While honing your skills and perfecting your combos are crucial elements of the competitive experience, taunts are just as important for engaged fans. Thankfully, Street Fighter 6 introduces more ways than ever before to playfully tease fellow combatants.   

If you’re itching to rile opponents up before and during matches, here’s everything you need to know about how to taunt in Street Fighter 6.

How to taunt in Street Fighter 6

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There are two distinct ways to taunt in Street Fighter 6. The first involves the cherished method of taunting during a match. To execute one of the three character-specific taunts in Street Fighter 6, simply press all the punch and kick buttons simultaneously. To experiment with the other two taunts, push left or right while engaging the punch and kick buttons. This can be finicky on a standard controller, but demoralizing your opponents is worth the risk. 

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The second method allows you to provoke players before the fight even begins. During the brief pre-match loading screen that features close-ups of the two would-be competitors, you can press the D-pad in one of four directions to make outrageous faces. Up, down, left, and right all display unique emotions for each playable character in Street Fighter 6. It remains to be seen whether additional emotes will be added to the upcoming battle pass or in-game premium shop. One thing is for sure, though, nothing sets the tone of a fight quite like spamming the chomp emote as Marisa.   

Street Fighter 6 is out now on Xbox Series X|S, PS4/PS5, and PC. This stunning entry in the beloved fighting franchise delivers a staggering amount of single-player and multiplayer content for players of all skill levels. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of taunts, head to the Battle Hub to get some rounds in. And if you’re looking to up your game, check our best Xbox controllers and best fight sticks collections


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