TRAINR for Windows Phone

TRAINR official app for Windows Phone makes exercising super simple

Hidden Gems When it comes to the world of fitness and technology things are just getting started. This year at CES and Mobile World Congress, wearables and tools used to measure your fitness routines have become one of the biggest growth fields. And why not? With all the advancements, it's about time we started to use technology for healthy reasons.

TRAINR ( is one of those new companies that is looking to shake things up. They're not another me-too organization in creating their own smartwatch or smart device; instead they want to come up with software tools for those pieces of technology, including smartphones.

Two days ago, the TRAINR app for Windows Phone was released to the Store, beating out iOS and Android. TRAINR does have apps for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Neo, though their Windows Phone app is their first foray into a general exercise app for beginners on up through regular gym rats.

TRAINR for Windows Phone

From the app description:

"Challenge yourself with our Challenge mode and try to beat your best score, or use our Workout mode and choose from 4 professionally designed multi-day routines that will walk you through specific exercises and rest periods created specifically for strength, endurance, cardio, and circuit training. And when you're finished, share your completed workouts online."

Broken down you get

  • 4 multi-day routines based on high intensity interval training
  • 21 bodyweight and dumbbell based exercises for your upper body, lower body, and core.

TRAINR is easy to setup, with big, bold screens that walk you through the process. Enter in your gender, height and weight, and the program does the rest. From there, you get two choices: Challenges or Workout. The 'Challenges' allow you to push your limits for certain exercises like 90 degree crunch, leg thrusts and the dreaded burpee. 'Workout' takes you to another section where you can do a basic diagnostic, quick circuits and multi-day programs.


Probably the nicest feature of TRAINR is the detailed walk-throughs of each exercise. Indeed, almost certainly the number one barrier for a lot of people who want to get fit is knowing what to do and how to do it. It's the old 'Okay, where do I even start?' issue that we all face when trying something new. TRAINR makes this simple with descriptions and detailed photos of the moves that you're supposed to do so that you do the exercise correctly. It makes learning them dead simple and it's perfect for those who are just beginning. It's also great for folks who have been exercising for a long time.

TRAINR doesn't use any of the Windows Phone sensors e.g. the upcoming SensorCore technology featured on new Lumia phones. It's in essence a basic exercise app that lets you count and record reps for your exercises, challenges you to push further and multi-level routines to make sure your body doesn't get used to anything.

TRAINR for Windows Phone

What makes TRAINR worth the download is the excellent layout, detailed exercises and ease of use. I'll be curious to see if the folks behind TRAINR, Los Angeles-based company FOCUS, enable the use of SensorCore in future versions similar to Bing Health + Fitness. After all, their motivation as a company is to leverage such technology so that they can use their proprietary algorithms and SDK to calculate your level of fitness. SensorCore though is still very new so there will be some breathing room before it becomes adopted by developers.

If there were any complaints about TRAINR, it would be the inability to export or share my data with other services like MyFitnessPal or even FitBit. That's always a touchy subject with some companies, though I wouldn't mind being able to utilize the data fully as I see fit. Also, I noticed I would get reminder notifications at a higher frequency than I would prefer with no option to disable. However, that's easily solved on Windows Phone 8.1 where users can control those through the OS settings.

TRAINR is a free app, and you can create an account right on the phone. I found it useful for doing circuit training routines and even appreciate picking up a few new moves. It's also great to see a company delving into Windows Phone before the competition.

Download the app, give it a spin and tell me what you think of it in comments. Is TRAINR something that can help you? What would you like the developers to add next?

TRAINR is part of our new Hidden Gems series in cooperation with Microsoft to highlight new or under-appreciated apps on Windows and Windows Phone. See our announcement post for more information.

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TRAINR official app for Windows Phone makes exercising super simple



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Daniel, Thanks for the great article and the feedback. We are working on a fix for the high frequency notifications, and as you said, most users can disable them for now depending on their OS. If your readers are interested in finding out more about us, they can do so here

It's a great looking app, although saying that, it reminds me a lot of the NIke+ Kinect companion app. I guess once you've seen one flat style medal icon you've seen them all right?

Sorry, I had to uninstall it because of this.  My phone was telling me to complete a circuit every 20 minutes, without fail.  

Hi Zuke. Sorry to hear this. An update of TRAINR has been pushed out and it should resolve this issue. Please dowload the most recent version and let us know if this fixes your notification issue. Please feel free to email us at if you have any other questions or feedback. 

Hey there TRAINR developer,

Your app looks great. I keep several workout apps on my phone, since I am a U.S. Servicemember, and I like the way your app runs. Keep up the good work. Please integrate more sharing options. I'd personally like to see WordPress actually or integration with Bing Fitness in some way to push your workouts to their tracker. That would be cool. I'll add more ideas as I come up with them.

It's a beautifully designed app, and easy to use. Sadly though I'm not of the exercising type so I haven't had a chance to properly use it ;p

It would be very helpful if we can change to metric system... This will work best if can be set before entering my details right after registration and before entering my details, like height and weight. Otherwise - amazing app!

I agree Kras, I always enjoy masuring my weight in stones, makes me feel lighter.

This app looks great, but it is too fragmented. What I want is an all inclusive fitness app: run tracker with gps, fitbit sync, execercise/food log, etc.

Intressting app and agood series about training apps. I didnt get if some of them could count the times you did an action in a training machine, example how many pulls you do or if all of them depends on that you count yourelf

Downloading, will edit when done !
EDIT: Pretty cool UI, fast and smooth
i can't say what it's missing, it's my first time trying these apps, but like percistratus said a few videos would be better, anyway the photos aren't bad..

and again its UI is pretty cool

EDIT2: "Do a circuit today!" okay okay ! 
i think there is a bug when you enter the app, the loading/starting screen stretch out of the screen.

i've no idea why i can't edit, but here what i didn't like about the app :

-first is that i needed to convert my height and weight from m/kg to feet/lbs, there should be an option to change units.

-Live tile should be uhm more live, it's just a photo and it's not really cool to have it between others.


I would like to have it sync to my Fitbit Flex and automatically upload my steps for the day and give me calorie burned credit.

The app design is very well done but having to reenter your email each time is not good. This should be the kind of app that with a few taps you're off and going. Other than that everything is fine as far as I can tell.

Would love to see integration/syncronization with HealthVault.  This is a key issue that is missing from most health related apps.

EDIT: Regarding what I like, the design and layout. What I do not like are the constant alerts telling me to do a circuit. Perhaps just one notice a day not every 15 minutes.

Yeah, I agree there. MS HealthVault is something many users like, but few apps leverage. I'm not sure if that's because MS doesn't push the APIs hard enough or devs don't know about it. With Apple's foray into this field with their recent announcement, you'd think MS would double down on it.

