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Season Two of MultiVersus kicked off on November 15. This infectious free-to-play platform fighter throws up to four players into chaotic arena battles with a host of beloved Warner Bros. characters. With a record-shattering crossplay launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, this engaging title unexpectedly emerged as one of the most explosive fighting game launches of all time. 

The tremendous appeal of MultiVersus stems from its impressive and diverse cast of recognizable characters. From the sci-fi duo Rick and Morty to DC Comics heroes like Batman and Superman, the team at Player First Games has made it clear that nobody is off the table regarding new additions. Even basketball legend LeBron James and Ultra Instinct Shaggy grace the presence of this riveting roster, with additionally promised combatants on the horizon.

There are currently 23 playable characters, each with a specific role. Unlike other fighting games, MultiVersus focuses on intense 2v2 matchmaking, where teamwork and clever coordination are critical to your success. Complementing the devastating damage of an Assassin with the crucial aid of a Support character is often the difference between victory and defeat. Based on their effectiveness in 2v2 battles, here’s our definitive MultiVersus tier list.

MultiVersus: Full tier list

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Before we dive into the specific benefits and detriments of every character in MultiVersus, let's start with a broad overview of where these fighters rank. In my experience testing the heroes, villains, and offbeat fighters of MultiVersus, I'm happy to report that each character has some level of meaningful utility regardless of your play style. However, specific characters appear to possess notable advantages for players of all skill levels.

We'll continue to monitor the standing and viability of each of their characters as balance changes roll out for MultiVersus. Following the kickoff of Season Two, Player First Games has implemented a sweeping assortment of adjustments, further supplemental the massive overhaul to hurt/hitboxes. With the launch of the second season of MultiVersus in November, even more balance adjustments accompanied the arrival of Marvin the Martian. The team also promises additional characters in the coming months.

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SGizmo, Wonder Woman, Batman, Finn, Jake, Arya Stark, Velma
AStripe, Rick, Iron Giant, Bugs Bunny, Harley Quinn, LeBron, Reindog, Shaggy, Steven Universe
BMarvin the Martian, Black Adam, Garnet, Superman, Taz, Tom and Jerry, Morty

MultiVersus: S-Tier characters

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Characters with the prestigious designation of S-Tier are considered the best of the best. In MultiVersus, we've curated this elite section of fighters based on their ability to shine in 2v2 environments. Whether it's exceptional KO capabilities or clutch assist options, you can't go wrong with this assortment of superb brawlers. Seasoned veterans and new players alike should be able to excel with these outstanding characters.


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Class: Support  

Pros: Speedy, versatile attacks and tough to anticipate abilities.   

Cons: Limited options for big knockback attacks.   

Everyone's favorite Mogwai is a little terror on the battlefield. With a host of potently rapid attacks and diverse abilities, Gizmo provides excellent versatility for a wide range of playstyles. His side-special, which spawns a small pink automobile, is a punishing force of pressure that even seasoned combatants will struggle to contend with. Gizmo can easily keep aggressive players at distance thanks to his bow and popcorn shotgun blasts. 

Unfortunately, many of Gizmo's moves pack limited knockback, which requires a lot of chasing to secure KOs. Abilities like the ground slam can absolutely ringout an opponent at low HP, but chasing rivals off-stage is the easiest way to get the job done.

Wonder Woman

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Class: Tank  

Pros: Fantastic shield utilities and major sustain.   

Cons: Ability cooldowns limit combat options.  

Part Tank and Part Support, Wonder Woman is a domineering force on the battlefield. Her down-special supplies a knockback-deterring shield to all teammates, and her ability kit delivers impressive armor while attacking. Her impressive Lasso of Truth provides unpredictable ranged damage that can cleverly be used to ringout unsuspecting combatants. 

Achieving success with Wonder Woman requires more methodical tactics, but with the right partner, she is unstoppable. Considering many of her core abilities have notable cooldowns, it's worth investing in some cooldown reduction perks to refresh your kit as much as possible. 


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Class: Bruiser 

Pros: Aggressive aerial assault can be hard for enemies to counter. 

Cons: Batarang's neutral attack is too situational.  

Batman is the perfect blend of power and speed. He's definitely not the fastest character in MultiVersus, but his grappling hook allows him to quickly and effectively get the jump on enemies. Once Gotham's caped crusader has players in the air, he can lockdown KOs with shocking efficiency, even at low health. Additionally, Batman sports an impressive variety of destructive ground knockback attacks. 

Batman's biggest flaw lies in his neutral Batarang attack. While experienced players can certainly utilize its situational setups, it ultimately limits Batman's combo potential. Considering how devastating the character is in the air, maybe that's for the best. 


