How to fix the 'resuming' bug after uninstalling Live Lock Screen beta

Last night after much anticipation, Microsoft released their first beta for the Live Lock Screen app on Windows Phone 8.1 (see our hands on video). The app is maintaining a 4.1 (out of 5) rating on the Store, though the biggest complaint by far is the delay when turning on the phone. The reason for that has to do with the Live Lock Screen being an actual app that runs and a few other complications that developer Rudy Huyn says he is diligently working on to improve.

Regardless, if you do not want to participate in the beta, or would like to sit a few rounds out to see if Live Lock Screen improves, then you can always uninstall the app. Case closed, back to normal, right? Not so much...

Uninstalling Live Lock Screen beta is seamless unless some bits of the app are left behind. If that happens, when you turn on your phone you will witness a brief blank display with a 'resuming' lag before you can see the Start screen. It is not clear yet how to recreate the problem, and it does not affect all devices (ours was fine on uninstallation, though others in our forums are exhibiting the problem).

To attenuate this situation is easy and just requires enabling (and then disabling) Kid's Corner:

  • Settings
  • Kid's Corner
  • Setup (if first time) or enable

If you still have bits of the Live Lock Screen app installed, you should see the message shown in our lede image asking you to 'Turn off Live Lock Screen', to which you select 'turn off'. Once completed, your phone is back to normal with the screen turn-on lag fixed. You can now, of course, disable Kid's Corner. (You could alternatively choose 'Bing' under Lock screen instead of photo).

Obviously being a first release beta there are some consequences. In this release, the app evidently does not disable the rotator when uninstalling causing this side effect. I hope that many of you are not suffering from this if you choose to uninstall, but if you do, at least you now know a solution.


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How to fix the 'resuming' bug after uninstalling Live Lock Screen beta



There's two other fixes for this mate one just been published by WPC & I've published one on the app part of the WPC app forum.

It's funny, I get no lag when the phones been off. But the phone's just been off for a few minutes and i still don't need a password, i get a 5 second lag after swipping up. At that point i see all my tiles, but nothing happens until 5 seconds is up. Anyone else get this? I'm using a 920.

I get the same lag. It lags to turn on and show the lock screen and then I lags when I swipe up. It takes a second or two before I can swipe/touch my phone with actual feedback.

Oh I'm so thankful for this article.. The lockscreen app is just awful as of now. Hopefully they improve it drastically for the release

An easier method is to select "Bing" in the lock screen settings and then revert to what you had configured before installing "Live Lock Screen BETA".

You could use the app that you used before the live lock screen beta and not even uninstall the app. It works

Now<----------Soonerino----------Very Soon----------Soon----------Soon-ish----------Soonish...er---------->End of Time

Make an appointment for next week then, then is the next Xbox Music update coming, with probably some performance improvements.

Uninstall, then burn. Once completed, install Zune for winP 8.0 and 8.1 devices. Ha ha. My bad dude. Couldn't resist. Anyway, last time I bitch about that. Alright, can't promise but I'll try.

The issues with the app are well documented and you know it, which is the reason you made the comment in the first palce. The fact that you're trying to pretend it works fine is comical. te-he.

Oh, if it works good for you then we should all stop complaining. Perhaps we should follow your advice, use a different app and trash all the DRM music we bought on Xbox. What an intelligent person you are.

If this complaint was one of the first on this site/forum, then I'd suggest in a different manner, but because users still don't learn lessons from other users experience - I'm doing they way I do.

So you have issues as well, right?

Of course I'm intelligent, any doubts?

Great application by the way. Thanks for the help Daniel. Now this help topic seems faster. For real

How do I keep the lock screen on instead of it timing out after 5 seconds? I tried app, it's nice..but screen times out so quick.. Seems like a lot of effort for not much reward

Already uninstalled this app after i tested it for 3 minutes.
Im waiting for the api then use this app again as experiment.

I uninstalled it after. Ten minutes , stupid app I miss strips method , i will stay. On the old. One it's much better for me ;)

It's ok because just a beta .
, i think there are no real API for WP lock screen. Maybe they can add by next updates to the system if they want real animation for lock screen.

