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Super Smash Bros. has set the gold standard for platform fighters for decades. This chaotic combination of frantic 2D combat and environmental hazards has spawned an assortment of contenders aiming to compete in the sub-genre. While titles like Brawhalla valiantly attempted to deliver a worthy successor, many platform fighters have fallen short of the formula popularized by Super Smash Bros. However, the latest effort from Warner Bros. And Player First Games, MultiVersus, stands as a shining example of how to rival an established juggernaut. 

MultiVersus: What is it?

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Much like its obvious inspiration, MultiVersus throws up to four players in arena-style battles with a host of iconic Warner Bros. mascots. Your goal is to damage opponents and ultimately achieve “ringouts” by launching competing players off the edges of the screen. From satisfying spikes to aerial assaults, how you KO your enemies is entirely up to you. This flexibility ensures every match remains refreshing and engaging.   

Developed by Player First Games in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, MultiVersus delivers outrageous showdowns only possible in this platform fighter. If you’ve ever wondered who’d win in a battle between LeBron James and Superman, now you can conveniently find out. Thanks to the enormous pool of franchises under the Warner Bros. umbrella, possibilities for characters in MultiVersus are undeniably exciting.   

With a compelling focus on competitive 2v2 matchmaking, MultiVersus delivers a distinctive fighting game that rewards teamwork and strategy. Characters are assigned specific classes, which dictate their roles in combat. Support characters like Velma apply dramatic buffs to allies. At the same time, Assassins like Harley Quinn focus on racking up damage on enemies. Understanding the differences between fighters and how to leverage those benefits against opponents is a critical part of the delicate dance in MultiVersus. 

MultiVersus: Is it free to play?

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Unlike recently released platform fighters like Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, MultiVersus is free to play. The impressive free-to-play offering grants all players a rotating selection of fighters to use in online play. Competing in online matches earns individuals gold, which can then be used to unlock additional characters. In a rather unconventional move, however, all characters, stages, and even optional costumes can be accessed in local play, allowing ample opportunity to experiment before dropping your hard-earned in-game currencies.   

In typical free-to-play fashion, players can also progress through seasonal battle passes by completing daily and weekly challenges. The battle pass in MultiVersus features two tiers with varying unlocks; one free for everyone and a secondary premium paid tier. Progressing through the battle pass earns users new character skins, ringout effects, banners, and other cosmetic items. While the more significant bursts of advancement are tied to the daily and weekly challenges, it’s also worth noting that every match you play delivers some progress to the battle pass based on your performance.   

If you’re looking to enjoy all the content MultiVersus currently offers without online restrictions, the Founder’s Pack provides character unlock tickets, premium battle pass tiers, and exclusive cosmetic items. Three price points are available for the Founder’s Pack, each with supplemental bonuses. The Standard Edition is $40, the Deluxe Edition is $60, and the Premium Edition is $100. It's also worth noting that the team plans to retire the Founder's Pack in the coming months, so get it while you can. 

MultiVersus: Characters

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The beauty of a successful platform fighter lies in its ability to bring characters from entirely different universes together in chaotic combat. Even in its early stages, MultiVersus amply provides in this department. No other game facilitates flashy 1-on-1 brawls between Arya Stark of Game of Thrones and Ultra Instinct Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Recently introduced characters like Black Adam and Marvin the Martian continue to provide engaging battle dynamics.

MultiVersus currently features 23 playable characters across five classes. The significant beta roster includes DC Comics legends like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn, Looney Tunes icons like Bugs Bunny and Taz, and many more. Additionally, Player First Games promises continued ongoing support throughout Season Two, which started on November 15, 2022.   

Here’s the full roster of confirmed characters so far: 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
BatmanDC ComicsBruiser
Harley QuinnDC ComicsAssassin
SupermanDC ComicsTank
Wonder WomanDC ComicsTank
Black AdamDC ComicsBruiser
Bugs BunnyLooney TunesMage/Ranged
TazLooney TunesBruiser
Marvin the MartianLooney TunesAssassin
FinnAdventure Time Assassin
JakeAdventure TimeBruiser
GarnetSteven UniverseBruiser
Steven UniverseSteven UniverseSupport
Tom and JerryTom and JerryMage/Ranged
Arya StarkGame of ThronesAssassin
Iron GiantIron GiantTank
LeBronSpace JamBruiser
MortyRick and MortyBruiser
RickRick and MortyMage/Ranged

MultiVersus: The latest update - FestiVersus 2022 holiday event

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The latest update for MultiVersus ushered in the FestiVersus 2022 holiday event. Following the rollout of Season Two, which brought Marvin the Martian and a Space Jam stage, FestiVersus 2022 introduces an array of fresh skins, the Game of Thrones map "The Throne Room", premium skins including Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, and seasonal rewards to unlock.

Much like the previous Halloween event, the winter-themed FestiVersus 2022 gives players the opportunity to earn in-game, limited-time currency. Instead of Candy, MultiVersus fans can obtain Holiday Cookies by logging in and playing the game from December 14 to January 17. Participants will be able to exchange those cookies for seasonal rewards and even gold coins. 

After some negative feedback regarding the extremely grindy nature of the Halloween event, Player First Games has implemented improved login bonuses. In addition to Battle Pass Boosters and pops of Holiday Cookies, players can earn the "Lil Toastie" profile icon and the Holiday Reindog Variant. This is a welcomed change for dedicated battlers who desperately worked to unlock the Halloween rewards.

For festive fans looking to get the most out of the FestiVersus 2022 event, here are limited-time unlocks and optional premium purchases available with the latest update:

  • Gingerbread Toast (Profile Icon) - 500 Holiday Cookies 
  • Ugly Sweater Superman (Variant) - 12,000 Holiday Cookies
  • Snowman Sledding (Ringout) - 5,000 Holiday Cookies
  • Let it Snow (Sticker) - 600 Holiday Cookies
  • Ugly Sweater Velma (Variant) - 800 Gleamium
  • Ugly Sweater Jake (Variant) - 800 Gleamium 
  • Ugly Sweater Finn (Variant) - 800 Gleamium 
  • Ugly Sweater Arya (Variant) - 800 Gleamium 
  • Ugly Sweater Batman (Variant) - 800 Gleamium 
  • Merry Mogwai Gizmo (Variant) - 1,500 Gleamium 

MultiVersus: Beta and release date

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After an extended period of alpha and closed beta testing, MultiVersus is currently in open beta. Players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC can now try this free-to-play platform fighter. The 1.0 launch and Season 1 kicked off back in August, and now the team has introduced the highly anticipated Season Two. The latest updates have brought Arcade mode and Marvin the Martian. Even in its early stages, the core experience stands as one of the best fighting games on Xbox. 

Season Two of MultiVersus kicked off on November 15, 2022. Thanks to its free-to-play design, anyone can dive in and give the platform fighter a try for themselves. And, to set yourself and your fingers up for success, be sure to check out our list of the best Xbox controllers


MultiVersus Founder's Pack

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