TeamViewer for Windows Phone updated with modifier key support, Windows 8 gesture control and more


We last looked at TeamViewer for Windows Phone when the app launched last month, but already we're looking at an update for consumers. If you're not familiar with the name, the app enables you to take control of remote computers using your smartphone. It's a neat remote access solution.

As well as numerous bug fixes and minor improvements, version 8.0.2 includes the following:

  • Modifier key support added - You can now use all the modifier keys you know and love, including "ctrl", "alt" and "shift"
  • Built-in support for Windows 8 gestures - When connected to a computer running Windows 8 you can now call up commands from the app bar
  • Performance improvements for Phones with 512MB RAM
  • Remember last known mouse position and zoom level when switching between monitors
  • Improved app stability

You can download TeamViewer from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only) - Warning: please note that we've received reports that this update effectively breaks the app. It may well be worth holding off the update until a patch has been released. TeamViewer is also available for Windows 8. via: WindowsPhoneApps.es

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Reader comments

TeamViewer for Windows Phone updated with modifier key support, Windows 8 gesture control and more


Use TeamViwer all the time to remote in to my BitMiner and home PCs. It is a welcome update and a great product!

WARNING! Major fail update. Everyone is reporting it crashes and won't update after install. If u rely on this app, do not install. Appears L920s and HTC8x are affected.

Yeap... Wish i didn't install the update... Crashes when you tap to open it.. Don't update...Lucky you... I updated it a few hours

Woah..i clicked on 'update' and then came back here to read comments. Thanks to Patrick here that I cancelled download in time.

It's true. I haven't used it on my phone yet which is why I updated (no immediate use for it). App crashed in milliseconds after I tapped on it. In other words, it didn't even start.

After update App goes crashing! i tried re-installing still fails!!
Any one having old version installation file ..

It's already available on WP8, but the latest update forces it to be pulled again until it has been fixed.

"Improved app stability" - except for completely breaking the app.  lol!
I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Microsoft should be catching this stuff during app certification.  Sad.

Was working perfectly prior to the update, now the app crashes, i no longer see it on the app store.   I have a ATIV S now without teamviewer.

Can somebody tell me how microsoft missed this? The app wont even launch!
Dont big name apps have to pass certification like us mere mortals?
Methinks theres some double standards going on!

I dont know what are all of you talking about?!? I updated teamviewer today and app start as usual, the only thing is it cannot connect?!?