I do hope so. MS has a vision very far ahead but it's always the others that deliver that vision. I've read somewhere that iOS Handsoff feature is coming to Apple TV, which I believe is MS' vision (play on one device, pick up on another) It's very neat. I'm waiting for this type of feature in Windows 9 in which they will have unified everything. I hope they don't disappoint us.

This is the first time I hear about the API being open, I'm developing to the platform since the early 7.0 days. On MSDN it looks good, they even have open source libraries. It looks old, but usable I guess.

HealthVault is an XML-over-HTTP web service exposing a set of XML-based methods that developers can leverage to build applications that connect to HealthVault. Any modern technology environment that supports reading and writing XML can be used to build applications for HealthVault.

Applications can connect to HealthVault using a number of technology stacks and development platforms.

I was never even aware of Healthvault. I just signed up. It seems like a great product. They should definitely promote it and try to get health apps and providers to integrate with it.

I couldn't agree more on this point. A direct link to track duration and type of exercises would be very helpful.

Hi Eric, We're working to resolve the notifications issue, however, you may be able to disable them for now depending on your OS. You can contact us at if you need any help! Thanks for your feedback!

Nice layout. It would be helpful it it could record your steps to Fitbit. How about having music integrated too?

I like to listen to music, whether I'm running or exercising in the gym; music support would be nice, and even more so a voice function, that interrupts the music to inform you of exercise status etc. Interface looks good, though.

Starting to navigate the app. Seems like more helpful than micoach. Even better than sportstracker which i encountered low memory most of the time.

I really like the application. I like how it provides an interactive guide to perform the exercises, kinda like iMuscle 2 on iOS.

Have been looking for an app like this. The design looks awesome. Will edit this comment with my verdict.

Edit: It's pretty impressive. The interface really blends in with WP's style and it looks futuristic. I used some other fitness apps on Windows Phone but this one is unique (in a good way).

I don't mind seeing a like button of some sort so I can goto my profile and find all the comments and posts I liked.

Installing now but my first thought, like percistratus said was that video tutorials would be nice although not including is probably the right way to go as my HTC 8x is constantly complaining that it is out of storage and videos would probably make the app huge.  Maybe there is some way that they could incorporate streaming videos though, that would be cool.

FWIW, the first two times I tried to open the app on my HTC 8x it silently crashed back to the apps section.  Third time was the charm.


I uninstalled this last night after it toasted me to do a circuit ~20 times.  I don't know if I'd done one if it would've stopped pestering me but that was just too much.

Hi ComputerBear01, We are working on a fix to resolve the notifications issue you're experiencing. You may be able to disable them for now depending on your OS. You can contact us at if you need any help! We hope you give TRAINR another shot. 

I probably won't use it, but hopefully it is more accurate than Wii Fit Plus. That game said I was obese even though I was only a little over weight. It also overexagerated how large my stomach was. For the people who like fitness applications, this probably will work great for them. Anyway, isn't June Mobile Fit Month?

I love the interface: It's modern, fast, and works great! I would like more localization though, I know my height in centimeters and meters only. Same for weight. And swiping to the right for settings is intuitive.

Could be an interesting app, but it has few major downsides. First you have to create an account, which personally I see no point in doing, just another password to remember. The inability to export data like you can from apps such as Cycle Master is a downside, along with the fact that it does not take advantage of any sensors in the phone.

Good start, but needs improvements for me to use it instead of the apps I already use.

edit: also there is a bug when you launch the app, the splash screen gets cut off at the bottom across the logo. Using Lumia 1020.


Thanks for the comment John - we're definitely keeping your feedback in mind as we move forward with developments. Trainr + Samsung Galaxy Gear was our first launch which actually harnesses the power of the sensors in the watch - we look forward to having a wearable wrist device to pair with the Windows Phone in the future. To address the issue with the spash screen - we are working on correcting this now. Thank you! 

I wish I could download this. But in the last few weeks I've loaded my phone with so many fitness apps!
I bought gym pocket guide pro and downloaded fitness log. Also have 6 week training and endomondo. Had bought runtastic pro also. And I've used all these apps to a very fair level.
In fact I've tried more, but these stand out.
Now,I am very tempted to try this app. But I need to slow down a bit on this front. Sorry dev.

We'd love to have you give TRAINR a try! We don't think you'll be disappointed - but we're biased. 

Sorry I don't like it. I wish it would be more self aware like jogging and the transitions are a little slow but the workout routines and notifications are a good

Kaosi - thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned, you'll see plenty more "self aware" features coming soon in the future. 

Looks nice.  Would like to see some more body weight type exericse routines since I don't have access to dumb bells or weights really.

The App is really good! The UI is well laid out, and it is really helpful for people who wanna exercise as this provides them with all the information they require too!

Health and fitness is a good app if you know what to do. But this is exactly what I wanted. Something to guide me at home instead of crowded gym.

Health and Fitness has the potential to be by far the best app of its kind.... if MS would keep updating it with useful feature like the ability to customize the weight chart and an easy way to add and retain custom exercises and routines. I do not need a chart that go from 0 lbs/Kg to X: what you get is a line that imperceptibly change.

This app has a lot of potential. Beautiful design, probably the best designed fitness app on WP i've seen. The one thing I would like to see is having a dark theme implemented. Since this is an app that would be on the screen for awhile during a circuit or a workout, those of us with AMOLED displays would benefit from less whiteness.

Also, as a track coach, i rely heavily on circuits for training my guys. It'd be interesting to see some more customizability with creating circuits.

Just downloaded I like the UI and the way it gives you a diagnoses just a couple things to fix its a little laggy at times and when I sign up it says error email is already in use when I just signed up. Thanks keep up the good work

I like the UI simplicity and the resources it has. But I think it could benefit with some features like integrated music, integration with other fitness apps and the use of the phone sensors.

All around it looks like a really nice app, the concept doesn't seem all that new, but I particularly like the guidance and how easy it is to reach whatever the app offers you. There's much room for improvement, taking advantage of the possibilities that WP offers plus integration with other services.

I've experienced some bugs as soon as I started the app (for example the load screen seems alive, sometimes getting bigger than my 925 can show, or taking the tutorial and then selecting "Challenge" crashes the app), but as I stated, all around seems quite solid, and direct to the point, something I really look forward in an app.

Some of the things that could be improved, from the top of my head (without considering other services of which the app could nurture from):

* Consider other metric systems (I don't know if that's the correct term), meaning that you could enter your height/weight in meters/kilograms

* There's too much 'blue' in it, and sometimes I feel it too dark. These type of things seem minor but some users could be driven off for stuff like this, perhaps interacting with the accent color would be nice.

* Font seems too small, sometimes uncomfortable to read

I'll edit the post as I use the app further.