To me seems a bad programmed App that makes a screenshot of the home screen and have some basic animation...4 months for this ? After all the hype and Belfiore enthusistic tweets...? Deluded.

When you start unlocking your phone, it seems that the home screen behind it is just a snapshot and not your actual live home screen. I am not 100% sure that is what he is referring to, but that's something I have noticed as well.

I'm liking the app and really hope it'll get better in coming days.. Only annoying thing is, when you unlock the phone it takes some time to show your actual start screen. I believe the app stores low resolution screenshot of the start screen when you lock.

lags. So much and it always gives me "resuming" when I turn on my phone. Then I uninstalled it , stupid app , I found. A solution for it , after I uninstalled it , I installed it again then uninstalled it , and its solved ;)

Thank god, really appreciate the article. I always forget that Kid's Corner exist so I wouldn't had even bothered trying to enable it. Thanks WPCentral

Thanks for the tip! I was definitely experiencing this issue after uninstalling. They should've never released this app or should at least designate it as alpha/pre-beta.

Beta is just what it says it is - unfinished software. The fact that the term already implies that it may eat your Cheetos and make your kids cry is enough disclaimer. Don't blame MS because you chose to install a prerelease app and it monkeyed up your phone.

Umm.. I didn't blame them for anything. But this app is not ready to even be called beta. Your choice of words "pre-release" is suspect given the app was released to the unwashed masses for download.

Ridiculous!  The whole idea of Beta is to get the app into the hands of people using different hardware and different configurations to see what issues pop up.  The developer can only test so far.

Best solution I've discovered is to wait until the software comes out of beta and becomes official, then install. Works great! ;)

We still don't know if it will work flawlessly or not after the official release. MS can screw anything and everything now...

Just go to lock screen settings and choose another source like Bing or WPCentral. It will fix the lock screen.

I like the app, but the screenshot quality of last state before locking the phone needs to be improved, horrible compression atm

Totally agree. I pull the lock screen half way up and I see this ugly pixelated version of the previous window underneath. Yuck. I mean.. Common... A regular screenshot looks better. They got to work on that.

Ever since I have gotten my icon there has been lag when trying to turn the screen on after leaving it off for a while. I feel this has something to do with the screen not having memory. But have yet to notice a delay. Of course even before I got the app I have seen delays do maybe I don't see notice a difference since it was already believing.
One other thing I've noticed with 8.1 recently is that it will give me a resume message when unlocking to the home screen (no apps are in the background). One time all my tiles were blank. Usually this is accompanied with the device getting got while locked for no reason at all and increased battery usage (I believe)
Anyone having similar situations occasionally?

Windows Soon™ Coming to stores near you... "soon!". SoonMusic, SoonDrive as well as SoonBox all coming SOOONNNN!!! hahaha. Ohhh MS u bitches!! Just bring Zune back wtf

I had this problem ...actually i did not like this app...so i uninstalled it....then my lock screen keeps saying "resuming"...so i did  a soft reset...pressing power button + volume down key....now its working normal....I dont know why they are not testing the app on their own phone before releasing it to the public use...i will rate 1 star to that app....

I want the circular live clock lock screen to also have the numbers on it, it is really difficult to guess the time otherwise

I have just disabled mine because it does not give my kids access to kids corner. Still using the old lock screen. Waiting for update to fix it

The most annoying thing is that the only way to disable the bloody app is to uninstall it.

I have it installed. I switched my to Bing and then back to my old photo. The app doesn't interfere at all. :)

I've found a little trick for that problem. After you've uninstalled the app and there is the bug, install the app once more, try it once more and than uninstall it again. On my Lumia 1520 after the second time I've uninstalled it, the bug is now away and the locks teen and start screen works if there's nothing happening. Good luck.

Uninstalled first and then set my lockscreen to bing and did a restart.. Fixed it for my 920..

