The classic board games Scrabble and Risk make the jump to Windows 8.1

Hasbro has brought two classic board games, Scrabble and Risk, to Windows 8.1 device owners for the first time. Both games are now available to download from the Windows Store for $4.99 each.


Scrabble for Windows 8.1

Fans of Scrabble will be able to play the word game on touchscreen supported Windows 8.1 tablets and notebooks. Here's a quick list of its features

  • Tactile gameplay. Pick up, rearrange and place letters on just like the board game
  • Watch the board come to life with animations and effects that celebrate player success
  • Multiple new game modes including both competitive and tutor style single player modes, fast play rounds with customisable game end targets
  • Multi-touch support, including player tap-in and Hot Corners for discreet play, allows players to hide their tiles with their hand and rearrange while others play
  • Support for 1-4 players
  • Save and resume for in-progress games


Risk for Windows 8.1

Risk is, of course, the tried and true strategy game with the theme of world domination. The Windows 8.1 version has the following features:

  • Tactile gameplay from browsing cards, rolling dice and moving armies to launching an assault
  • Multiple game modes for 1-4 players, including new, fast-play modes with customisable win states to classic Global Domination
  • Save and resume in-progress games and your preferred rulesets as House Rules
  • Multi-touch support with 'tap in' corners

Unfortunately, there's no support for Xbox Live, so there're no achievements to unlock. However, you can't go wrong with these two games, in particular for the price.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Monopoly please?
  • Agreed. Angry Birds Transformers too...???
  • Awesome! Any idea if they are coming to WP?
  • No :(
  • You have definitive proof of that I suppose?
  • There is a RISK game that is Xbox Live compatible for download for WP. Not too bad really. :)
  • It is really nice. It has settings for pretty much all play styles also. AI is pretty challenging also.
  • Plzzzzzzzzzzz we need all supercell and miniclip games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • +1
  • They shud come to wp as well. Need scrabble badly
  • How about wordfeud. It's for windows 8 and wp8 and works cross platform.
  • does this allow you to play online?  like the iphone and facebook versions?
  • YES, exactly my question. If this ties in with my existing Facebook games, I'll buy this in two seconds.
  • That's what I want to know. I'm imagining a real-time scrabble match at home with me on the tablet and the little lady on the laptop. Sure, we could use the actual board game, but an online game is easier to stop and start. I suppose this is basically WordsWithFriends which is why it feels like a must-have feature for these games.
  • Can't find scrabble in the store
  • Looks like they aren't available in the UK at the moment, do they work on Windows RT 8.1 as well?
  • Scrabble is not supported on RT, x86 and 64 only.
  • Thought that might be the case, thanks ;-)
  • Nope, just tried downloading both using my Surface 2 RT and got a message saying my device does not meet the requirements.
  • The EA Xbox Live version of Risk is available in UK and has been for ages.
  • Scrabble also has this weird licensing thing where Hasbro only has the license for it in the US while Mattel has the license elsewhere. Hasbro Game Night for 360 had the same issue. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yassss to scrabbleeeee on my surface!! No need to log my giant deluxe scrabble set to the park :D
  • Eagerly waiting for Stick cricket,stick tennis
  • Windows central is boring (-_-)
  • Unrelated, but Minecraft now available for WP -
  • Yep but doesn't have Xbox live :'(
  • You're right! Please tip Windows Central ASAP.
    Yeah, too bad there's no Xbox Live integration, hopefully it'll come later on.
  • That's what I'm thinking about Xbox Live integration.
  • What? is this real? 'Seems real... but... I can't believe Microsoft bought Minecraft and didn't take the time to make their game an Xbox Live game...
  • please... look when Microsoft finally acquired Minecraft and when it started the rumors and all. and now see the day of release of Minecraft Pocket... it's obvious Microsoft wanted it out as soon as possible. who cares about Xbox live? oh yeah probably lifeless people? the game is available it's the important, and it's not like if achievements couldn't be added later.......  ^____^
  • I'm definitely not saying achievement are important for a game to be good, but Xbox Live games sell more than standard games, and it encourages people to stay in the Microsoft ecosystem, with Windows 8 and Xbox One, so I think it's still important for a game to have Xbox Live. The problem is that lately it's been difficult to convince developers to add Xbox Live to their games, so I think Microsoft needs to give the example. Why would anyone want to do something that Microsoft themselves isn't even ready to do? There is also the fact that the game isn't universal, and it doesn't have a trial. In my opinion, every app should have a trial and be universal, and Microsoft needs to give the example. And maybe you're right and they'll add all of these later on, but if it's like other apps and games released by Microsoft in the last year that were lacking those features when they were released, it'll probably never happen.
  • Off topic
    Why Gameloft doesn't update six guns for WP it is badly needed for a update as compared to ios or Android.i ❤ this game :'(
  • Family feud??? It's been 4 years
  • Wow, that Risk game is freakin' ugly!!! I don't know why they felt the need to put some ugly HDRI effect over everything... Makes the game really ugly and harder to follow!
  • They also brought the Game of Life!!!
  • Nit for RT. bummer.
  • This is incredible.. Apparently a couple of board games are too advanced to get running on a Surface 2 RT. Oh well, guess I'll wait for the Xbox One version.
  • Your right... Ridiculous
  • This is great, but they are really missing an opportunity here by not making it a universal app with xbox live sync so you can start playing on your tablet, continue on the phone, etc And seriously? no RT support?
  • Don't forget that you can try Scrabble-with-a-twist game WordsUp on Windows Phone and Windows 8 for just $1.29 with full trial. :-)
  • Adam, can you make this game available here in Brazil? You can use PEGI or ESRB certificates to publish here. I can help with the process.
  • If anything changes need to be allowed to access xbl just for friends. Sheesh.
  • Alphajax FTW! It's an xbox live game, it runs on RT and on WP, and it's great!!!!
  • Agreed! I still like Scrabble better as a game, but Alphajax is pretty good!
  • I thought it's just one game
  • Interesting wordfeud vs scrabble and world conquerer vs risk! I wonder which review will turn out to be the better.
  • Is there a PC version of Risk?
  • Does Risk have online multiplayer?
  • Risk has been on WP for ages, since I first got my Lumia 820. EA have a version that has Xbox Live. What does this version add? Or is it basically the same, just without Xbox Live?
  • Its also for xbox one via hasbro app
  • YAY.... it is great...I love RISK
  • I don't know on what planet, 2 years after the release of 8.0, that it is ok that Scrabble, one of the main games of any computer OS, has no RT support, and no Online play against opponents. Won't someone from Windows Central, do an interview with the developers, to explain the very simple question of whether or not it is just too difficult to develop or what? These are the types of questions folks want to know about apps on Windows Modern, and the lack of quality in that department. Daniel Rubino, this I put this one in your lap, help me, help you, help us.
  • I tried to download Risk on my Toshiba encore 2 tablet. I get a message saying hardware may not be compatible. Anyone know why?
  • Nice, but I can never justify paying for a Windows Store app until Microsoft finally makes their own version of APK and iPA files readily available. There's just no telling when them devs would f*ck up a good app, but thankfully, in the case of iOS and Android, you can revert back to an older version of the app if you have a backup of the iPA or APK installer. In the case of the Windows Store, you're at the mercy of them devs, so, you never actually own the app. Until Microsoft fixes this, I will NEVER purchase any paid app from the Windows Store. I have filed a suggestion regarding this on the Windows Feature Suggestions website, kindly vote for it if you agree.
  • No Scrabble in the UK store :(
    Re. Alphajax, can you only play against online players, or is there an option to play against the 'computer'?