Downloading and looking forward to it. Sadly, it isn't still common to find a usefull app that also looks great like this one.

I imagine a lot of people walk into a gym and don't know where to begin. Aside from hiring a personal trainer, it would be nice to have an app that allows you to input goals, then automatically generate specific workout routines designed to help you reach them. Someone overweight and just starting might need to drop a few pounds before they can safely do certain activities. So allow a person to give details about their lifestyle (weight, age, medical conditions, etc.), combine that with their defined goals, and then give a workout schedule that fits them. You can have periodic check-ins to update changing stats, and push notifications can be used to motivate people.

Downloading,I will edit this post with my review after I user it for someone. Definitely looks neat though. Review coming up :D

Ok,yeah.So here's my review.I rate this app 8/10.
The first bug I faced was the splash screen,In the lowest part,you can see "Powered by..." A company's name can be half seen in between and for a fraction of a second after the app opens but after that the splash screen re-adjusts and you can see only the upper half of the company's name.Not sure if it's a device specific issue or a global one but just so the dev knows,my device is a 3.8" Lumia 620.
The overall user-interface was very modern but I do admit that when you had to set your height,weight,date of birth,I tried swiping on them instead of tapping on them(as I later found out).Not a major issue,maybe I was slightly stupid and in a hurry to test out the app :P xD
Couldn't export my data as well so this might be a flaw for some users but definitely not for me,not that much of a fitness guy ;) xD
The division of categories was very good and the step-by-step info was actually pretty neat.I enjoyed the app for the time period I explored it(almost half an hour).The instruction were extremely helpful with the pictures.Kudos to the developer.
I rate this app second only to hardfox six pack fitness app because of the voice support they have added and their app is pretty fast as well.The animations on this app were only slightly laggy (y) also please add option to convert weight into other units as well :)
Well,this is my overall review of this app for the developer and users,I hope the developer doesn't mind my review.I apologize if I made any mistake in my review,I tried to avoid any but maybe I might have made a mistake.But thanks to the dev for making this app,it's definitely more modern that any fitness app I've used.
Thankyou to WPC for uncovering this hidden gem as well,I really didn't know of it's existance(sorry dev) but thanks to you guys,I discovered another app for my WP.Thanks a lot :)
Eagerly awaiting a hidden gem tomorrow,want to test more new apps/games on my phone :)
P.S:-Sorry for the rather lengthy review,I know it's long but this app really deserved a good long review :)

Interface looks really nice, seems to have all the basics covered well.  Will definitely give this a try as I am trying to get back into a routine of working out, so the timing of this is perfect.

Seems quite comprehensive... performance is good on my dual-core too. Shame the design isn't more "Modern".

Looks like a Well-Designed & Thought of app. I'll give it a shot when I get a chance.
Keep up the excellent job guys :)

The layout is freaking awesome. Just joined the gym 4 days back. Seriously needed a fitness app. It's Fitness month and great to see new fitness apps. It's great as a WP fan to know that any app is on our platform first before iOS and Android. This App's free and even if it ain't, I would pay for it.

Running pretty great on my 1020. The UI is slick too.

What I'd want to be different:

1. The background color maybe should be something more neutral or just user selected. Having a "cobalt" accent makes it difficult to spot the loading dots. Another confusion I had, while signing up, I made a mistake in my email, so I tapped to change and the blue highlight was hard on my eyes with the general blu-ish background.

2. I'd prefer another font overall, the one currently used is pretty dense. Again, while double checking my email, I moved closer to the screen to make sure I could read it.

3. Localize some stuff, like the units. The app, since these guys are in LA, is using a US culture, but my culture uses the metric system and kg instead of lb for weight, so I have to use a converter to correctly enter my height in feet and inches and my weight in libres.



Nice App. But I don't like that I can't edit my profile. And I don't know my height in feet. It would be good to have the option to change units

Will test it a little bit more, but lost the excitement in the setup of the account. I'm measured in kg and cm, not in inches, feets, stones,sand,barrels or similar

The app is definitely powerful but it requires some,minor tweaks and improvements to make it as competitive as the other fitness apps available out there.
The UI is really awesome, I love it. U can do so much at one page, its just awesome.
But as said before, a few minor tweaks and it will be awesome.

I'm probably more of a couch potato than this app is intended for.  I do really like the Challenges because you can start off with any level of ability and one up yourself each day. 

One criticism overall:  lack of descriptive info on the Workouts.  The Quick Circuit > Core Crusher, for example, is composed of 10 different exercises for approximately 7+ minutes.  It would be great if the description of each circuit would tell you this up front instead of forcing you to click through each just to see what it entails.  Same lack of info for the Diagnostic and Multi-Day Programs. 

I'd also like to see rep counts and date last performed on the Challenge exercise select list.

Overall quite a nice app - I can see myself using this daily.

As a Windows Phone user looking to lose weight, I've been heavily researching helpful apps for my phone.  After reading the article, I downloaded the app to give it a whirl.  I hate that I have to create an account before I can even try it.  The first positive checkmark for the app is the large easy to use screens.  Even though I'm still waiting on an official FitBit app, it's a little disappointing that even it it was already out, I can't share data with Trainr.  That said, maybe the feature will be added by the time it comes out.  I'll keep it for now because it's so easy to use.

I've been using MiCoach for strength workouts recently, but I'm going to give this a shot for a week or two and see how it goes.

It looks like a really well laid out app, and my only comments are the same for pretty much all fitness apps that I've used so far. I really want to find one that integrates or aggregates all of the data that I'm generating on a daily basis. Basically, I want an app that will hook into my fitbit, MiCoach/Endomondo/etc., diet tracker, and display it all in one place so I can see an aggregate of all that data for a day/week/month. If this app had a way to integrate into something like that, it would be awesome. I fell like i'm generating this ton of data basically for data's sake. I don't know of a good way to make it valuable.

It's weird that I'm not able to edit my comment.

After reading through their website, I'm really liking what they're trying to do with this app and their platform. I really want to be able to take all of the data that I'm generating and use it to help me make informed decisions and help me improve.

If this app would eventually integrate cardio training (running, cycling, etc.) along with the strength workouts, and have the ability to use a BTLE heart rate monitor, that would be perfect.

Really great looking app, and very useful for me (trying to get into the workout scene). Integration with Healthvault would be sweet. Looking forward to updates enabling fitness accessories like FitBit.

I've just downloaded the app and ran the diagnostic....Wow!!! I need to get in shape lol!

What I love about this app it is really well made! Nice graphics, simple to use, it is really clear of what you need to do and how to do it properly!!!!

What could be an future option is to keep the screen open while doing the diagnostic/workouts.

I will start the workout with the multi-day programs!

Thanks to the devs to have created this nice app!

Thanks Dan for writing those nice articles!!!! If it wouldn't be for you guys, we would miss a lot of amazing apps!!!!