Lol funny how people were demanding for this app then complained about it being delayed and now its out and bugs have reared its head complain. I'd rather it have been delayed a little but longer and it be a little less buggy.
Btw where's that darn cyan update for my 920. /sarcasm

Yeah back at the original announcement they said he was working in conjunction with Microsoft on the app

I had this problem about an hour or two after I uninstalled it. My solution: Reinstall, reboot, enable, reboot, uninstall, reboot, put the picture of my cat back on the Lock screen. This may not work for everyone, and I just like to have my cat's picture on the screen.

there's another way, just install the app again & when it again asks for confirmation for setting it as lockscreen just press no &u can uninstall it again......

I think it also ignores the display settings, I mean the ones that let you choose how warm or vivid is the screen, I've it set to cold and using the same images on both the live and normal lock screen I see it clearly looks warmer on the live beta

I'm not experiencing any lag, in the beginning it was present but not an issue anymore. Though the rotating clock is absent of any numbers. They're blank. But I do understand it's still a beta app. So I'm not complaining. I am curious as to why the preview app and the beta app were separate downloads.

Normally, the single app would just rollover to the current update. Just curious.

Mine works like a charm no problem with the app, just that it shows notification icons as stars, but it won't hurt If Rudy made it faster

Interesting. I uninstalled it almost immediately after installing it but never had the issue until I read this article.

Lumia 1520 users please stay away from this Lock Screen App. I reverted back from my Dev Preview to WP8 and then installed the official WP8.1 with Cyan update. The phone was very normal, but soon after installing the Lock Screen App, my touch screen became very erratic and registered touches that i did not make. It also disabled the capacitive buttons. The only way it would work again is by powering off/on. But the same behaviour returned again in some time. I did soft reset, un-installed the app, but nothing changed.  I also enabled and disabled the kids corner as suggested in this article. Nothing worked. Currently i am doing a hard reset and will report if this issue got fixed or not.

I have no problems with the app on my 1520 its kinda slow and whatever but its beautifully designed and with further updates its just gonna get better.

I tried it out, but there was too much lag. Yes, I know it's in beta. I just enabled the Photostream app that I was using before and it is back to normal.

The implementation is poor and really needs to be implemented directly into the is for it to work properly. Should never have been announced and rather been added as a built in feature of gdr1

My only wish is that I had the option of turning it off, but leaving it installed. Right now, the options are on or out.

Is it laggy? A little bit. Is it worth the frustration? Meh. I'm seldom in a rush. The laggiest thing in my digital world is the WPC website, which as I write this, is sucking 250 mb of memory with no other pages open in IE 11. When ATT script-laden ads are present, that number can jump to 500+ mb.

Meanwhile, a little lag on the lock screen? I'll deal with it for a week or two so that as updates are made, I don't have to reinstall to see if it's better. I'm not a dev, but I've built enough databases, templates, and macros to know that all automation processes have to be used to see where the problems are. I do wish they'd incorporated some sort of feedback mechanism, but then, I'd have immeasurable compassion for Rudy and the team because I know much of the feedback wouldn't be constructive...

But the question remains... Why would you want to uninstall it?! Admittedly the lag is there, but I'm loving it nonetheless...

If Apple had done something like this app for the iPhone, everyone would be going mad. Guess we'll have to wait and see when they release the iLock ;)

i cant understand why it is just a simple lockscreen app would be "beta"..i think it must not be so complicated for microsoft but still beta..!!!

I didn't uninstall it but just had the "resuming" bug when I unlocked my phone. It went to the standard lock screen. Locked it and unlocked it again and the Live Lock screen was back. 

I got this bug. Restarted the phone didn't work. So, I changed the background screen to bing, and then I back again to the previous one and solved.

OMG! One of the most timely articles in a long time.  I installed Live Lock Screen and then uninstalled after a couple of hours becuase it was horrible.  Then I got the "resuming..." thing and was pulling my hair out (what's left that is).  Thanks for the fix.

L928, has only one problem for me, unlock phone and start screen or whatever app I in dissapears and immediately returns, no resume screen, just a quick blink of the screen. Absolutely no lag in the app tho.