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Wordemic is a word game for your Windows Phone that is played like scrabble but you compete online against others much like you do with Wordament.

You build as many words as possible in scrabble fashion before the clock strikes zero. You then get to see how your score compares to others who are playing with the same letter sets. Wordemic starts out slow but quickly grows on you. It's a fun way to pass the time with.

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Achievement unlocked: Xbox LIVE upgrade enabled

Back in January 2011, we posted a rumor noting that the Scrabble-like game AlphaJax, one of our favorite indie games for Windows Phone, may be heading to Xbox LIVE.

Flash forward a mind-numbing 19 months later and we’re happy to report that indeed, AlphaJax will be coming to Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone in the near future.

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Seems as though we've been taken by surprise with Wordfeud as the title is now available on the Marketplace. We previously looked at the app when the developers noted that they were looking at a February 1st release, but one could assume they couldn't wait much longer.

The multiplayer Scrabble clone comes packed with push notifications, Live Tiles, opponent chat, cross-platform support and more. Check out some highlighted features below:

  • Choose to play with friends or be matched up against random opponents
  • Play in 30 simultaneous games
  • Random board option to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles
  • Push notifications informing you of opponent's latest move
  • Uses English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish dictionaries
  • Chat with your opponents

You can download Wordfeud from the Marketplace fully functional and free with ads or $2.99 with no ads. (Update: Link fixed)

Via:, thanks Mark for the heads up!

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Word Blast - Review

Okay... here's another word game for your Windows Phone. Word Blast is a scrabble-like game that allows you to compete against other users online or pass and play with someone in person.

Where AlphaJax, Words by Post and Spellit follow the Windows Phone Metro theme, Word Blast takes on a more traditional layered design. You have a main menu that gives you access to creating games, view games, view the leaderboard, and access your gaming options. From there you're sent to other menus to access more particular parts of the game.

More after the break.

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Words by Post - Review

We've covered our fair share of word games for the Windows Phone. Some may argue that there are way too many word games in the Marketplace.  But, word games are an easy way to pass the time and can be entertaining, challenging and competitive.

Words by Post is such a game. Sure, it's another scrabble type game but Words by Post expands your opponent base by jumping platforms.  Words by Post is compatible with the games iPhone and Android versions.

Among the scrabble-type games,  AlphaJax may be the front runner with its fantastic appearance and large player base.  But the cross platform feature definitely makes a case for Words by Post to be the top dog.

Head on past the break to see how Words by Post measures up.

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One thing there's no shortage of in the Marketplace is Scrabble-type games. Words by Post is one of those and is very similar to Alpha Jax (see AlphaJax vs Spell It!).

The difference though is Words by Post is also on the iPhone and Android and version 2.0 of the game just hit, bringing inter-play between those platforms. Yes, now you can play against your iPhone friends (if you have those) and presumably Android as well, making this one of the first Scrabble games to bring cross platform gaming to our system.

The game comes in two variates: free (ads in game) or paid ($2.99), features rankings, push notifications for turn-taking, shake to reorder tiles, chat, etc., making quite it robust. We like the sound of this and enjoy the game design so far, so it may be worth a spin.

Pick up the paid version here in the Marketplace or try out the free, ad-supported one here.

(Thanks, Ian H., for the tip!)

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AlphaJax -Everyone’s favorite Scrabble clone, I mean, word game - has received a steady stream of updates since its release in October. We were excited when a February update added unlimited, ad-supported play to the trial version of the game as well as user statistic tracking.

Today’s update overhauls stat tracking. Previously, the leader board just put the players with the highest number of wins at the top. Now player skill is also a factor. The new rating system is based on the Elo rating system. Gamers increase their rank via wins, but rank goes up a lot more by defeating a higher ranked opponent. On Xbox 360, the Xbox Live TrueSkill system works much the same way.

How does AlphaJax’s rating system affect people who are new to the game? Players aren’t ranked until they complete ten online games. Pass-and-play (local multiplayer) doesn’t affect rank. Even if someone loses all ten of their starting games, they won’t receive a negative rank. When they finally do win, they should jump up in rank a fair bit since other players are likely ranked higher than zero.