I will comment further in the coming days when I will use this app!

I think there should be an option for a transparent live tile. The tour part of the app doesn't scale well on the Lumia 1520, making the text & images appear slightly blurry; I think instead of having just pictures for each tour page, vectors should be used for the images and have the text be actual text instead of being part of an image. I like how the app asks me if I want to close it when I press the back button to prevent accidental closing of the app.

The app looks nice. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.  I haven't used it yet to actually exercise as I'm at work currently but will do so later to test that fully.

The biggest annoyance I have seen is that at least on my device it doesn't remember that I logged in.  It prompts to log in every time I start the app and doesn't even retain my login details so I need to re-enter them every time.  Please fix that.   (Lumia Icon running WP8.1 DP)

I would definitely like to see integrated music support.  This would be extra helpful if it allowed access to your Xbox music pass subscription songs.  It would also be helpful if this provided video instruction for the exercises, tied into health vault and had Cortana / voice support.  Would be cool to have Cortana give progress and status updates relating to workouts.  She could also help coach/motivate you to push harder, etc.

This app was appealing to me reading the review here. I did like the appearnce of the app on load, the registration was simple and a bit fun. I didn't like the font on the signup screen too much (minor).

I went ahead and selected workout and asked to perform a diagnosis. The instructions are pretty clear and the photos do their job to help explain the motions of each excercise. This is where I ran into my first issue which is pretty major and needs to be fixed. 

The first excercise of the diagnosis is to jog in place, which I started to do only to look down and notice my phone screen had shut off and the screen locked, my screen timeout is at 1 minute. So while still jogging I unlocked my screen and to my surprise and disappointment, the timer had reset to 2 minutes. This is a big disappointent and not very encouraging for someone new to training especially. I restarted the timer and moved on to the next excercise.

The next issue I had was when entering the rep amount for excercises. I did squats fine, but after pushups I accidently hit the next button. There was no way for me to go back and edit the pushup count. Upon hitting back it prompts me if I am sure I want to exit the diagnosis. At that point I just hit next thru the rest of the excercises as this was clearly the 7 minute workout and I was not interested in exhausting myself after those 2 disappointments (will redo the diagnosis if that is an option later).

What I do like is the challenges and I am looking forward to going through those and what is great with those is that it encourages you to try to beat your previous records. Nice! I also like the idea of notifications to encourage you daily to do some excercise, a constant reminder is a good motivational tool. I also like the scoreboard as it shows total and best for each excercise, but I would like an export option or backup of data, I am not sure if the app stores my data on the cloud so if I was to re-install the app if my scoreboard would still be there.

Another issue I ran across was the app did crash when I switched back to it.

I think for the initial release this looks like it will be a great app that I will be using, and I look forward to app updates which fix these initial problems and add more features. And finally some voice prompts and voice encouragement would be great as I don't want to look down at my phone to know if 2 minutes are up.

Great to see another app like this make its way to the wp platform but its not really for me. I workout but im not a professional athlete so I don't feel the need to track my workouts and I don't really need the motivation that tracking progress would give me.
I definitely appreciate this type of app but for now Bing Health and Fitness is good enough for me when I feel like finding new workouts...and even then I just use it on my surface pro.
Tracking workouts...too time consuming for me....same reason why I got rid of my fitness pal.

cool ui, but its completely isolated from other apps/platforms and on top of that it's not even measuring/counting anything on its own.

Interesting... Haven't seen an app take this approach. I've been using "loggers" and have often wished for some guidance/recommended next steps

Okay here is my little review of the app! :)

The first thing I notice is that SUPERB LOOKING DESIGN. I'm a design guy and I absolutely love great designed apps. Exactly like this one. It has a clean interface, everything has it's place throughout the whole application. The use of another font than Segoe makes this app very unique (although it looks a bit than the Nike app for the iPhone.). I really like the color, although it seems a bit dark in some parts of the app. One point that really has to happen is that the developer should increase the size of the font. There are lots of people who don't want to wear their glasses during the training. The burger button in the upper left corner feels a bit Androidy, maybe the developers could change this to the Windows Phone design principles without that button.

The setup is really easy. What would be great is synchronisation with HealthVault.

The exercises are good explained, it's great to have some pictures. (Please increase the font-size here too!) I tried lots of fitness apps and some didn't have pictures to explain what to do (Or maybe I'm just too stupid to understand some of the exercises XD). A great thing about the app.

What I would really like is support for Cortana. Maybe she could remind you about your daily worlout or could motivate you to beat your high scores in challenge mode! That would be a great addition, especially because Windows Phone 8.1 will be released shortly.

Right now I can say that this app is pretty good considering It's only available some days. It's a great start for this app! Here and there are some changes needed, but these are just small one to make the user experience a bit better! EDIT: And some bug fixes, too!

All in one a pretty good app.

EDIT 2: :0 Where's a metric unit?? C'mon!

EDIT 3: The app just crashed when I tapped on the burger in the upper left corner.

EDIT 4: Just tried Challenge mode. What a great idea! It's a great motivation if you want to beat your highest score.

EDIT 5: Please develop lockscreen support. The timer resets everytime the phone locks. I don't want to change the screen timeout just for one app!


Its an attractive app but it doesn't seem to feel like a WP app.  It's not very faithful to the "Metro" style.  I would love it to integrate with other fitness wearables if that were possible.  Also, I'd appreciate an interface to my company's wellness platform ( so I can get points for exercising.

This truly is a hidden gem! I can't believe that such beautiful-designed app could remain hidden.
I guess the purpose of this series is starting to pay out :)

And about the app - probably should be built for WP 8.1 and get integrated with Cortana. But even without those - it's still awesome!

It's a nice looking app, but it's clearly designed to be cross-platform. By that I mean it doesn't really employ the traditional Windows Phone UI design characteristics at all.

Minutes after I exited from the app, a notification popped up. I don't want to disable the notification but do wish I could pick the time/days I want to be notified. Also, video tutorials wouldn't hurt. Everybody has those times when they wish they could just see how to do the exercise step by step (as if they had their own personal TRAINR) instead of looking at pictures and reading.

Great app.... More interesting way to make fit body by this app.... Minimal UI just perfect for windowsphone.... Loving this app

Wooow!! Liked the challenger mode a lot! Just this afternoon I had commented on another app that didn't have a good database for exercises. But I guess this is it...

I thought this app would very handy to get me again in shape :)
I think it works very good, except it should have an option to prevent screen lock, or it should not restart the timer when the screen gets locked... Also, When you select a challenge, you will need to press on 'begin challenge' to see the information about the challenge. When you press on the back button, the home screen of the app will again be shown. This is rather annoying... Also the 'i' next to the name of a challenge does not give you more information right away...

