Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is now in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Dwayne Johnson
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What you need to know

  • MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter from Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
  • The FestiVersus 2022 winter event is now live. 
  • The latest update to MultiVersus adds seasonal cosmetic items and Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam skin variant.

Season two of the incredibly successful platform fighter MultiVersus kicked off on November 15, 2022. Following the debut of Marvin the Martian shortly after its initiation, fans have been eagerly awaiting additional details on future content. Thankfully, the FestiVersus 2022 winter event brings plenty of seasonal joy and a perfectly meme-worthy alternative skin. 

While I'm not totally surprised to be writing this, considering how the team at Player First Games has wholeheartedly embraced the MultiVersus community and the magic of viral marketing, but starting today, Dwayne Johnson enters the battlefield as a variant for Black Adam. The "Man in Black" skin for this Bruiser enables players to don the likeness of the 'The Rock' himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't currently have an "Enjoy your gaming" emote.

If you aren't an anti-hero enthusiast, the FestiVersus 2022 event also ushers in a sweeping assortment of holiday skins for characters like Arya Stark, Velma, Reindog, and many more. While many of these can be purchased with Gleamium, MultiVersus's in-game premium currency, players can earn "Holiday Cookies," which can be used to unlock cosmetic items free of charge. 

Additionally, the latest MultiVersus update introduces the Game of Thrones-themed map "Throne Room." Enjoy a fresh remix of the iconic Game of Thrones theme and smash rivals away from your seat on the Iron Throne. And if you truly want to represent your GoT super fandom, optional banners of your favorite houses can be purchased from the in-game shop. 

MultiVersus continues to be one of the best fighting games on Xbox or PC. If you haven't given this game a try, the barrier of entry is incredibly low, thanks to its free-to-play philosophy. Be sure to check out our supplemental MultiVersus content to improve your game and stay up to date on the latest developments. 

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