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Class: Assassin   

Pros: Massive attack spread and easy combo potential.  

Cons: Down-special creates vulnerability.   

The adventure-loving human Finn provides countless options for potent combos. His down-air attack into up-special is one of the most effective KO chains in the game right now. Much like Link in Super Smash Bros., Finn is a fantastic choice for new players who want to stand a chance against seasoned players. The intuitive combo setups for this character are simple and fun to execute. 

While his down-special market ability opens him up to punishment, it also delivers marked buffs and even enhanced special attacks. While there are plenty of counters to Finn, his enormous attack spread for most knockback attacks makes him a daunting opponent. 


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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Tiny hurtbox and gigantic attack hitboxes.  

Cons: Lighter weight for a Bruiser.  

The team behind MultiVersus must love Adventure Time because, just like Finn, Jake is confidently one of the best characters in the game. His up-attack has a wide, sweeping hitbox and critical knockback damage. Jake also breezes around the battlefield with remarkable agility and off-stage recovery. And because of Jake's small stature, he is a tough opponent to hit, especially when on the move.

Thankfully, if you can deliver a consistent string of attacks against Jake, he's on the lighter side for a Bruiser. Unfortunately for opponents, Jake's up-special presents frustratingly convenient returns to the stage. 

Arya Stark 

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Class: Assassin  

Pros: Agile, powerful, and adaptive. 

Cons: Demands reactive counterattacks. 

Arya Stark is one of the most technical fighters in MultiVersus. Her diverse kit of counter-focused attacks and abilities forces opponents to reconsider an offensive blitz. Arya is designed for cautious, deliberate players thanks to a host of nimble options for advancing and escaping. Like Batman, she is also a hyper-aggressive in-air fighter with attacks that reward the chase. 

Arya's most prominent flaws lie in her reliance on counterattacks. There's a conflict between pressure-driven aerial attacks and chess-like reactive ground attacks that require more investment from the average player. 


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Class: Support   

Pros: Excellent range and cooldown reduction.  

Cons: Struggles under pressure.   

Velma is a devastating and deadly support character when in the right hands. Her ranged attacks deal enormous knockback damage, and her option to temporarily reduce cooldowns for herself and her allies ensures your team can consistently use potent abilities. Even after a handful of massive nerfs to her kit, Velma's ranged damage is still some of the best in MultiVersus.

However, keeping some distance between you and your attackers is essential. Velma thrives in 2v2 environments where Tank or Bruiser can alleviate pressure, but because of her abilities, pro players will absolutely target Velma. 

MultiVersus: A-Tier characters

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Our next bracket of fighters remains outstanding. These A-Tier characters pack plenty of punch with minor noteworthy setbacks. While not entirely on the same level as their S-Tier counterparts, we'd consider any of these legendary Warner Bros. mascots worthy of competitive consideration. While beginners can certainly succeed with these fighters, more experienced MultiVersus players will likely have better odds with A-Tier characters. 


MultiVersus Stripe Rank

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Class: Assassin 

Pros: Aggressive ranged attacks allow for rapid KOs.  

Cons: Slow attack windups are incredibly punishable.   

Gizmo's arch-nemesis Stripe is a ruthless assassin armed with a handgun, chainsaw, and enormous KO potential. Stripe's pressure-focused kit enables him to ringout enemies at low health, especially with the disgustingly effective ranged pistol attack. In many ways, Stripe is the epitome of an Assassin and an excellent choice for players who prefer chase-down-style combatants.

Unfortunately, several core special abilities and attacks begin with slow windups that are exceptionally easy to punish. Skilled players can cancel these windups to bait enemies, but it's something to keep in mind when playing Stripe. 


MultiVersus Rick Rank

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Class: Mage/Ranged  

Pros: Enormous potential for low-damage KOs.  

Cons: Most attacks and combos require very technical setups.  

Much like his iconic counterpart Morty, Rick relies heavily on wacky gadgets to wreak havoc on the battlefield. His potent portal gun doubles as an effective mix-up tool and a clutch support object, with the ability to save allies from certain death. His rapid mid-air belly bump is easy to execute and absolutely punishes any opponent unfortunate enough to be in its path. 

Due to the wild nature of his attacks and abilities, it can be difficult to understand his setups, and the learning curve for Rick is undoubtedly high. However, players willing to invest in this twisted scientist will have mad KO capabilities. 

Iron Giant 

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Class: Tank   

Pros: Exceptional armor and durability.  

Cons: Titanic hurtbox.  

Iron Giant is a whole lot of character. This hulking metal fighter instantly secures real estate on the battlefield thanks to its massive form. This imposing stature is demonstrated through an array of attacks and special abilities with gargantuan hitboxes and outrageous knockback.

