Telegram Messenger beta update is speedier with new features in tow

Telegram Messenger beta update is speedier with new features in tow

Telegram Messenger's beta app for Windows Phone has been updated to add a few new features to the service and make the app quicker. The update, which is now inversion, brings voice messages to secret chats and the ability for users to pin secret chats to the Start screen.

Here's the complete update list for what's new in the latest update:

  • broadcast lists
  • voice messages in secret chats
  • pin to start for secret chats and broadcasts
  • delete profile photos
  • faster updating on start up

As always, the service allows you to conduct group chats with up to 200 people at the same time and share videos up to 1 GB in size.

What do you think of the new update? Hit the link below to download.

Thanks, Anshuman, for the tip.

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Reader comments

Telegram Messenger beta update is speedier with new features in tow


I will if my friends would start using it again. I just love that I can use it on my laptop as well. Although nothing is wrong with WhatsApp right now on Windows Phone

Don't have any problem? Can't send/receive audio. Cannot download video in background. Cannot forward multiple message at a time, cannot send to multiple Contact at a time.

Well what problems have they got in installing the app and trying it,I just can't understand why people are so reluctant,how can you judge something if you don't compare it first.

As a business student i can tell you this: it's not that the consumers are reluctant to change, but rather that they are accustomed with what they currently use. It's the same reason why wp is struggling, at this moment their is not any reason compelling enough for the majority to make the os jump.

Look at the iPhone success. People made the jump because it was something new: a compelling reason to switch to it. Android success is because it was an affordable alternative to the iPhone. Once again a compelling reason. WP as yet doesn't have such a stand out feature at the moment. But wait I'm getting off topic:

That is why no one really uses telegram. WhatsApp is good enough.

i have BBM,telegram,skype,and the native message app,its not painful on the phones memory,and despite of all i use the native sms of the provider if i have to send a message,so i think thats enough,i agree that we can all use what we prefer,but where i disagree is that people post " all my friends" it seems that if you dont have whatsapp you dont have friends !

You've to ask your friends, to come to TG and 

they've to ask their friends to come to TG and 

the friends of friends have to ask their friends to come to TG and ....










I got my friends to use it, the pc client is really great. I hate typing on my phone while sitting next to my pc!

I used to use it but the secret message function kept messing up so myself and my peeps switched to Sicher. All we care about is encrypted messaging so Sicher is better.

I do and tell any friend who wants to use a messenger to contact me through it. Only other thing I'll accept is SMS or FB messenger.

Everyone around me, because you can use it on your web browser of choice, PC, Mac, tablets and so on, even at the same time.

How many "friends" have you got ? If they are real friends they would install telegram also in order to communicate with you,maybe they are not real friends,think about it !

By the same logic they could ask you to use whatever Messenger they are using.

If YOU were their real friend YOU would install <nameofmessengerhere> in order to communicate with them.

I have talked to my friends about this and the common oppinion is that we don't trust Telegram either. I have heard their concerns and respect them. So we stick with Whatsapp.

How many "friends" have you got ? if they are real friends tell them to install it,it's free haha ! if they don't it means you have no real friends.!!

If Microsoft had bought watsapp and,if they had integrated with Cortana. We could really have watsapp to be more productive. We could have been able to use on our phone tablets and PC too. I'm feeling so sad that those stupid fb inc bought watsapp.

Yep, it's doing well on Android, iOS version got a redesign. On the other hand, support for WP7 ended. Weird.

Right but a video calling app doesn't require more such things. And watsapp is used for chating with friends and family. It's must for us. Not everyone does video calling from a phone. Most prefer desktop or laptops for Skype. Even though Skype has got Cortana integration now. I really feel that Microsoft mixed the biggest application to be bought.

Coz Skype has been accepted just as a video calling app not a texting app. There are other useful features on Skype but is just video calling. And ppl do more texting then video calls.

Yaa u may use it but the point is how the world has accepted it. When I say Skype to someone using a smartphone in public he will see the best for video calls. He wont say the best messenger. For that he will surely prefer watsapp

Hahaha! That's a hard one to figure out. I have (in order of usage) WhatsApp, Hike, Fb Messenger, Skype, Viber, Telegram and Zello. There's a limit on background tasks, otherwise I would've had more ;)
Update: I have BBM and Line as well.

None of my friends use Whatsapp or Telegram they feel that the messege system included in their data plan is more than enough and they won't even try BBM

Right, almost all plans include unlimited text messages or MMS, at least in Europe. But a lot of people have friends abroad, and for that (as well as for group messaging or media sharing) whatsapp and co have an absolute edge. So much that I barely use text anymore, unless if I need a very urgent answer... A situation where the more formal text system works better.

You have real friends ! 

They dont want Succkerburg to get too rich and they are right,he became a billionaire with FCBK because people just want to show off, realy need FCBK or WAPP. !

Share videos 1gb in size?

Damn, silly ole whatsapp croaks and has a spas attack when video or audio is bigger than 15mb...

seems nice. i must convince my friends to try it. viber is unpredictable, and telegram is there on every platform (mobile and desktop), and it has web version as well... likeable attitude

Lacks of people and it keeps feeling like the old version of whatsapp, but i guess its nice to know that the app is still there if anything happens

Perhaps when WhatsApp starts charging money for the service, lotsa people will make the jump. I also think marketing would help, many people in India have Hike on their phone because of incessant advertisement on TV. I don't know if people use it, but many have hike on their phones in India.

I agree with you,and i think that as the app is made by Indian developers people (especially in India) should give it a better chance and use it instead of using WAPP.

Microsoft should start collaborating with IIT engineers here to build and market a decent app. Which is better than watsapp available on all platforms too with regular updates. If this partnership or working together will be successful watsapp is going too be killed coz fb inc don't have much programmes where they can sync to where as Microsoft collaboration will make the app more productive.

I think they will,just give them some time, at the moment they are focused on trying to gain more sales on the phones and when they get a good share of the market they will develop further the good things like skype.

I remember a statement that a guy named Bill said over 20 years ago (i am 62 years old) ,

The future is in the cloud.

Great! My circle of friends and I all moved to Telegram 6 months ago - the ability to continue the conversation on the PC was the killer feature here.

I hope for the love of Spaghetti Monster that the next release will prevent the conversation jumping to newest (rather than the latest you've read, which is how it works on the PC client). That would make me very happy.


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