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Upcoming MultiVersus characters: All confirmed, rumored, and wanted fighters

MultiVersus Upcoming Characters
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The launch of MultiVersus, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s foray into the mascot-driven platform fighter genre, has been massive. Thousands of players have eagerly entered the beta battlefield to duke it out as their favorite WB heroes and villains, from Wonder Woman to Arya Stark and even Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. The diversity of the character roster shows that anyone and everyone under the WB banner might be playable down the line.

One of the most thrilling aspects of MultiVersus right now is discussing the possibilities for future content offerings. Warner Bros. controls a staggering library, including HBO, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, TBS, NetherRealm Studios, and Adult Swim. Considering who's already in the game and who has already been announced, the possibilities seem to be endless. With LeBron James of Space Jam fame as our first added brawler, the floodgates are blown wide open. 

We’ve previously broken down our tier list of all current combatants, but now we turn our attention to the horizon. With bright eyes and unsubdued dreams, let’s break down all the confirmed, rumored, and wanted Warner Bros. characters imaginably making their way to MultiVersus. 

Confirmed characters

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The following characters have been officially confirmed as coming to the game by the MultiVersus development team. Not all of these fighters have official release dates, but we know that they'll hit the game in the near future.

Rick Sanchez 

(Image credit: Adult Swim)

Franchise: Rick and Morty   

Release Date: TBD Season 1   

Everyone’s favorite nihilistic, belching scientist Rick Sanchez is another certified addition to the MultiVersus roster. Much like Morty, there isn’t a hard date for his addition to the game, but Player First Games confirmed Rick will drop during Season 1. Despite the dead meme, it’s also reasonably safe to assume Pickle Rick will be a skin or special ability. 

Black Adam

MultiVersus Black Adam

(Image credit: DC Comics)

Franchise: DC Comics 

Release Date: TBD Season 1  

Thanks to a shiny new splash screen and confirmation from the development team for this free-to-play platform fighter, we now know Black Adam from DC is headed to MultiVersus. There is no confirmed release date, but the team suggests that the brooding anti-hero will be making his shocking debut in Season 1.  



(Image credit: WB)

Franchise: Gremlins 

Release Date: TBD Season 1 

The mohawked monster Stripe from the cult horror flick Gremlins was also confirmed via the fresh promo screen for Season 1. Previously, this trouble-making terror was listed in a leaked datamine, and this new image confirms his addition to the roster. Following the recent introduction of Gizmo, there will be infamous rivalry on the battlefield. 

Rumored/leaked characters

(Image credit: WB Interactive Entertainment)

The ravenous MultiVersus community has been hard at work compiling and decoding what's potentially in store for upcoming characters. This next section details a staggering list of rumored and leaked WB fighters. Some of this information comes from datamined files based on PC builds, so here's a healthy spoiler warning for players interested in exciting fresh reveals. There is no official confirmation of release timing or these characters' current/future existence in MultiVersus.  

Due to the uncertainty of datamined files, text leaks, and image source leaks, we'll list these candidates by their name, franchise, data source, and interpreted likelihood based on recent development trends and current licensing situations. 

Marvin the MartianLooney TunesDatamineVery High
Daffy DuckLooney TunesText LeakHigh
JokerDC ComicsDatamineVery High
Poison Ivy DC ComicsDatamineHigh
Raven DC ComicsDatamineHigh
Daenerys TargaryenGame of ThronesDatamineHigh
The HoundGame of ThronesDatamineModerate
ScorpionMortal KombatDatamineVery High
Sub-ZeroMortal KombatText LeakHigh
Godzilla GodzillaDatamineHigh
King KongKing KongDatamineHigh
Scooby-DooScooby-DooDatamineVery High
Wicked Witch The Wizard of OzDatamineModerate
The AnimaniacsThe AnimaniacsText LeakVery High
Johnny BravoJohnny BravoText LeakModerate
The Powerpuff GirlsThe Powerpuff Girls Text LeakModerate
Samurai JackSamurai JackText Leak Moderate
Fred Flintstone The FlintstonesText LeakModerate
NeoThe MatrixDatamineHigh
Mad MaxMad MaxText LeakComplicated
Gandalf The Lord of the RingsImage LeakComplicated
Legolas The Lord of the RingsDatamineComplicated
Harry PotterHarry PotterText Leak Complicated
Ron Weasley Harry PotterText Leak Complicated
Naruto Naruto Datamine Moderate
Emmet LEGO Movie/Back to the Future DatamineModerate
Ben 10 Ben 10Text Leak Unknown
Ted Lasso Ted LassoText Leak Unknown
Eleven Stranger ThingsText Leak Unknown
Wreck-It Ralph/Fix-It FelixWreck-It Ralph DatamineUnknown

Most wanted characters

(Image credit: Warner Bros. )

Now that we've spent some time detailing the massive list of prospective MultiVersus candidates according to the community's leaks and rumors, let's highlight a selection of characters worthy of a place on the roster. From unforgettable villains to legendary figures from Cartoon Network's past, here's an assortment of fantastic future picks and what class they'd likely fill in the platform fighter. 