This grand size makes him a towering punching bad for enemy attacks, though. Thankfully, Iron Giant's abilities provide armor to ensure he can endure an absolute beating. Despite obvious setbacks, Iron Giant is terrifying in skilled players' hands.

Bugs Bunny

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Class: Mage/Ranged 

Pros: Chaotic assortment of deadly special abilities. 

Cons: Difficult to ensure KOs with many attacks. 

Bugs Bunny is chaos incarnate in MultiVersus. His arsenal of truly loony special abilities is undeniably fun and, if successfully utilized, can dish out cataclysmic KO potential. Bugs has a weighty safe, and unpredictable rocket, which can strike fear in the hearts of enemy players. Unfortunately, landing hits with those items is a roll of the dice. 

After balance adjustments nerfed the controversial knockback of his aerial bat attack, some players suggest Bugs Bunny is notably less viable. Despite these changes, this furry fighter still packs a serious punch. 

Harley Quinn

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Class: Assassin  

Pros: Aggressive and effective air attacks. 

Cons: Weaker selection of special abilities.  

Few characters can rack up enemy damage like Harley Quinn, thanks to an assortment of versatile air attacks that set enemies ablaze. Her speed and capabilities for seamless combos present undeniable combat potential. With an intimidating blend of potent ground attacks and lightning-fast air attacks, Harley Quinn is generally a successful Assassin. 

Her biggest setbacks lie in special abilities that are tough to leverage. Floating bombs and destructive pistols are excellent when properly utilized, but those require high-level players. 

LeBron James

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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Outrageous, projectile-driven combos.   

Cons: Limited ground knockback attacks.   

We live in a wild timeline where NBA superstar LeBron James can fight Superman in a video game. What's even more hilarious about this absurd reality is that LeBron can legitimately kick Superman's ass. With unique basketball-centric combos, LeBron is an adaptable bruiser with robust aerial options. Properly bouncing basketballs off opponent's faces elevates Lebron's entire kit. 

He can't get necessarily ton of KOs on the ground, and he's at a notable disadvantage when he loses his basketball, but Lebron can dunk players straight off the stage at impressively low damage. 


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Class: Support   

Pros: Dominant ranged attacks and marvelous support abilities.   

Cons: Exhaustion mechanic prohibits frequent ranged attacks.   

Reindog is the first original character for MultiVersus. This reindeer/dog hybrid is also arguably the most effective conventional support character in the game. Reindog's scorching fireballs set enemies ablaze, and its tether ability can rapidly pull an ally from impending death. For players familiar with stage control and spacing, Reindog is a nuisance on the battlefield. 

There are noticeable restrictions to ranged attack usage, though. To punish spam, Reindog grows exhausted after repeatedly using certain abilities. This requires consideration for many attacks and abilities. 


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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Best-in-class KO power.   

Cons: Ultra Instinct charging is very punishable.   

MultiVersus brings the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme to life. This Super Saiyan-inspired variant of the beloved crime-fighting doofus supplies a ridiculous knockback force. Once powered up, Shaggy can KO opponents even at incredibly low damage. His charged punch and flying jump kick are two of the most powerful attacks in MultiVersus. 

However, his Ultra Instinct charge ability leaves him vulnerable to enemy attacks. Dedicated rushdown players can essentially prevent Shaggy from reaching Ultra Instinct form, which dampens his KO power. 

Steven Universe

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Class: Support  

Pros: Portable platforms create glorious damage opportunities.   

Cons: Dangerously squishy.  

From a combat perspective, Steven Universe is likely the most well-rounded support character. He has extraordinary combo potential and a satisfying kit of special abilities. His deployable platforms can supply critical rescue for allies or terrifying destruction to enemies. Steven Universe can even summon a watermelon minion to distract and damage opponents. 

Sadly, Steven's greatest flaw lies in how little damage he can take before getting KO'd. He can quickly rack up damage and apply pressure, but Shaggy or Iron Giant will typically make quick work of him. 

MultiVersus: B-Tier characters 

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While many tier lists frequently range from S to F, as we stated in our introduction, there aren't any overtly terrible characters in MultiVersus so far. Even the fighters in our B-Tier rank have worthwhile combat capabilities. Unfortunately, due to their individual movesets or current balancing, these characters require more expertise to secure victories. They aren't perfect, but skilled players can absolutely achieve excellence with these fighters

Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian MultiVersus

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Class: Assassin 

Pros: Effective verticality with extremely effective low-damage KO possibilities.   

Cons: Securing KOs demands complicated setups.   