For the rest it's a very good app! If those little things can be changed, it would be great! I will surely use it, and hopefully I will see the results of my efforts soon! :)

wow, downloaded the app and tried it earlier.
This is awesome, Ive done some challenges and ill surely do it everyday and beat my current stat .. one thing that ill change.. Illustration of the challenges, make it gif, that would be better :)

othet than that its 4.9/5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love the visual UI of this app. I've taken it for a spin and it does it's job in a pretty cool way. Everything is layed out and explaned to the point and the fluidness of the walkaround is great.
Few things that bug me and some suggestions...

1.the Android look UI with the "side slide" menu from the side. I think that if would look much more coller to keep the WP design guidelines.

2. No metric units?? Really?? 90% of the world functions on metric. Gotta fix that!!

3. Even though, I'm not one of those people that like to share stuff on social networks, I know many of my friends do, so there should be sharing with Facebook and Twitter.

4. People mentioned HealthValut integration?!

5. And make those plus/minus signs bigger. It's hard to press them, when your hands are shaking doing pushups.

It's 3 in the morning here so I can't quite try the diagnostic yet but so far I don't like the design of the app which will probably push me away from it. The font doesn't suit either the app or Windows Phone. As a service I would also prefer signing in with another account such as Facebook or Outlook so that there isn't yet another account that I need to remember my password for. Also when signing up you tick a box to say you agree to the terms but you can't access these terms until you sign in which isn't how it should be.

Once I've tried out the exercise part of the app I will make sure to come back and edit this but so far the user experience isn't great and it doesn't feel like it belongs on my phone.

Hi! Sorry to hear this. We have pushed up an update that should fix this - we would love to hear from you if this update fixes the issue you're experiencing. Please email us at if you have further feedback. 

This app is phenomenal! Very well orginized and useful!

The only beef I have with the app is that it's not  integrated with Cortana! That would just be the icing on the cake! Imagine saying "Trainr, show me upcoming workout routines" NOW that would be too cool for school !

Thanks for the comment! We've heard several users suggest this Cortana feature and are passing this feedback along to our development team. If you have additional feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

I go to crossfit several times a week but this is a great in between workout! I struggle to make up my own workouts so having it right here for me is great. I like the challenge aspect so I can keep improving. It's like my own fitness diary. There is a variety of exercises which I like. The program runs very smoothly on my Lumia 822 also. The ony thing that could make this app better would be maybe a diet monitor and some app color choices!!

This is a pretty cool app.  I was actually looking for an app like this to begin my diet and exercise program.  I feel this app may actually, finally help me lose weight.

Some things I've noted: When entering birth date, the year disappears off the screen.  May need to reduce the font on this page.

Love that there is a tutorial included in the app.  Menu - Tour.  Great extra!

Nice to have a scoreboard as well.  Helps to keep me informed as to my progress.

All-in-all, this is a pretty cool app.  I look forward to using it.  Thanks to Focus for creating this!  And WP gets it that's the best surprise of all!

Before i try it out, i'll just say this much, the UI looks awesome!! All devs should know, that when they put a little more effort into it, and give us a unique UI, we automatically want to download the app.

As for features, i think the app will satisfy my needs. As for exporting/sharing data, i'm pretty sure a lot of people will appreciate that.

UPDATE: I feel like there should be more common workouts. The app provides detailed workouts that probably ARE alternatives to the workouts i already have in my routine. But i'd feel more comfortable not changing my routine, without expert advice, so the app should include more workouts. :)

software that works without additional hardware is awesome. Trainr is definitely helpful because:

It works without the need of additional hardware

Excercise is always good

The app is free, (no risk, wouldn't mind paying for it)

Suggestions/Feature request:

Cortana integeration, for hands free operation

Universal app. Would like to have the same app and my data follow me on my surface and my HTPC (would like to work out in front of a TV)

Love the UI of the app, easy to use, and the tutorial doesn't hurt. It's easy to navigate through and quick and crashes.. yet! :) 
-explanations are clear with each exercise. Love it! 

Some things that could be improved: 
-Cortana integration 
-exporting data 
-moving videos for some exercises are always helpful 
-metric units! It's a must for an international audience 

I'll add more when/if I find any! Good gem!

The more I use this app, the more I like it.I like its layout and its notifications.It has a very neat feature called 'scoreboard'.Its helpful. Also the detailed workouts are nicely presented. The only thing lacking is sensor support as you've pointed out in your article especially with the new fitness oriented hardware coming to WP devices.

UI is very nice and clean, app runs smoothly and the exmaples are nice.  Definite bummer that I cant share workout results to my social networks.  Staying with Endomondo now (most of my exerecise is walking/jogging anyway)


I really like the app, but like others have said, I wish it had Cortana integration.  Especially while youre already runnigbor working out, it'd make accessing the app much easier.  But I'm a huge fan of the interface, converting your mass/height isn't tough with the hundreds of unit conversion apps out there.  I also wishthe Live Tile did more, butthat's must reaching haha

Design of the app seems a bit iOS-like. no pivots or large titles like other Modern apps.

It could use a transparent tile.

First thing I noticed while trying to register or log in, for some reason I can't use swype to type. I don't know if apps have to enable swype keyboard.

EDIT: It seems that I need to login everytime I open the app. Also, there isn't a settings page to toggle Toast Notification. I don't want to be reminded everytime to workout like that episode in southpark about shake weights.


  • UI is great, fresh, clean, simple.
  • App is fast and really responsive.
  • Tour is a nice touch, well done.
  • Easy to create workouts.
  • Lots of challenges, I like!


  • I can't find a way to update my profile, the data I entered after I signed up.  Maybe I missed it, but I couldn't find it.
  • Can't change password or email?


  • Possible integration with third-party devices or sites (Fitbit, Suunto, etc...).
  • Would be nice if the app could generate random workouts for a week or set number of days.


Overall I like the app and I think it has a lot of potential.

I like it. Good for beginners like me :) I agree, video would be nicer, music? i think is very important to track your progress to keep motivated.

Nice start to Hidden Gems -- I appreciate the list of exercises since I find myself doing the same things over and over and it gets a little old.  

The app itself wanted me to log in, but then I apparently skipped that (to the menuhamburgerbutton, select tour, and then when it is done, you're off and running) -- I'll have to make an account next time, I guess!

Seems like it could be really useful, not sure what it needs my email for. As others mentioned the slash screen bleeds off of the bottom of the screen on Lumia 920, though it seemed to fit at first so I don't know what scaling adjustments it's trying to do. Can bypass login and start challenges by opening the menu at the login page and clicking on "tour", then clicking "finish tour" will bring you to the "workouts" and "challenges" page. Clicking on "workouts" causes the app to crash, "challenges" seems to be fully functional however, though I didn't attempt to do any.