Eric Andre

(Image credit: Adult Swim)

Franchise: The Eric Andre Show  

Class: Bruiser  

The enigmatic host of The Eric Andre Show would be a hilarious, albeit disheveled, addition to the havoc of MultiVersus. Anybody who's witnessed the unfiltered madness of this sketch comedy series knows that Andre has no shortage of attack possibilities. Imagine the beauty of this character screaming "Let me iiiiiin" while clobbering opponents with a steel fence. MultiVersus needs to embrace the meme and ramp it up. 


(Image credit: WB)

Franchise: IT  

Class: Assassin  

There's a notable lack of horror representation in MultiVersus. However, this could easily be remedied with the inclusion of Pennywise, the dancing clown. Witnessing the elegant form of this lanky entity floating with its signature red balloons would be equal parts satisfying and horrifying. It's hard to envision a more dreadful foe on the battlefields of MultiVersus.


(Image credit: Adult Swim)

Franchise: Aqua Teen Hunger Force   

Class: Support   

Meatwad is one of those exceptional instances where the character's moves write themselves. This beloved Aqua Teen Hunger Force hero would make for an excellent ally since he can act as a literal meat shield, and his shape-shifting capabilities unlock absurd attack options. Plus, picture all the adorable costumes they could offer for this loveable meat mascot.   

Doctor Rockzo

(Image credit: Adult Swim)

Franchise: Metalocalypse  

Class: Mage/Ranged 

While not as traditionally frightening as Pennywise, Doctor Rockzo isn’t a person you’d want to encounter in a dark alley. This washed-up rock 'n' roll novelty act would provide a unique edge to MultiVersus. Doctor Rockzo has the power to belt out screeching high notes and launch devastating balloon animals at opponents. His proclivity for indulging in a certain illicit substance might make Doctor Rockzo a slightly controversial choice, but there has to be a reason for that course language toggle in the game’s settings.  


(Image credit: Cartoon Network)

Franchise: Courage the Cowardly Dog   

Class: Assassin  

Courage the Cowardly Dog was a nightmarish animated series packed with fever dream-inspired imagery. Courage has seen his fair share of intimidating foes and would be an asset in the MultiVersus universe. Nimble, fearful, and clever, Courage could utilize a diverse kit of gadgets to overcome enemies. Introducing this cowardly dog would also allow for some truly iconic new stages.   


(Image credit: Cartoon Network)

Franchise: Dexter's Laboratory   

Class: Tank   

Dexter is a small child who happens to be a mad scientist. Unbeknownst to his parents, he's assembled a sprawling laboratory under their suburban home. What this lad lacks in brawn, he more than makes up for with brain. To even the playing field in MultiVersus, Dexter would call upon the aid of his meticulously crafted mech. Iron Giant can't be the only metallic fighter in MultiVersus. 


(Image credit: Cartoon Network)

Franchise: The Powerpuff Girls  

Class: Assassin   

Part devil, part lobster, part fashion icon, HIM is one of the most compelling cartoon characters in Warner Bros.' sprawling catalog. This mysterious figure dons sexy Santa-inspired attire and leather-heeled boots that would make for fierce attacks in MultiVersus. With a slender figure, it's effortless to imagine HIM as a top-tier assassin in this platform fighter. 


(Image credit: WB)

Franchise: Trick 'r Treat 

Class: Support 

Did somebody say more horror representation? Sam from the anthology horror film Trick 'r Treat doesn't get enough appreciation as a Halloween mascot. His signature burlap sack mask and menacing grin are noteworthy in their own right, but dropping this child-like monster in MultiVersus would surely introduce frightening twists. As a support, Sam could drop candy to heal allies or damage opponents who consume them in disturbing urban legend fashion.  

Harvey Birdman

(Image credit: WB)

Franchise: Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law   

Class: Bruiser   

Harvey Birdman: attorney by day, MultiVersus bruiser by night. This working-class superhero would add a formidable aerial adversary to the fray, armed with sprawling eagle-like wings and his briefcase of justice. After battling the legal system in his 9-5, it's a great idea to give Harvey Birdman a proper outlet for his aggression. 


(Image credit: DC Comics)

Franchise: DC  

Class: Assassin   

DC Comics will undoubtedly receive loads of ongoing support in MultiVersus. As it stands, we have Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Superman. There are dozens of viable heroes and villains to pull from, but one clever thief, Catwoman, feels like a glaring omission. An assassin that fully embraces feline abilities and whip-driven combos can provide a perfect expansion to the cast.   

So much more to come

The energy and excitement surrounding MultiVersus is contagious. From its brilliant pick-up-and-play design to its array of outrageous playable characters, Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have shockingly delivered one of the best fighting games in recent memory.   

It remains to be seen which of these possible characters will eventually make their way to MultiVersus. However, with LeBron James, Rick, and Morty, announced before the game's official release, and fights like Spike and Black Adam on the horizon, it's safe to say the team has a steady roadmap of content planned for the title. Here's to hoping your wildest character dreams come true.   

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