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NBC will stream 11 continuous hours of live content on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1 to Windows desktops and tablets. The "Super Stream Sunday" event will run from noon EST and to around 10 p.m. and include NBC's pre-game coverage, Super Bowl XLIX itself, the halftime show, and the post-game show, and the episode of The Blacklist that will air following the game. The stream will take place through the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

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NBC Sports Group is responsible for you enjoying the Sochi Winter Olympics if you’re planning on watching here in the United States. NBC Sports is the sports division of the NBC television network. They have rights to broadcast a variety of sporting events and leagues. Most notable of the events are the Olympic Games. Those games are officially starting in about 14 hours and on NBC they’ll be partly powered by Microsoft’s Azure.

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It was two days ago that NBC finally put out their Sports Live Extra app for Windows Phone. It’s an awesome app that provides streaming coverage to a ton of sporting events around the world. The app is also out just in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Wishing you could watch on your Surface 2 and not your Windows Phone? Then you’re in luck because there’s also a Windows 8 version of the app.

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To our eyes and ears, it looks like even big media is getting behind Windows Phone. This morning, Natalie Morales on the popular NBC morning show ‘Today’ showcased Driving Mode, which comes in Update 3 for Windows Phone.

Though the segment is brief, clocking in at 15 seconds, it highlights the fact that drivers can now automatically silence incoming text messages and phone calls, in addition to auto-responding. They contrast it against the ubiquitous ‘Airplane Mode’ that mobile phone users are all familiar with an emphasis on consumer safety.

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NBC News Digital LLC, who previously released their NBC News and NBC Nightly News apps, has released the Today app that delivers all the goodness of the Today Show to your Windows Phone 8 device.  It gives you a way to catch all the news stories from the Today show just in case you miss something when the show airs on television in the early AM.

The Today app has pages for the top news stories of the day, stories categorized in sections and videos from the NBC morning show. News stories can be saved for later and has an audio playback option where you can have the news stories read to you.

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Official NBC News app hits Windows Phone 8

You know what's crazy? Microsoft and NBC once ran a joint news channel and website called MSNBC. But back in 2005, NBC bought the stake that Microsoft had in the news channel and only last year completed the transaction to completely take over the website. It then went from being msnbc.com to nbcnews.com. And now you've got an official Windows Phone app to keep tabs on the latest news from that very site.

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We’ve talked about it before, but here’s another example of the Windows Phone platform gaining some mainstream support and recognition. What we have below is a video of the photography strengths found in the Lumia 920 on a local NBC news station in Dallas.

The segment highlights some features and smartphones to help take your photography to the “next level”. The Lumia 920 fared well in the eyes of the anchors. Check it out.

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You've got USA Today, BBC News, AP News (recently updated) and other news apps over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Now you can add NBC Nightly News to your news app line up.

Taking full advantage of the metro design, NBC Nightly News lays all the daily news items across a five page hub. The app does feature Brian Williams a lot but also brings you news videos, full broadcasts of the news show, and categorized stories ranging from politics to weather.

There is also a Facebook tie in that allows you to share stories on your Facebook wall. NBC Nightly News is a free app and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Amir for the tip!

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Here's some WinMo spotting for you: in alternate reality series Kings on NBC, America is ruled by Al Swearengen and his Queen uses none other than the Verizon Q9m.  US readers can scrub towards the end of the show on Hulu, but be warned, the phone plays an integral part in unveiling some infidelity (Scandal! Intrigue!).

An alternate reality where Verizon doesn't unceremoniously dump a relatively innovative and cool custom Windows Mobile Standard Today screen can't be all bad, right?

Thanks to Chris for the tip!

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