Marvin the Martian continues the ongoing tradition of Player First Games adding strange, complicated ranged fighters to the roster. This infamous planetary invader packs a crushing kit of vertical knockback attacks and an arsenal of unpredictable weaponry. While the potential for difficult to read mix-ups is unquestionable, Marvin the Martian will likely only appeal to very high-level players due to his demanding play style. 

The verticality and control of his laser and the devastating damage of his UFO missiles can certainly be used to rack up KOs, but even more so than Rick, it can be challenging to position your opponents in the blast radius. 

Black Adam

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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Relentless aerial combo capabilities.   

Cons: Slower startups for many attacks.   

Black Adam, also known as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, is a powerhouse Bruiser that combines the weightiness of a Tank with the raw damage of this archetype. With an electrifying array of lightning-driven attacks, Black Adam controls the skies with domineering force. This DC anti-hero can utilize his up-air ability to glide gently across the battlefield and even chase airborne opponents. 

The slow startup for some attacks leaves him primed for punishment, but this character rewards aggressive players. After all, enemies can't attack you if they are being juggled by electric bolts. 


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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Balanced fighter with mighty ground knockback attacks.  

Cons: Limited combo setups.  

Garnet is a fantastic choice for new players. Many of her attacks and abilities are grounded in platform fighter fundamentals. She possesses a variety of impactful knockback attacks that will make quick work of damaged enemies. Additionally, several of her primary knockback moves supply a shield that prevents interruption. This can be devastating in 2v2 environments. 

Unfortunately, her simplistic design makes her competitive potential feel slightly underwhelming. Garnet's limited combo potential means you'll need to rely on securing KOs for allies. 


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Class: Tank   

Pros: Remarkable durability and capable elemental attacks.  

Cons: Slow and easy to read.   

The Man of Steel certainly lives up to his name in MultiVersus. This thick tank can sustain an astronomical amount of damage before getting KO'd. Superman's ice breath and laser vision also create menacing elemental hazards for the battlefield. He also possesses the unique to ability to grab and throw opponents in mid-air. Skilled players can use this to achieve very early KOs. 

However, his slower movement speed and predictable windups make getting the jump on seasoned opponents tricky. Veteran fighters can anticipate many of Superman's abilities, making them very punishable. 


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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Tornado special ability is one of the most divisive attacks in the game.  

Cons: His balance is continually being adjusted.   

Taz is MultiVersus' most controversial character right now. In Alpha and Beta playtests, his side-special tornado attack was considered wildly overpowered. Since these complaints, he's suffered a string of aggressive nerfs. However, after a period of rest, it seems like maybe the community has accepted Taz's pros and cons. 

Much of Taz's moveset is enjoyable and rewards fierce combat. The vacuum power of the swirling brawl and devastating debuff that can turn opponents into chickens enables respectable KO power.

Tom and Jerry 

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Class: Mage/Ranged  

Pros: Unconventional abilities and outstanding combos.  

Cons: Many special attacks are situational.  

Much like the Ice Climbers from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tom and Jerry stand as a quirky duo. With the ability to divide and conquer the arena with aggressive ranged attacks, this pair can efficiently damage opponents. Experienced players have uncovered potent combos and can bully combatants into submission. 

Unfortunately, many of Tom and Jerry's special powers are situational and complex to effectively KO with. If Jerry is defeated, a cooldown is triggered that prevents Tom from utilizing his mouse companion for some time. This limits several of the duo's strongest attacks. 


MultiVersus Morty Rank

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Class: Bruiser  

Pros: Diverse kit of unpredictable attacks and abilities.  

Cons: Limited kill potential for average players.  

Morty is the weirdest Bruiser in MultiVersus. With a host of bizarre ranged attacks, in many ways this awkward youth plays more like a Mage than other Bruisers in the game. Morty features a host of abilities that are remarkably difficult for opponents to predict. That being said, unless you're a high-level player, securing kills is a bit of a battle. 

With the right perks and modifiers, Morty can be a demon on the battlefield. However, many ranged abilities are confidently situational and require hyper-awareness of enemy staging. 

To be determined ... 

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Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment aim to deliver a consistent flow of post-launch to this free-to-play platform fighter. In addition to the recently added Marvin the Martian, the developers have confirmed that more combatants will be making their way to the free-to-play brawler throughout Season Two. If you're looking to get an arm up on the competition, be sure to check out our list of the best Xbox controllers

As more characters are added and critical balance changes rollout across the title, we'll be sure to update our MultiVersus tier list continuously. In the meantime, if you haven't tried this phenomenal fighting game, it's available for all players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. We've been genuinely shocked by how solid the core experience is and can't wait for more combatants like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Harry Potter to join in on the festivities. 


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