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Windows Phone has grown steadily since its introduction in 2010, recently surpassing Blackberry as the third most popular mobile OS in the United States. As that growth continues, more and more app and game developers are dipping their toes in the Windows Phone ecosystem. One of the most recent game developers is Alda Games, based out of the Czech Republic.

Alda is a relatively new indie developer, with two published mobile games to its name. Both of those games are now available on Windows Phone 8:  Save the Snail (a physics puzzler) and World of Cheese (a logic puzzle game). Head past the break for impressions, video, and Store links for Alda’s newly-released games, which happen to be completely free!

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We’ve just settled in with two strong Nokia exclusive Windows Phone releases this week, but avid gamers and non-Nokia owners are already hungry for more. Hey! Why don’t you go order a pizza from your Xbox 360 if you’re so hungry?

Well, assuming we’ve all had a nice lunch/dinner/second breakfast, it’s time for a new Xbox game from our good friends at Gameloft. This week’s release is Ice Age Village, one of the more casual-friendly titles that Gameloft announced for Windows Phone 8 last year. Whether or not the theme appeals to you, Ice Age Village happens to be free-to-play, so we all might as well put down our vegetable peelers and give it a try.

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Seeing as how we got no new Xbox release to enjoy last week, let’s turn our sights to the indie scene. That’s where Carbide Software has published a few titles such as Word Sleuth, which we reviewed a few months back. Their latest release Wizard’s Dungeon is a remake of a Blackberry game from 2011.

Remember how IonBallEX livened up a tried-and-true game design with a cyberpunk setting? Well, Wizard’s Dungeon is a smaller scale game but it boasts a similarly appealing fantasy theme. Players take on the role of a wizard who must match as many colored orbs as possible before they reach the bottom of the screen and crush his life out. Talk about high stakes!

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Windows Phone Game Review: Word Sleuth

Word Sleuth is a Find-a-Word type puzzle game for your Windows Phone that dares you to find the 25,000+ words that are spread across 35 word categories. Word Sleuth adds a decent amount of customizations to give a very simple word puzzle a little pop.

You'll find Scoreloop integration for your leaderboards, customizable backgrounds, three difficulty levels, and four game modes to keep things interesting. If you like find-a-word type word puzzles, Word Sleuth is worth a try.

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Windows Phone Game Review: ChalkMaster

ChalkMaster is a simple, yet entertaining game for your Windows Phone. Graphics are unique, game play interesting and overall ChalkMaster is nice game to pass the time with.  The chalkboard graphics are nice, game play challenging enough to prevent the game from getting boring, and with almost a hundred level there's plenty of gaming with ChalkMaster.

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Windows Phone Game Review: Incredible Circus

Incredible Circus is a Windows Phone game that recently hit the Marketplace. It's a free game and the latest release from iNdT - Nokia Institute of Technology.

iNdT isn't a Nokia company but rather a non-profit research and development institute founded by Nokia. It is independent from Nokia and focuses on the generation of new concepts, products and solutions for areas related to mobile technologies and the internet.  iNdT has four current releases on the Marketplace including another game (Frog) and two apps in Portuguese dealing with fuel consumption and lottery numbers (Fuel+ and Loterias). The nice thing about this is that while iNdT is loosely associated with Nokia, the apps aren't exclusive and can be enjoyed on all Windows Phones.

To find out more on iNdT's latest game, Incredible Circus, hit the break.

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Nokia is at it again with their brilliant adver-tainment campaign.  They have added the classic Snake game that they had used to advertise on MSN UK to their Facebook page.  This time around, they have thrown a Christmas sweater on it, using wrapped gifts as the snake's snack.  As you slither around gobbling up presents, the snake grows longer, making it tougher to navigate the tiny confines of the page. 

With the tie-in to Facebook, players can share their scores (mine were too low to be proud of) or even challenge their friends.  If you want to kill some time, check it out using the source link below.  Beware the ultra-catchy midi soundtrack.

Source: Nokia (Facebook)

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Free version of Tank Battle now available

Birchwood Games released Tank Battle some time ago (here's our review) and we found it to be an entertaining game for your Windows Phone. Controls took a little to get used to but overall, a decent battle game on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Tank Battle is now being offered in a free, ad-supported version.  Tank Battle Free has the same battlefield action, same tanks, same game... it's just now has a banner ad running across the top of the screen.

If tanks are your thing, you can find Tank Battle Free here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. If your not a fan of banner ads, the ad-free version is running $1.29 and you can find that version of Tank Battle here at the Marketplace.

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Impossible Shoota - Review [Video]

We first mentioned Impossible Shoota when it first hit the Marketplace and have spent a little time with the Windows Phone 7 game. If you're looking for a fast paced, addictive, entertaining game Impossible Shoota will fit the bill.

The story line has you in the role of the elite pilot Starboxer. Your are the last survivor of your race and on your last mission to take out as many Sho-dan (the bad guys) ships as possible.  And they throw a lot of ships your way.

Follow the break to read more on Impossible Shoota and to catch a video of the Windows Phone game in action.

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