Yes, I think would make a good universal app with Windows 8 and even Xbox eventually.  I love the functionality to switch to my tablet and desktop and use an app or my browser seamlessly. I am also happy to see another good app for Winphone but have to admit I now have a half dozen or so workout/trainer apps I need to weed through and see which ones I will keep.  Up until then I will keep using it as an excuse to not be working out as I should ;)    

The screenshots stop me from even clicking into the link to download the app because it shows how uncomfortable-looking the font is (to me)... Is there an option to change it at all?

This app has a really nice UI. Also, it uses a very nice font face (which is incredibly overlooked when reviewing applications). I also like the use of colours and icons.

The app provides the user with simple instructions on how to use the app. However, if that's not enough, there's also a tour of the app which further explains the app.

Overall, looks nice and I will try it out for a few days to see how it fairs.

After the first day, I'd have to say I'm iffy about this app. It's constantly telling me to "Do a circuit today!", which, in some cases, could be very motivational. However, if you're not in the mood or simply too busy to be active, then there is no possible way to remove this sometimes annoying feature.

Hi Ian, Thanks for the feedback. We have pushed out a new version of TRAINR that should remedy the notifications issue. We hope you will try TRAINR again and let us know if the solved notification issue makes using the app a better experience for you.

My first impressions from tinkering with the application is that it is well designed (although the small fonts can be tough to read). It asks for your gender, height and weight to personalize your experience a bit more which is a nice touch. Finally, the workouts and challenges are a great way to become motivated to work out. With that being said, can't see myself switching from other fitness apps on this platform for this one.

First of all, nice ui. Second the app needs to put some more tech in it, like the use of the new sensorcore or similar things, otherwise it is just a normal workout app that I feel can be replaced easily by other apps. Third, there are still some small details to make the app user friendly, like you have to convert units yourself.

Loving this hidden gem series already. I was looking for exactly this type of app. Really like it so far but I must say I hate when apps force users to create an account. I'm happy when its an option that adds more features, benefits etc. but not when I have no other choice. Puts me off

First, I don't like the fact that I have to have an account to use it. Second, it doesn't really have anything for me since I am a powerlifter and not someone who does a lot of cardio type excercises. I do cardio, but not really this way.

Also, it crashed on me. I can make that happen everytime. Here is how to reproduce.

  1. Open App
  2. Click the menu icon
  3. Click tour
  4. Click finish tour
  5. Now you are presented with the main menu (I guess), click workouts. CRASH.

I assume the crash is because I didn't create and account and login, but still, it shouldn't crash.

Hi Vincent, thanks for the feedback and for posting the steps to reproduce your crash. We're looking into this now and will push out an update shortly.

Would have been great if the timer had ticking sound and instead if just punching numbers for squats and crunches, a timely tick would also help. Otherwise nice ui. Looks pleasant.

I just downloaded and used it immediately.

The UI is nice and clean and the app loads pretty fast (Lumia 720).

As others have said, it would be useful to have the option to choose your height / weight in either m/kg or feet/lbs.

So far I have only tried the so called Diagnostic to assess my current fitness level - it's great. One comment here is that after you finish all the workouts for the diagnostic there is a delay (over 10 seconds) untill you can see all the results on one page.

What I don't like is that there is no settings menu (or at least I wasn't able to find it) to configure, for example, reminders.

Overall this has made a good impression and I will continue to use it.



I love fitness apps, and hope this will help me with workout ideas on my non-running days.

Will it run well on lower-spec devices like the Lumia 521?

I'll start off with what can be improved and then I'll write about the good stuff.

The bad:

First I would like to mention that the "powered by" text at the bottom of the screen when you launch the app is pushed under the screen, making it impossible to see it (Nokia Lumia 925). Not a major issue by any means, but I thought I'd let you know.

Next up is a bug which makes the app crash. Whenever you go to the menu at the login screen, then Tour and Finish Tour you will find yourself with two options, either Workouts or Challenges. When I click challenges, do a random challenge and input my score, it crashes. Keep in mind: This does not happen when I have already signed in!

After I signed up I find myself at the screen where I input my height. I am European, so I have no clue about how much one "feet" or "inch" is (sorry), so I had to look it up and convert my height (meters and centimeters) to feet and inches. My suggestion is to let the user switch to European standards if he or she wants to. The same goes for the next screen (lbs). How much is 150 lbs in kg? Once again, I had to look it up.

Then, the timer: It would be great if it gave a sound (beep) when it finished counting down, so you don't need to stare at the phone, or have it right infront of you when you do the excercises to know when you should stop.

Last, but not least: Whenever you do a workout, it would be great to see how much you had left of it, for example a little message in the upper corner which shows for example 3 / 8 excercises completed in the current workout, so you know how many exercises are left.

The good:

The levels are a great addition to the app and is a real motivator to keep pushing yourself because you want to reach higher levels. I also like how simple the challenge system is, but yet, very detailed. Being able to see your score and jump right in and try to improve it is great!


Conclusion: It's a very pretty app with good descriptions and pictures to guide you trough the various excercises. While there are some minor things I didn't like about it (and shouldn't take too much time to fix), it still gives you everything you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overall I would rate it 7.5 / 10 the way it is now.

Very Very nice. TRAINR, BING HEALTH & FITNESS AND SIX WEEKS TRAINING, definitely taking my fitness, diet and lifestyle to another level. 

After playing around with it, it seems this is going to be a great app to use in conjunction with Health & Fitness. Nothing like technology to get you off your ass!

I've been looking for an app that has routines designed for lazy beginners like myself that can first help get me motivated and then keep me on track.  Most of these types of apps are built for people already into workout routines.  From what I could tell via the Tour, the app looks clean and easy to use.  However, you can't actually check the app out without first having to create an account.

I'm a little protective about just giving my email address away for an app I may not even use. A review of the TOC (although filled with legal indemnitiy) says nothing about what they do with personal data. By clicking on "Finish Tour", then "Workouts" causes the app to crash.  Sometimes when clicking "Challenges", and if your lucky the app doesn't crash, you can see about 15 excersize challenges, each with easy instructions and images on how to do them. The time/rep counters work until you enter your data and then the app crashes.  I'm assuming it wouldnt crash if I were logged in (?).

So while the Challenges look interesting, there is no way to get a preview of what the Workouts look like.  So for me, unless I know what I'm getting beforehand I'm reluctant to give away personal information.  Possiby a nice excersize app but a no-go for me.



Hi, Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry to hear about the crash you're experiencing. We're looking into it now. We're also taking note about your suggestion to add previews of the challenges - we've heard this request before and may be adding this soon. We'd love to hear from you with any further feedback -

You know what really would be a great addition to these health & fitness apps?