Now that players have a proper skill rating, random matchmaking has significantly improved. There are two options: Skill Match and Random Game. Random works just like it did before, throwing one player up against a completely random opponent. Skill Match, however, pits the player against someone with a similar skill rating. This should result in much more competitive games. Winning a Skill Match is also more likely to have a significant impact on a player’s rating. A high AlphaJax rating, I assume, helps you get all the girls. I’m… not quite there yet. ;)

AlphaJax, is the leading Scrabble-style game for Windows Phone 7. It supports two-player online play against friends or random players as well as local multiplayer. Our review praises AlphaJax’s features and presentation. Even now, AlphaJax remains quite possibly the most polished and addictive indie game on the platform.

AlphaJax is available in ad-supported and ad-free ($2.99) flavors. You can pick it up here (Zune link) on the Marketplace. WPCentral staffers Daniel Rubino (Malatesta), George Ponder (coppertop) and Paul Acevedo (eastx) are accepting challenges!

Head past the jump for the full version 1.7 changelog.

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If you've been following the Forum discussion, it's no secret that an update has been in the works for the popular Windows Phone game SpellIt. Well, the wait is over and the update was released this morning.  Just launch your Marketplace app and click on Updates.

Improvements include players scores and last move fields are more readable and as well as the customary performance tweaks.  The update also brings a few new features to the table that include:

  • Players can now shake their Windows Phone to shuffle their game tiles. This is a great way to give players a refreshed look at potential words that can be created.
  • There is now a score preview window to let you know how many points you will score. It will appear next to the Play Button and if you're spelling a word that is invalid, the score will remain zero.
  • There is also a visual cue for pending tiles that highlights the tiles you are placing. As the game progresses, the board can get a little busy and highlighting these tiles helps as you build words.

The new features only add to a very entertaining game. If you haven't tried SpellIt, you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. It's a free game and very addictive.

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One of our favorite games on Windows Phone just got a major update/overhaul: AlphaJax (see review)

First up, for those who don't want to throw down their hard earned money, there's now a free, ad-supported unlimited trial version available. Having all the same features as the paid except for some ads, this free edition should allow a lot more people an opportunity to play the game. Of course a paid, no-ad version will stick around for those of us who don't like them there ads, so no worries on that end.

The second big update are user statistics. While it's no Xbox LIVE support this is clearly the next best thing as now you can keep track of your stats, the top games, the top players and even the top moves in the AlphaJax universe. Oh and starting a few days ago, you can now play up to 30 simultaneous games--which is just pure insanity.

The update is in the Marketplace now and you can grab it here.

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AlphaJax vs Spell It! - A Head to Head Review

When we first mentioned AlphaJax, a scrabble-type word game for Windows Phone 7, there were a few comments suggesting we take a look at another word game, Spell It!. Well, who are we to shy away from a request.

Over the past few days, we took both out for a test drive to see if there was a clear cut choice between AlphaJax and Spell It! The game premise of both are virtually the same but are there enough differences that may give one an edge over the other? To find out what we thought, ease on past the break.

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Confession: big word game fan here. Second confession: had no idea about this game until today, even though it came out October 21st.

AlphaJax is  a killer scrabble-type game that allows asynchronus multiplayer turn taking--which basically means you can play other people who also have a Windows Phone. We just took it for a quick spin (playing against our own Rob Alvarado) and left darn impressed with the feature set:

  • Facebook & Twitter integration (for sending out invite challenges)
  • Challenge anyone in your address book, Twitter, FB or random
  • Save screenshot of your game (seriously -->)
  • Push notifications + Live Tile (!)
  • Chat back and forth
  • Can play up to 20 simultaneous games with friends

The game costs $2.99 but we think it's totally worth it so far. Gameplay is smooth, the options are rich and the chat feature is just a bonus. The only downside, we suppose, is that your opponent has to be on a Windows Phone 7 device. We'll try to get a full review up but in the meantime...who wants to play me...

Check out their website for more info here or grab a trial here from the Marketplace.

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