A mode for disabled people, or for people who have a problem with a specific part of their body. I have a friend who cannot use his legs, but he has a perfect upper body. Sadly there isn't an app available that can help him in his workouts. I know that every problem with your health requires specific training, but I am not talking about a treatment training. There must be a way for developers to target disabled people in their needs. That would be a great plus and a next step for a health and fitness app.

This looks like could be a really awesome app long term.  I especially like that it suggests activities for you to get you motivated.  I still prefer LiveScape, however, because it tracks more (IMO) and integrates with Microsoft's HealthVault.  I know HealthVault seems like a trivial thing, but it really is nice to have.

I suppose as a trackign app it's pretty good.  But I confess that's not my style of app, I'd prefer somethign that tracked as I went with minimal input.

Also, I'd like to be able to look at it without having to sign up. I took the tour without entering an email address, but then when I'd click "Workout" (to see how it worked) it crashed back to the app list.

Signing up fixed this, but it'd be nice to mess around without having to give personal info.

To be fair though, I'm probably not the target audience for this app.

Starting an exercise program can be overwhelming, confusing, or just hard. This Trainr app removes alot of that. The reason being is because of the programs/plans that are already set up within the app. You have choices depending on need with their "quick circuits", which target specific areas of the body, or you can do a full body program over a specific period of time. Another convenience is that these workouts can be done in your home, if you want privacy. No weights involved. There are time limits and goals to help challenge you, or go at your own pace. The workouts also don't seem very lengthy if you're on a time crunch. For comparison, Trainr reminds me of a Beachbody program, ( p90x, 10 minute trainer, etc ) only free. This being more convenient because you dont have to switch DVDs and such. The UI is also clean and straight forward.

There are tons of tracking apps and how tos. This does that too, only for the Trainr programs though. There is also detailed instructions on how to do the exercises with pics, although it lacks video instructions. If I was wanting to redo a exercise, hitting the back button ends the session. It should bring you back to the previous exercise, or there should be an option to redo an exercise within the hamburger menu on the lower left. I would also like to see a home button, save spot ( it does save a specific plan/multi-day program, but not where you left off in an exercise), and a way to manage notifications. I also didn't see an option to add/track your own exercises or customized programs. Don't expect to get huge from the Trainr programs either ( these are not those types of programs/ lift heavy weights to get huge). Also, the most important thing that the app doesn't address is diet. It would be helpful to know how many calories to have per day, plus a calorie tracker, and target weight goal/body fat percentage. Diet is the key to getting the results you want, coupled with exercising. So it would be nice to have a link on some information about dieting or maybe add that in sometime down the road.

Overall, I think this is a good app for people just starting out, wanting to get back into it, or maybe even a cutting program. It is convenient, targets a lot of areas of the body in a session, not time consuming, and its only as hard/challenging as you make it. So for anybody that's struggling to get started, this seems like a good place ( app ) to get rid of the excuses.

Didn't know about this before but the great simple interface might actually make me want excercise, only for a little while though.  

The app is well laid out and has good aesthetics. The workouts included do provide a good start with a small but effective list of workouts. Being able to make a custom workout from the list of exercises would be a welcome addition. Overall it's a good start and recommended to anyone who wants to start getting fit and doesn't know where to start. It's also good for those fitness veterans to challenge themselves through the challenges contained in the app. This app is promising and is already useful.

Liked the layout and how the exercises walkthrough are displayed. Hope they add an option to change between unities and a more "live" tile.
Ahhh, support for more languages are always welcome also.

I was actually looking for something like this. I'm starting out and need a decent routine and something that tracks my workouts. Having challenges seems like a good way to try to push yourself harder.This was a timely article and this app might be all I need. I was going to go back to the fitness week reviews to find something to use.   Many of those apps showed excercises but didn't track them. If anyone thinks other apps are better, I wouldn't mind getting a list  of other apps to try out.

Seems to be a very slick, yet wonderfully simple trainer program. And any company that leads with Windows Phone gets brownie points in my book.

Keen to check this out later today - myself and a few others have been bugging JeFit in regards to when they'll release a WP version of their app - to which they've always replied their currently working on an update for Android and iOS, and maybe later 'thus year' for 2 years now.

From first glance this app seemed a little similar and might be all I need to ditch my old Android completely.

I liked the design and all the options the app has. Exercises are well ilustrated and explained. The several plan options are also cool to have. But I have a few complaints...

- There is no option for metric units and no option to change my once I entered it when configuring the account. Maybe a prompt that allows user to chose between metrics and imperial units at the begining of the setup... Also, the app did close unexpectedly when I switched to a converting app.
- The font used in the login fields is too narrow and difficult to read
- If the screen locks, the app restarts the timer... This app definetly should have an option to prevent the screen lock
- Also missed being able to see the list of exercises and explanations before starting to run the series

I will continue trying it and decide if I will keep it. (Lumia 720 here)

The logo is a bit "Cortanaish" and I when I launch the app, on the splash screen I can't really see the sentence at the bottom. It says "Powered by ......" but I cant really see it cause the half of it is not on the screen.

Love the UI!

Edit: I have a Lumia 720 with 8.1.

That has already been mentionned many times, but the app should also support international units (centimenters, kilograms) for foreign user. Having to use an outside converter can hardly be called convenient ;)

It's a really good looking app. It has potencial but it fails in just one thing: Automatically turn my abs in a 6 pack.

Very nice app. The UI si modern and clean, app is working smooth and fast. It also provides good instrouctions (with pictures) for each excercise.

The start screen is too big on Lumia 920, so text on the bottom of the screen is not visible. I miss metric units at registration process. Also the user data can't be edited (or I just can't find where can I edit them).

At the moment, I woud rate it 7/10, but i think it has a great potetntial for further upgrades.

Pretty nice app, cool Metro design, but as the OP said would probably benefit a lot from the SDK used in Lumia phones, the SensorCore. Keep up the good work!


EDIT: Also, as others may have pointed out, the metric system would really be appreciated, as most of the planet uses that system. 

Cool app, great design! Beat after the diagnostics. It would be nice to have an option to turn off notifications and prevention of lockscreen

I like the 'basic' nature of the app.  I think that not requiring any hardware for the app to function will make it easy for anyone to tryout. 

Fitness app seem to be the new trend - this app is free and looks good so i will try it now, thanks for letting us know about it.

As said in the article, it'll be nice once the phone's sensor can be used to further improve the app. Nice to see quality apps developed for WP first.

From one of the other comment however, it seems you cannot use metric units but hopefully this will come in a future update.

Looking forward to the next Hidden Gem articles - even if i don't win anything, i will discover many great apps!

It's very good to see well designed apps on the Windows Phone store more frequently. Honestly, its the only reason I even downloaded the app in the first place ( the contest was powerful incentive too. :D ) the app did seem to stutter at times but nothing that lasted long. As someone else said, would be nice to see HealthVault integration.

I do like the clean UI. The challenges really keep you coming back for more. But I would like to see a more modern app icon with shades of transparency rather than blue. Also, make the back button close the menu, not ask to exit the app. Video tutorials would be extremely useful as well. Keep up the good work :)

Looks like a nice app, turning fitness into a game is starting to become more popular these days.  It will likely get people out and exercising more, which is never a bad thing.

Nice clean UI following Moderm guidelines

Nice use of color and vector graphics

Layout is quite logical.

Need to test it more at home where I can do some exercise.

AWell, i have to say it's a great app. for tracking exercising routine, but even thou I selected that I'm a man it gives me exercises suitable for women, also on first start it would be great if it will ask what measurement units to use as many of us aren't US based but have US as the main region in the settings.
Also, it's not saving my data, I have to reenter all my parameters again on each app startup.

HI all, just downloaded the app now... 


-What I've liked:

>Icon looks great!

> Good looking UI concept;

> Amazing and intuitive section division;

> App peformance (it is REALLY smooth on my 512mb WP);

> I NEVER (!!!!) tought that i would have an WP app compatible with my Gear 2;

> Tour explain the whole point of the app simply and great! :D



> I don't know if it is possible, don't know if there's an API for that, but I have a NL720 and a S4, 

and I would love to see S Health data (from my S4) and TRAINR data synced across devices. That 

would simply awesome to have on my WP8.1.


-What I've don't:

>UI seems a bit 'small' on my Lumia 720 screen;

>Doesn't give option to choose between meter and kilograms x foot and lbs on start (had to use Google for that);

> Also on first setup, birthday text looks cropped for me;

>In my opinion, Tile looks HORRIBLE, too much polluted and non-WP-simplicity-style;





Well, I've been playing around with the app for a while and these are the things I've found cool enough and some others that need some arrangements or enhancements.


  • Complete app: Different and detailed exercises to train every part of your body.
  • Nice move beating iOS and Android for the release date.


Less cool:

  • Seems Android-y. It has a good design overall but I think that that font is not the most adequate for it. They could use Segoe or a more neutral one like Calibri or Arial.
  • There's a bug that keeps sending push notifications about doing circuits. I just ate pizza. Don't feel like moving.
  • Only in feet and lbs. Please enable metric system for those outside the US like myself.
  • No settings.


I don't want to be harsh or anything, I really think that this is a very nice app for Windows Phone but with some tweaks.... This can be a must-have app. :DD

Nice app! Like the clean User Interface, the minimalist aspect really works for this app. It's fast and runs smoothly. The first thing i don't like is the fact that you have to create an account. I don't need another password to remember! Like everybody, i too found the little splash screen bug - it gets cut off/stretches out the screen (on Lumia 520).

I am a guy waaaayy out of shape.  But then again round is a shape I guess.

Never knew where to start to change that.  This might just help me in the right direction.

I looks pretty easy for a newbie. 

Not sure how I feel having to set up an account tho.

The look and feel of the app are great! But I love a transparent tile option.

Also, I hate having to login each time I go into the app.

Not seeing any way to do reminders about workouts. I'm so bad about even starting it would be nice for the app to bug me into doing it. There's a few "Bugs" as well.

Some of the Scoreboard shows counts as time instead of just a normal number(Lunges for instance show as 0:10 instead of just 10). as well as the mains loading screen doesn't show the "Powered by"

Aside from that, I'd personally, like to see the app look more WP in the UI. Panorama layout and whatnot. To me it feels more like an IOS app than a WP8 app.

From a design perspective, I like the look and feel of the app. I havent had a chance to actually go through the diagnostic, but have already noticed that I have to log in everytime i open the app. This is hugely disappointing, but nonetheless I will try this out next time I'm at the gym.

I was using "6day workout" and "Healt and fitness" apps before this app. And this one looks realy familiar to the 6day but with a greate collection of workouts and  exercises. I totaly love small tile of this app - it looks greate near cortana tile. I like idea of chalenges, it is cool to try some of them and compare to my friends.

The only one thing that annoys me is that it doesn't ask if i want use metric system. It is inconvinient =(

The app looks great with a simple, clean interface. The challenges should be a great way to track progress over time.

It would be great if the developers added integration to MS HealthVault or other 3rd party trackers. It will also be nice to see the offerings expand over time.

First of all this app has a great looking UI.  I agree with some others though I am not a fan of having to create an account to use this.  I found a way around this by hitting settings->Tour->Finish Tour and then you are able to select and view challenges.  Hitting Workouts after doing this will close the app every time (Lumia 928). 

This looks like a very decent exercise app.  I like the detailed walkthrough of each exercise.  I'll be downloading.

As a WP user I have huge problems with apps that are not well designed, UI and UX wise.

The app itself is pretty neat, feature wise...but.

It is not a WinRT has some weird UI technology which let it appear like using a mobile website. It is launching pretty slow and I have to logIn every time I start the app.

As said how ever, the exercise part is pretty neat and for someone who doesn't care as much for a proper UI/UX will be very happy with the app. 

This seems like the good beginnings of a very useful app.  My biggest problem, which is stated in the article, is that it doesn't integrate with myfitnesspal, which will probably keep my from using it.  I could see this being very usefull for a beginner but, without integration into other diet and tracking apps, this beginner might abandon the app as they progress.  I'd like to see updates that include this integration, along with an RT companion app.  For people who use apps to track thier steps (fitbit) and diet (myfitnesspal), this integration is crucial.

I think this app is really useful and helps to work out.
But I don't like the design and font.
I also think the metric system should be added for European users
Some lags are there, too, but it's not that bad
So basically it's a cool app which only needs some small improvements to be "perfect"

A GEM!!  I've found a ton of really well written apps just doing regular searches. This one I haven't.  Thanks.

The graphics/color usage in this app are engaging and very pretty. Well designed visuals make it easy to use. 

When I saw their intro video the other day, it seemed like it required a smartwatch to function. Their description also seems to reinforce that requirement.  It appears as though you do NOT need to have a smartwatch or fitness band to use TRAINR.

The setup was mostly easy, but the data entry part seemed a bit off. I wouldn't prepopulate any birthday or weight type of information, just make those fields to fill in.

I only really looked at the diagnostic section so far.  I wanted to get an idea about what I was getting into.  Was this something I could do in my living room or would I need to wait to get to the gym?  An intro or list of activities before starting would be helpful for someone making that kind of determination.

I'll add more after I get into a workout.

A very good and beautifully designed app, great content and I think I'm actually going to use this day to day to get myself fit! I think I've picked up on a bug though: I keep getting notifications to do a circuit extremely frequently - I got 6 in an hour! Not sure if its just me though. All in all a great app though, and I'm excited to see it improve!